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Redditor Leaks Videos From Upcoming Skate Playtest

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Reddit user Parzalai has uploaded numerous videos from the closed Skate playtest that show off some general gameplay and new features. EA has been taking these down, but a couple can still be viewed from the user’s Google Drive.

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    Do a Kickflip

    The upcoming Skate (colloquially referred to as Skate 4) is still in active development, but EA recently held a closed playtest to get feedback on how to improve its extreme sports simulator. Obviously breaking the TOS they signed, Reddit user Parzalai grabbed some footage from the playtest and uploaded it to the internet. While the clips are short and display a very much work-in-progress build, fans of the series shouldn’t be too worried about how this newest game is shaping up.

    The build being tested dates back to September 2021, but it otherwise looks like a solid continuation of what Skate was all about. There are exaggerated physics when wiping out, the innovative flick stick for controls, and a general atmosphere of creativity. You certainly can’t judge the graphical fidelity of this playtest as it is missing textures and generally looks unfinished, but things seem to be progressing nicely.

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    It goes without saying, but EA has quickly taken down most of the videos that Parzalai has shared. As the user writes on Reddit, their account was banned by EA shortly after these videos started making the rounds. The user’s YouTube channel has also had a Livestream smacked with a DMCA takedown notice. The Google Drive videos are still viewable, but we won’t be directly linking to those so as to respect EA’s wishes.

    When Skate will release is anyone’s guess at this point, but EA is looking to make this an ultimate comeback. Currently, we know Skate will be targeting modern consoles and PC as platforms, but it could wind up releasing on PS4 and Xbox One as well. If you want to re-experience some of the past titles, both Skate and Skate 3 are available via backward compatibility on Xbox One.