Murch asking the player for Super Sea Snails in Splatoon 3

Splatoon 3: How to Get Super Sea Snails

Collect these shelled creatures while you can, and spend them on boosting your gear items.

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Key Takeaway

You’ll need to take part in Splatoon 3’s Splatfest events if you want to accumulate some Super Sea Snails. These useful creatures can be traded for vital gear boosts and ability upgrades.

Splatoon 3 gives you a unique way to give your battle gear a boost. Super Sea Snails can help you quickly upgrade or adjust your gear, but you’ll want to know how to get them before you can use them.

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    What Are Super Sea Snails?

    Super Sea Snails are a special kind of currency item in Splatoon 3. They’re cute little creatures that you can collect in battle. Despite their small stature, they can actually have a pretty big impact on your gameplay.

    Your gear items come with primary and secondary ability slots. These abilities can differ between various gear items you wear. No two T-shirts are quite the same in this game!

    Each piece of gear’s abilities has specific bonus effects that can help you greatly in online battles. If you want to give your gear’s abilities a boost, or even change them entirely, Super Sea Snails are the key.

    However, they’re not that easy to obtain, making them one of the most elusive and important resource items in Splatoon 3. Especially if you’re looking to rapidly upgrade your favorite gear item, or give it a new lease of life with a secondary ability reroll.

    How to Get Super Sea Snails

    As things currently stand, there’s only one way to get Super Sea Snails in Splatoon 3. Taking part in the game’s regular Splatfest event will reward you with Super Sea Snails for your participation.

    Splatfests are special time-limited events that take place during a Splatoon 3 season. To take part, you’ll need to choose a team to side with. After doing so, you and your chosen team will work together to battle it out against your two opposing teams. The team with the highest score at the end of the Splatfest will be deemed the winner, and prizes will be distributed.

    The amount of time you put into a Splatfest will have an effect on the number of Super Sea Snails you’ll receive at the end of it. Essentially, the more you take part in Splatfest battles, the more Super Sea Snails you’ll accumulate. Inking lots of turf during this event is an important way to boost your chances of picking up lots of Super Sea Snails. So, make sure to take part in as many battles with your team as you can!

    Covering as much ground with ink as possible during Splatfest battles will have an impact on your Splatfest title. This is an important thing to be aware of if you’re looking to gain the maximum number of Super Sea Snails. You’ll pick up more Super Sea Snails as you raise your Splatfest title. For those who make it to the Ruler of Splatfest title, you’ll be eligible to receive at least 21 Super Sea Snails.

    Additionally, if you’re on the winning team at the end of the Splatfest event, you’ll pick up a few extra Super Sea Snails as a reward.

    Where to Use Super Sea Snails

    After Splatfest has concluded and you’ve received your Super Sea Snails, you’ll want to use them wisely. Head up toward the main Battle Lobby in Splatsville and locate Murch.

    Murch sitting near the Battle Lobby in Splatoon 3.

    You’ll find him sitting near the steps outside, to the right of the door.

    Murch will take your Super Sea Snails off your hands in exchange for services that will improve or adjust your gear. Firstly, Murch can boost the Star Power on your gear items.

    An item being boosted by Murch in Splatoon 3.

    This increases both the number of slots the item has, as well as increasing its gear experience multiplier. Of course, the higher the Star Power you’re looking for, the more Super Sea Snails you’ll need.

    In addition, you can use Super Sea Snails to ask Murch to reroll the secondary abilities of a gear item. This will be a random reroll and can only be done if the gear item in question already has three secondary abilities. This will cost you one Super Sea Snail per reroll. You’ll get one Ability Chunk back from the item’s original secondary ability when you roll a new one in this way.

    You can also get these exact same services from Spyke, if you prefer to deal with him. He can be found in the back alley of Inkopolis Plaza, the hub world accessible to players who’ve purchased the Splatoon 3: Expansion Pass DLC.