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Stray: Where to Find Every Memory

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There are items in Stray known as Memories that function as collectibles. Each Memory will also give you a clearer picture of the game’s backstory. They’re interesting, and some of them are very tricky to find.

There are a total of 27 Memories in Stray. However, five of them are naturally unlocked as you progress through the story. You’ll then need to find the other 22 for yourself. Collecting them will awaken a lot of B-12’s memories of the world around him.

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    The Location of Every Memory in Stray

    There are over 12 chapters you’ll need to go through to complete Stray. Once you get to the ending, you have the opportunity to replay a chapter to find things you may have missed. This is also a great way for you to collect every Memory you haven’t found yet.

    From the chapter selection menu, you’ll also see how many Memories there are in a chapter and how many you’ve found so far.

    Not every chapter in Stray hides a Memory, while some are particularly more abundant than others. Here’s a look at the number of memories you’ll find in every chapter.

    1. Inside the Wall – 0
    2. Dead City – 0
    3. The Flat – 1
    4. The Slums – 7
    5. Rooftops – 3
    6. The Slums Part 2 – same Memories as chapter four
    7. Dead End – 3
    8. The Sewers – 2
    9. Antvillage – 2
    10. Midtown – 7
    11. Jail – 1
    12. Control Room – 1

    When you return to a chapter after beating the game to collect Memories, be sure to reach a save point before exiting that chapter to make the Memories you’ve acquired count.

    Once you find every Memory in the game, you’ll unlock the “I Remember!” Achievement or Trophy.

    With that out of the way, here’s where you can find every memory in Stray.

    Memory in The Flat (Chapter Three)

    The Stray cat facing a beach mural.

    This memory is automatically acquired as you pass by the beach mural when you leave the flat.

    Every Memory in The Slums (Chapters Four and Six)

    Memory 1

    The Stray cat facing a dead robot in The Slums.

    Head to the rooftops and look for the circular arrow sign. There’s an inanimate robot leaning behind it, sitting beside two suitcases. Interact with the robot to earn a Memory.

    Memory 2

    The Stray cat at the Marketplace in The Slums, facing the memory relic.

    You can get another memory from Azooz the merchant. You can find him to the right of where the Guardian is. He owns a relic that holds a Memory, which he’ll exchange with you for three energy drinks. You can get energy drinks from the functioning vending machines scattered around the Slums.

    Memory 3

    The Stray cat interacting with a bowl of soup.

    There’s another Memory on the second floor of the Duffer Bar. Jump on the circular table and interact with the bowl of soup.

    Memory 4

    The Stray Cat facing a poster that says "back home."

    The next Memory is in Momo’s apartment. Head to his bedroom and look over to the poster beside the bed.

    Memory 5

    The Stray cat facing a graffiti that says "R.I.P. Humans."

    Head to where the laundromat is and proceed to the alley on the right. At the end of the alley is a graffiti on the wall that says “R.I.P. Humans.” Interact with it to earn a Memory.

    Memory 6

    The Stray cat facing a mural.

    Head to where Morusque is and go to the alley to his left. Make your way to the ledge above by using the garbage bins and air conditioning units as platforms. You can find a mural here that will trigger a Memory.

    Memory 7

    The Stray cat facing a plant.

    The seventh Memory in The Slums is in Elliot’s shop. Interact with the plant that’s placed on a monoblock chair to gain another Memory.

    Every Memory in the Rooftops (Chapter Five)

    Memory 1

    The Stray cat running towards a neon sign.

    Past the area with your first series of encounters with Zurks in the Rooftops, you’ll eventually land on a rooftop that has a massive red neon sign. It will be hard to miss. Interact with it to gain a Memory.

    Memory 2

    The Stray cat facing a Neco sign.

    On the second floor of the Zurk-infested building you get to in this chapter, you’ll find a Neco Corporation sign behind a pile of wooden planks, surrounded and buried by the infestation brought upon by the Zurks. This area is to the right of the electronic fence that traps a group of Zurks.

    Memory 3

    The Stray cat riding a bucket.

    You automatically earn another Memory at the end of the chapter.

    Every Memory in Dead End (Chapter Seven)

    Memory 1

    The Stray cat running towards a shutter gate.

