The initial hairstyle selection screen in Splatoon 3 showing a seated character with hairstyle options.

Splatoon 3: How to Change Your Hair

Give your character a new hairstyle at any time to give them a new and battle-ready look.

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Key Takeaway

You can change your character’s hair as often as you like. You’ll want to check if your character is an Inkling or an Octoling, as this will determine the range of hairstyle options available to them.

When you first start playing Splatoon 3, you’ll be asked to select some basic customization options. However, you can also change your hair or appearance later on if you want. Splatoon 3 offers a variety of distinctive options to make your character your own.

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    Character Customization in Splatoon 3

    Splatoon 3 is a colorful title that’s all about battling it out in style. In fact, the clothing and accessories you outfit your character with can have a number of battle benefits. When rocking your favorite T-shirts, headgear, and footwear, you’ll want to choose a suitable hairstyle to complete the look.

    At the very beginning of the game, you’ll be asked to select from a few options for your character’s face, hair, and style of legwear. However, once you’ve been playing Splatoon 3 for a little while, you might feel like changing things up a bit.

    Thankfully, if you picked something out that you’re no longer happy with, you can make changes at any point. Alongside options for personalizing your online player profile, Splatoon 3 has plenty of ways for you to customize your character’s look and hair. You can switch hairstyles as many times as you like, although there are some limitations.

    How to Change Your Hair

    It’s fairly straightforward to change your hair in Splatoon 3. However, it’s easy to miss where you need to do this, as it’s not done from within one of the Splatsville stores. Instead, the options for changing up your character’s style can be found in the Equip menu.

    To find this menu, press + on your Nintendo Switch. From anywhere in Splatsville or the main Battle Lobby, you should see this as Equip on the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. Doing so will bring up a new menu screen that’ll display your character with their currently equipped loadout.

    From here, you can customize your character’s weapons, headgear, clothes, and shoes. However, to make changes to the finer details of your character’s appearance, you’ll need to scroll across to the option that says Other. Press A on this menu option to activate it.

    The Equip menu screen in Splatoon 3 showing options to customize hairstyles

    The tabbed menu above will become active, giving you various control options for your Switch’s TV/Tabletop Mode and Handheld Mode. Use R to tab across past these and onto the tab that says Style.

    From here, you can make changes to your character’s hairstyle by scrolling through the available options. After selecting a hairstyle of your choice, you can also make adjustments to the shape and color of your character’s eyebrows, if you like. Additionally, you can adjust their style of legwear from the final set of options.

    Hairstyle Limitations

    One thing you can’t actively make changes to in Splatoon 3 is your character’s hair color. This is randomized, to begin with, and will change frequently. Your character’s hair will take on the color of the ink used by the last team you played with.

    For example, if you jump into a Turf Battle and your team’s assigned ink color is pink, then your character’s hair will turn pink. It will stay that color until the next battle or event you take part in, where it’ll change again. If you don’t like your character’s current hair color, you’ll need to play another match to change it to something different.

    Another thing to consider is that your hairstyle choices will depend on the type of character you’ve created. Splatoon 3 characters are either Inklings or Octolings. The appearance of Inklings is more squid-like in design, with less pronounced tentacles and suction cups. Octolings, on the other hand, have an overall look and style that’s reminiscent of an Octopus.

    Hairstyle options for Inkling and Octoling characters in Splatoon 3

    While the type of character you select has no bearing on your gameplay, there are some limitations as far as hairstyles are concerned. Inklings have a lot more choices when it comes to hair, as there are 16 different hairstyles available for them to pick from. Octolings, on the other hand, only have eight hairstyles to select from.

    However, you can switch your character type from Inkling to Octoling, and vice-versa, at any point. To do so, bring up the main menu by pressing X, and use R to tab across to Options. On this screen, scroll down to the section that says Other. Activate this with A and then navigate to Player Settings.

    The option to select player settings in Splatoon 3's main menu

    Select this to head back to the initial character creation screen, where you’ll be able to switch your character to either Inkling or Octoling. You can also change up the hairstyle of your Smallfry companion on this screen if you want to.