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Spiritfarer: Complete Recipe List

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Just like those walking amongst the living, Spirits in Spiritfarer also get the occasional craving for a tasty meal. To keep them full and in a good mood, you’ll need to cook for them, but you’ll need to know the ingredients for each recipe, as well.

There are a total of 106 different recipes in Spiritfarer. The following table shows the size, type, and name of the meal, the required ingredients, and how much you can sell it for.

DishMeal SizeDish TypeIngredientsSell Price
Grilled Fish SmallPlainFish or Cephalopod35
Steam Shellfish SmallAcquired TasteShellfish40
Popcorn SnackComfortCorn45
Poached Fruit SmallDessertFruit50
PaellaRegularExoticShellfish + Grain60
Heat-Treated CrabRegularFine DiningSnow Crab70
Lobster GerminalRegularFine DiningLobster70
Grilled VeggieSmallHealthyVeggie (root or savoury)75
Plain RiceSmallPlainRice80
Flamin' FirebirdzSnackStimulantFireglow100
Shellfish StewRegularOld FashionedShellfish + Veggie or Mushroom110
Grain SaladRegularSaladGrain + Veggie or Mushroom115
Fish CurryRegularExoticFish + Grain120
Southern BoilRegularExoticCrustacean + Grain120
Noodle SoupSmallSoupRice Flour120
Clam CakeRegularExoticClam + Flour135
BouillabaisseRegularFine Dining; SoupFish + Veggie or Mushroom140
Grilled MushroomsSmallHealthyMushroom140
BisqueRegularFine Dining; SoupCrustacean + Mushroom or Veggie
Black CoffeeSnackStimulantCoffee Beans140
Apple PieRegularDessertApple + Flour140
Berry PieSmallDessertBerry + Flour150
Pear TartletSmallDessertPear+ Flour150
Fisherman's PieRegularOld FashionedFish or Cephalopod (except Squid) + Flour150
Peach CobblerRegularDessertPeach + Flour175
Cherry PieRegularDessertCherry + Flour175
Shrimp TempuraSmallExoticShrimp + Flour180
Grilled ChickenRegularHealthyChicken180
Crab CakeRegularComfortSnow Crab + Flour180
Lobster RollRegularFine DiningLobster + Flour180
Veggie-Pot PieRegularOld FashionedFlour + Mushroom or Veggie185
Cough DropsSnackHealthy; StimulantFireglow + Honey200
Calamari RingsRegularPubSquid + Flour200
MilquetoastSnackBreakfast; PlainCorn Flour + Milk210
Hot MilkSnackBreakfastDairy210
Tuna TatakiRegularExoticTuna + Savoury Veggie210
Mushroom SaladRegularSaladMushroom + Veggie215
Mock GruelSnackAcquired TasteSawdust + Dairy215
Aloo GobiRegularSaladFireglow + Potato215
Clam ChowderRegularSoupClam or Hard-Shell Clam + Dairy235
Fried SurfRegularPubShellfish + Fat250
Shrimp CocktailRegularFine DiningShrimp250
Chai LatteSnackExotic; StimulantFireglow + Milk250
Glazed CarrotsRegularComfortCarrot + Honey250
Grilled OctopusSmallFine DiningOctopus250
Squid SkewerRegularFine DiningSquid250
Cereal BowlRegularBreakfastGrain + Dairy or Sweetener260
MuesliRegularBreakfastBerry + Yoghurt260
Rice PuddingRegularBreakfastRice + Dairy265
Maple SalmonRegularOld FashionedSalmon + Maple Syrup270
Eggs Sunny Side UpSmallBreakfastEgg270
Fruit CandySnackDessertFruit + Sweetener270
LaksaRegularExotic; SoupFireglow + Rice Flour275
Corn BreadRegularComfortCorn Flour + Fat275
Fish SticksRegularPubFish + Fat285
Vegetable Stir FryRegularExotic; HealthyFat + Veggie (except Leaf Veggie, Mushroom, or Potato)290
Green SaladSmallSaladLeaf Veggie + Fat290
LatteSnackStimulantCoffee Beans + Dairy300
Fried RiceLargePlainRice + Fat300
Egg SaladRegularSaladEgg + Veggie310
Pork ChopsRegularComfortPork320
Sweet CoffeeSnackStimulantCoffee Beans + Sweetener320
CasseroleRegularComfortGrain + Meat320
CorndogRegularPubCorn Flour + Pork325
Fried CrawfishRegularOld FashionedCrustacean + Fat335
CakeRegluarDessertFlour + Sweetener (except Honey)335
FocacciaRegularComfortFlour (except Corn Flour) + Fat335
French FriesRegularPubPotato + Fat335
Meat StewLargeOld FashionedMeat + Veggie340
LokmaRegularDessertHoney + Flour350
SurstrommingLargeAcquired TasteHerring (at the Cellar)350
PancakesRegularBreakfastEgg + Flour360
Surf and TurfLargePubCrustacean + Beef360
Fried MushroomsRegularExoticMushroom + Fat370
DakgangjeongLargeExotic; ComfortFireglow + Chicken390
Fried ChickenLargeComfortChicken + Fat390
ChilaquilesLargeExotic; ComfortFireglow + Corn Flour390
Cup of TeaSnackStimulantTea Leaves400
Meat PieLargeOld FashionedMeat + Flour (except Rice Flour)400
CrepesRegularDessertWheat Flour + Milk or Cream410
Wonton SoupRegularExotic; SoupRice Flour + Meat420
Sweet YoghurtSnackDessert; BreakfastYoghurt + Sweetener430
Honey HamLargeOld FashionedPork + Honey450
Scrambled EggsSmallBreakfastEgg + Dairy450
CandySnackDessertSweetener (except Honey)450
OmeletteLargeBreakfast; PlainCheese + Egg450
Crême BrûléeRegularDessertEgg + Sweetener455
FrittataRegularExotic; BreakfastEgg + Fat465
Tomato PizzaRegularComfortWheat Flour + Tomato470
SchnitzelRegularOld FashionedFat + Pork490
Cheese FondueRegularComfortCheese500
Bacon and EggsLargeBreakfastEgg + Pork515
English TeaSnackStimulantTea Leaves + Dairy525
Cheese SticksLargePubCheese + Flour560
Sweet TeaSnackStimulantTea Leaves + Sweetener580
Grilled SteakLargeComfortBeef600
Garlic BreadSmallPubWheat Flour + Garlic630
ToffeeSnackDessertDairy + Sweetener680
Sauerkraut MealLargeAcquired TasteSauerkraut + Pork700
Beef FondueRegularOld FashionedBeef + Fat775
Onion RingsRegularPubOnion + Flour1,100
Homemade Paper--Sawdust + Household Glue0
Questionable MealSnackDisgustingInvalid Combination10