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Sonic Origins Update 1.04 Fixes Numerous Bugs

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Sega has released the 1.04 patch for Sonic Origins on all platforms. Alongside a swath of general unspecified bug fixes, this patch corrects an issue with Tails’ AI that made him perish on a repeated loop until the player reset their checkpoint.

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    Where’s Your Head At?

    Last night, Sega unleashed a new update for Sonic Origins on PlayStation 4 that fixed some pressing issues with its anniversary collection (the patch eventually hit all platforms). While the patch notes say “additional bug fixes,” one of the biggest corrections that update 1.04 brings is some tweaking to Tails’ AI. In the launch version of this collection, Tails would often get stuck off-screen and die on a neverending loop. It took effect in both Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles. The patch notes specifically mention Sonic 2, but it likely has been applied to both games.

    Sonic running in trippy maze

    Another odd issue with Sonic Origins was some music tracks being incorrectly labeled in the game’s museum mode. It’s not certain which tracks were fixed, but the patch notes read, “Fixed track mismatches in the Museum for certain music tracks included in the Classic Music Pack.” There are far too many tracks to really go through and check, but it likely has to do with Sonic Spinball’s OST.

    Palmtree Panic

    Since releasing in late June 2022, Sonic Origins hasn’t had the easiest time winning players over. What should have been an easy slamdunk for Sega turned out to be a tarnishing of the legacy that the blue blur has built up. From the development team condemning the collection to players discovering a laundry list of problems, Sega has a long battle ahead of itself to get this compilation in proper order.