    After leaving Seamus behind, proceed onwards and turn left to find a shutter gate. Get close to it to unlock a Memory.

    Memory 2

    The Stray cat facing a deactivated robot.

    After the section where you ride a trolley to escape a horde of Zurks, continue up ahead until you reach the ledge above. Keep walking forward onto the fence and you’ll notice that the fence ahead has been slightly ripped open for you to go across.

    To the right, you’ll find a robot on a wooden platform. Interact with the robot to obtain a Memory.

    Memory 3

    The Stray cat facing a mannequin that has a bucket for a head.

    This Memory is inside Doc’s house. There’s a mannequin here that has a bucket for a head. Interact with it to unlock a Memory.

    Every Memory in the Sewers (Chapter Eight)

    Memory 1

    The Stray cat standing on a railing in The Sewers.

    After you part ways with Momo, continue onwards until you reach a narrow corridor that’s filled with Zurk eggs along the walls. Continue forward and take the first left, where you’ll be greeted by more Zurk eggs. Deal with the Zurks here before moving on, or simply run past them.

    To the upper left, there’s an opening to a sewer line you can jump onto. Continue onward from here and you’ll find a new Memory.

    Memory 2

    The Stray cat facing a Zurk infestation in The Sewers.

    After the creepy eye-infested area where you’ll be chased by a massive horde of Zurks, you’ll eventually escape by jumping down onto a pipe. From here, head left and continue onwards and you’ll find your next Memory.

    Every Memory in Antvillage (Chapter Nine)

    Memory 1

    The Stray cat in front of a machine in Antvillage.

    You automatically unlock this Memory when you arrive at Antvillage as part of the game’s main progression.

    Memory 2

    The Stray cat facing a graffiti beside a couch.

    Before getting to this memory, be sure to interact with Zbaltazar first. Once done, return to the lowest level and find a robot that’s sitting on a sofa. To the right of the sofa, on the wall, is a graffiti that will trigger a Memory.

    Every Memory in Midtown (Chapter 10)

    Memory 1

    The Stray cat in a subway.

    This memory will automatically unlock once you reach the subway.

    Memory 2

    The Stray cat in a library.

    In the area past the subway station, head to the right to find an NPC named Ledoc. Interact with his library to unlock a Memory.

    Memory 3

    The Stray cat facing a bed in Midtown.

    Make a right before reaching the residential area, and you’ll find a cleaning robot here named Albert. Jump to the garbage bin beside Albert and continue making your way up along this wall.

    You’ll eventually reach a ledge that has a couple of bottles close to the edge. After jumping onto this area, look to the right and interact with the bed to unlock a Memory.

    Memory 4

    The Stray cat on a narrow and small space above a shop.

    There’s a barber shop in the main Midtown square, near the giant hologram, that you can enter by jumping onto the front window. Once inside, hop onto the sofa, then jump onto the loft above. Continue forward and you’ll find another Memory.

    Memory 5

    The Stray cat on an upper section of a shop.

    Go inside the food shop located near the hologram. Go to the kitchen and jump onto the top of the fridge, then onto the top of the divider. From here, you’ll be able to jump into the ceiling hole to reach a small space. You’ll find another Memory here.

    Memory 6

    The Stray cat facing a picture of a drone.

    Before you can find this Memory, you’ll first need to progress through this chapter and steal the Stray Atomic Battery. Once done, the security room next to the big hologram can now be entered. Head inside and interact with one of the pictures on the wall to unlock a Memory.

    Memory 7

    The Stray cat about to jump on a table that has bottles on it.

    This Memory is located inside the nightclub. There’s a dumbwaiter behind the bar that will take you to another area below. There’s a table here with a bunch of bottles on it. Interact with it to unlock a Memory.

    Memory in The Jail (Chapter 11)

    The Stray cat facing a robot that's sitting on a ground in The Jail.

    There’s a section in this chapter where you’ll need to trap a Sentinel in a room so that Clementine can cross a yard. After doing this for the first time, Clementine will open the next gate for you.

    Continue to the next area and immediately head to the right to find a robot that’s leaning against a trash bin. Interact with this robot to earn a Memory.

    Memory in The Control Room (Chapter 12)

    The Stray cat and B-12 arriving at the Control Room.

    You automatically unlock this memory once you reach the Control Room.