Rhett Roxl

Rhett became a professional content writer in 2019. He wrote articles for various websites spanning different industries including tourism, lifestyle, manufacturing, and e-commerce. It wasn't until mid-2020 that Rhett decided to enter an industry he has known since childhood — video games. Since then, Rhett has created and written list articles, guides, features, and reviews for Game Rant, TheGamer, Game Insider, and Sirus Gaming.

While Rhett plays just about any video game he can get his hands on, he mainly seeks out open-world games, RPGs, story-driven games, indie titles, and action-adventure games. Among his favorites are God of War, Bloodborne, Hades, Hollow Knight, Dark Souls, The Last of Us, and The Witcher 3.

When not playing video games or writing about them, Rhett creates and plays music. He is the vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter for a rock band called Pitch and Plunge. They currently have one EP released on Spotify and other music platforms.

Armored Core 6: How to Improve Repair Kits
As your AC gains more AP, you'll need to improve your Repair Kits to increase your survivability in Armored Core 6—do so through OS Tuning.
Armored Core 6: How to Play Multiplayer
You'll want to play multiplayer in Armored Core 6, as such modes are a staple in many FromSoftware games. This can be done after Chapter 2.
Armored Core 6: How to Beat the HC Helicopter
You must learn how to beat HC Helicopter to get further in Armored Core 6. You can do so by staying directly under it throughout the fight.
Armored Core 6: How to Get OST Chips
The OST Chips are the second form of currency in Armored Core 6. You need these to tune your OS. You get these by heading to the Arena.
Armored Core 6: How to Beat Balteus
Figuring out how to beat Balteus can be hard for many players in Armored Core 6. Pro tip: get close to it and you'll gain an advantage.
Rocket League Ranks, Explained
Like many online multiplayer games, Rocket League offers ranks and a ranking system. Here's everything you need to know to rank up.
Rocket League: How to Play on Split-Screen
Couch co-op games that let you play on split-screen, such as in Rocket League, are as rare as blue moons these days.
Stranded Deep: How to Revive
In Stranded Deep, you can revive a friend in co-op mode when they fall. However, the only item that lets you do so is a Bandage.
Stranded Deep: How to Get Water
Water is one of the most important resources in Stranded Deep. To avoid dehydration, drink from coconuts and craft a Water Still.
Stranded Deep: How to Heal
To survive longer, learn how to heal in Stranded Deep. You heal passively when above certain Hunger and Thirst levels—so eat and drink often!
Rocket League: How to Accept the License Agreement
You need to accept the License Agreement in Rocket League, as it's an important part of the legality of the game. Here's how to accept it.
Rocket League: How to Get Credits
Credits are the main form of currency in Rocket League. However, you have to spend real-world money to get credits.
Rocket League: How to Speed Flip
The Speed Flip in Rocket League is a great mechanic to move around the arena much faster. It's also employed by pros to win kickoffs.
Rocket League: How to Get the Fennec
The Fennec is one of the many vehicles you can use in Rocket League. It has an Octane hitbox which is why it's so sought after.
The 10 Best Cars in Rocket League, Ranked
The variation between vehicles is minimal, but they can definitely feel different from one another. Here are the best cars in Rocket League.
Final Fantasy 16: Kuza Beast Hunt Location and Rewards
The Kuza Beast hunt is a tough one in Final Fantasy 16. This target is an enemy you'll want to defeat after you learn of its story.
Final Fantasy 16: Grim Reaper Hunt Location and Rewards
The Prince of Death is the target of the Grim Reaper hunt in FF16. This one is a must-find foe that drops an important crafting material.
Resident Evil 4: Grand Hall Blue Medallion Locations
Resident Evil 4 has a couple of side quests you can do in the form of Merchant Requests. One of these is the Blue Medallions 4 request.
Resident Evil 4: Quarry and Fish Farm Blue Medallion Locations
The Quarry and the Fish Farm are two areas you'll find in Resident Evil 4. You'll also find the game's second set of blue medallions here.
Resident Evil 4: Cliffside Ruins Blue Medallion Locations
The blue medallions in the Cliffside Ruins are the last ones in Resident Evil 4 and they're by far the trickiest to get.
Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores – Where to Find All Delvers’ Trinkets
The Delver's Trinkets are collectibles you'll find in the Burning Shores DLC. Collect them all and you'll be led to a treasure.
Elden Ring: How to Leave Roundtable Hold
There is no direct path to the player's hub area other than fast traveling—to leave Roundtable Hold in Elden Ring, use this simple method!
Elden Ring: How to Get the Blasphemous Blade
The Blasphemous Blade is a powerful weapon in Elden Ring. It can be great against anything this game throws at you. Here's how to obtain it.
Final Fantasy 16: Gobermouch Hunt Location and Rewards
The Gobermouch hunt in FF16 involves hunting down a tiny yet terrible goblin! Defeat it and you'll receive a unique crafting material.
Final Fantasy 16: Severian Hunt Location and Rewards
The Severian hunt tasks you with toppling a towering enemy in FF16. However, don't let its size intimidate you, as it's not that strong.
Final Fantasy 16: The Man in Black Hunt Location and Rewards
The Man in Black is a strong Hunt Board Notorious Mark. Take the time to find and beat him to earn decent rewards.
Final Fantasy 16: Usher to the Underworld Hunt Location and Rewards
The Usher to the Underworld hunt is one you definitely want to complete in Final Fantasy 16. Here's how to do so and what you'll get.
Final Fantasy 16: The Blood Moon Hunt Location and Rewards
When you track down Terminus for the Blood Moon hunt, you'll find it's one of the easier A-rank Notorious Marks—but don't underestimate it!
Final Fantasy 16: Agni Hunt Location and Rewards
The Agni hunt forces you to fight a massive and agile enemy in FF16. However, this foe is worth slaying for the rewards you'll receive.
Final Fantasy 16: The Tricephalic Terror Hunt Location and Rewards
The Tricephalic Terror hunt is one of Final Fantasy 16's tougher tasks. If you manage to defeat this enemy, you'll be aptly rewarded for it!