Rhett Roxl

Rhett became a professional content writer in 2019. He wrote articles for various websites spanning different industries including tourism, lifestyle, manufacturing, and e-commerce. It wasn't until mid-2020 that Rhett decided to enter an industry he has known since childhood — video games. Since then, Rhett has created and written list articles, guides, features, and reviews for Game Rant, TheGamer, Game Insider, and Sirus Gaming.

While Rhett plays just about any video game he can get his hands on, he mainly seeks out open-world games, RPGs, story-driven games, indie titles, and action-adventure games. Among his favorites are God of War, Bloodborne, Hades, Hollow Knight, Dark Souls, The Last of Us, and The Witcher 3.

When not playing video games or writing about them, Rhett creates and plays music. He is the vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter for a rock band called Pitch and Plunge. They currently have one EP released on Spotify and other music platforms.

Elden Ring: How to Find and Craft the Bewitching Branch
The Bewitching Branch is a consumable in Elden Ring that has a unique function. You can either craft this or find them in the Lands Between.
Elden Ring: Where to Get the Night Comet Sorcery
The Night Comet is a spell sorcerers should give a shot. This spell is a powerhouse against enemies in the game and other players online.
Elden Ring: Where to Get Celestial Dew
In Elden Ring, Celestial Dews are consumable items used for absolution. This is a mechanic you can use whenever you accidentally attack NPCs.
Elden Ring: Iron Fist Alexander Questline Guide
Iron Fist Alexander is one of the most beloved and known Elden Ring characters. He's likable and his interactions are always memorable.
Top 10 Highest-Grossing Video Games of All Time
The video game industry has gotten massive over the years These 10 have sold hundreds of millions of copies worldwide.
Elden Ring: How to Get to Crumbling Farum Azula
Crumbling Farum Azula is an Elden Ring location. You don't need to do anything special to get here since it's part of the main progression.
What’s the Max Level in Elden Ring?
As an RPG, Elden Ring allows you to level up your characters to make them stronger. Players can get their characters up to level 713.
Elden Ring: How to Get to Isolated Divine Tower
The Isolated Divine Tower is one of the six divine towers in Elden Ring. However, it's a bit more inaccessible compared to the other towers.
Elden Ring: Carian Study Hall Guide
There is a place in Elden Ring found in the Liurnia region called the Carian Study Hall. This area contains a few useful items you can loot.
Elden Ring: How to Get the Meteorite Staff
The Meteorite Staff is a Glintstone Staff in Elden Ring. This staff can be helpful for Gravity spell users.
Elden Ring: How to Complete Varre’s Questline
Varre is the first NPC you'll personally interact with in Elden Ring. As such, he is a memorable character with equally memorable dialogue.
Is Elden Ring On Xbox Game Pass?
A lot of players have called for Elden Ring to be included in Xbox Game Pass. However, is the game actually a part of the service?
Elden Ring: How to Get the Golden Scarab Talisman
The Golden Scarab is a talisman players can acquire in Elden Ring. It's useful for Rune farming as it increases Runes acquisition by 20%.
Elden Ring: Where to Use the Sewer-Gaol Key
The Sewer-Gaol Key is an item in Elden Ring that's given to you by the Dung Eater. This key opens the cell that contains his physical body.
Elden Ring: How to Cross the Invisible Bridge at Heretical Rise
The Heretical Rise is a complicated tower to get into in Elden Ring. This is because you'll have to cross an invisible bridge to do so.
Final Fantasy VII Remake: Dressed to the Nines Guide
Dressed to the Nines is a Final Fantasy VII Remake trophy. The dresses refer to the outfits Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith can wear in Chapter 9.
Elden Ring: How to Beat the Royal Revenant
The Royal Revenant is one of the most recognizable enemies in Elden Ring. This enemy is tough, but there are ways to eliminate it easily.
Elden Ring: 10 Weapons, Ashes of War, And Spells That Got Nerfed
Elden Ring has had multiple weapons, ashes of war, and spells that got nerfed. These were done in an effort to make the game more balanced.
All Dust 2 Callouts in CS:GO
Knowing Callouts, especially in a map like Dust 2, is almost essential for CS:GO players. Callouts refer to various locations within a map.
Elden Ring: Soft Caps for Every Stat and Attribute
Every stat in Elden Ring comes with a soft cap. This feature discourages players from allocating every level-up point to just one stat.
Elden Ring: How to Upgrade Ashes
Spirit Ashes are some of the best tools you can employ in Elden Ring. Upgrade them and you'll make them even better.
Vampire Survivors: How to Unlock Pummarola (and What it Does)
The Pummarola is a passive items you can use in Vampire Survivors. You'll need to unlock this first before it can appear in your runs.
Gang Beasts: How to Climb
You'll often need to climb in Gang Beasts to navigate certain stages. or to move away or closer to enemies, and doing this can take practice.
Is Gang Beasts Cross Platform?
Gang Beasts is a game you can play online. If you and your friends are playing on different consoles, are you able to play together?
Is Gang Beasts Split Screen?
Gang Beasts is better if it's played with people you know. If played locally, does it offer a split screen feature?
Gang Beasts: How to Throw
One of the moves you can do in Gang Beasts is throw enemies. It's a hilarious move and it helps you win matches.
Gang Beasts Controls Guide (for Every Console)
Gang Beasts may be a simple and minimalistic game, but players can benefit from completely mastering its controls.
How to Play Taylordle and Swiftle, the Taylor Swift Wordle Games
Remember Wordle? Fans of Taylor Swift will be glad to know that there are two wordle-like games centered around the pop artist and her work.
Vampire Survivors: How to Unlock Every Character
Vampire Survivors offers a wide array of characters for you to play as. Unlock all of them and you'll better appreciate the game.
Vampire Survivors: What Does Luck Do?
Vampire Survivors is a game that requires skill and luck. Luck is even a stat in the game, highlighting how greatly it influences runs.