Stella talking with Susan.

Spiritfarer: How to Get Figurines

Make Stella look better than ever by collecting all four Figurines.

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Key Takeaway

You can get all four Figurines by traveling to Furogawa, Hummingberg, Mount Toroyama, and Crow’s End Inc. islands. The Figurines will be located in Rare Chests on each island.

You’ll want to get every Figurine in Spiritfarer if you’re a completionist or if you care about unlocking new outfits for Stella. There are four total Figurines to collect in the game, each on a separate island.

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    What Are Figurines?

    Figurines are collectible items in Spiritfarer. You can take them to Susan’s Museum, where you can exchange the Figurines for a Woodprint or a Blackberry outfit for Stella.

    All Four Figurine Locations

    There are four Figurines total that you can collect. By collecting the first Figurine, you can get the Woodprint as a reward. To get the Blackberry outfit for Stella, you will need to collect all four. You can find one Figurine in each of the following locations.


    Furogawa highlighted on the map.

    Speak to the tall red Spirit. He will ask you to find a Woodprint, which he thinks is in Theodore’s shop on the island. Go to the shop and speak with Theodore. He will tell you that someone has already purchased the Woodprint, and he will give you the coordinates to find her (-150, 67). You will also receive a small Figurine from Theodore. You will use this to trade with the woman who purchased the Woodprint.

    Note that you cannot reach the woman with the Woodprint unless you have upgraded your boat to Icebreaker.

    Icebreaker Boat Upgrade

    To unlock the Icebreaker boat upgrade, you must travel to Albert’s Shipyard. Once there, you can get this upgrade from Albert if you have all the necessary materials.

    MaterialHow to Acquire
    10 Iron IngotFind Iron Ore from island rocks, turn into Iron Ingots by using your boat’s Foundry
    12 Oak PlankFind Oak Wood by cutting down trees on islands, turn into Oak Planks by using your boat’s Sawmill
    18 Linen FabricPlant Linen seeds from Crates or Racoon Inc. to get Linen, then bring Linen to upgraded Loom to turn into Linen Fabric
    1 Spirit FlowerGuide any Spirit through the Everdoor, Spirit Flower appears on their bed
    5 SlateMine from Hoseki Quarry or Mount Toroyama
    800 GlimSell items, collect Glim Bottles, complete requests

    Once you reach the collector, you find out her name is Susan. This is how you initially discover Susan’s Museum. Trade your small Figurine for the Woodprint, and then take the Woodprint back to Furogawa.


    Hummingberg highlighted on the map.

    Travel to Hummingberg island to get the next Figurine (coordinates are 39, 139). Once you reach the island, you’ll need to get the Key for Hummingberg, which sells for 5,000 Glim. You will use this key to open the locked building next to Racoon Inc. In this locked building, you will find a Rare Chest, which contains the next Figurine.

    Mount Toroyama

    Mount Toroyama highlighted on the map.

    Next, you’ll want to travel to Mount Toroyama island (coordinates are -99, 34). Once on the island, search for where the lines with the lamps lead into the mines. Some of these will lead through walls and ceilings. Eventually, you can Double Jump at the top of a set of ladders to find a secret tunnel. In this tunnel, you can find the Rare Chest that contains your next Figurine.

    Crow’s End Inc.

    Crow's End Inc. highlighted on the map.

    Finally, make your way to Crow’s End Inc. island (coordinates are -126, -51). After the Zipline, on the platform with the air duct, jump right and Glide left under the platform. Then, you’ll see another small set of platforms. Follow these to the left to find the Rare Chest. This Chest contains your final Figurine, which you should bring back to Susan’s Museum for the Blackberry outfit.

    Note that to get to this chest, Stella will need to know Double Jump, Glide, Zipline, Bounce, and Dash.

    • Double Jump: Travel to the Shrine on Hummingberg island (coordinates are 39, 139)
    • Glide: Travel to the Shrine on Furoagawa island (coordinates are -150, 67)
    • Zipline: Travel to the Shrine on Nordweiler island (coordinates are -3, 185), requires Icebreaker boat upgrade
    • Bounce: Travel to the Shrine on Oxbury island (coordinates are 233, 18), requires Rock Destroyer boat upgrade
    • Dash: Travel to the Shrine on Greymist Peaks island (coordinates are 216, 96), requires Glide and Bounce abilities as well as the Mist Cleaner 1,000 boat upgrade

    Mist Cleaner 1,000 Boat Upgrade

    To unlock the Mist Cleaner 1,000 boat upgrade, you’ll need to go to Albert’s Shipyard. You can upgrade your boat by speaking to Albert if you have all the necessary materials.

    MaterialHow to Acquire
    8 Silver OreMine from the Silver Dragon in the Oxbury Region or from one of the Turtle sisters
    22 Silk FabricHarvest Silk Fibre from a Mulberry Tree that you’ve planted in your Orchard, turn Silk Fibre into Silk Thread at a Loom, and then turn Silk Thread into Silk Fabric at your improved Loom
    8 Bottled EctoplasmPlay the mini game offered by Stanley’s pet beetle, Jacob
    6 Crystal Glass SheetCombine one Zinc Ingot and one Silica Powder in the Smithy
    3 Spirit FlowerHelp a Spirit pass through the Everdoor, Spirit Flower will appear on their bed afterwards
    3,000 GlimSell items, collect Glim Bottles, complete requests