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Next Street Fighter 6 Character To Be Revealed During EVO 2022 Top 8

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Capcom announced via the official Street Fighter Twitter account last night that the next Street Fighter 6 character will be unveiled during the EVO top 8 for Street Fighter V. Fans are speculating that it will be Kimberly or Ken.

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    Choose Your Fighter

    To those not in the know, EVO 2022 is currently happening this weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada. A massive tournament dedicated to fighting games, this is the first in-person EVO since COVID-19 shuttered all tournaments a few years ago. With the event being extra special for those that live for live competition, it makes sense that Capcom would bring some new information about Street Fighter 6, its upcoming continuation of the acclaimed fighting game franchise. Later tonight during the Top 8 for Street Fighter V: Champion Edition, we’ll get to see a first look at the next character on SF6’s roster.

    Prove Your Might

    After making a full unveiling during not-E3 2022, Street Fighter 6 quickly rocketed up the hype charts as one of 2023’s most anticipated games. Coming off the back of the relatively failed launch of Street Fighter V, Capcom had a lot to prove with the next iteration of its flagship series. Much to the delight of fans, the first trailer shown for the sixth numbered installment was anything but a dud. While the final character roster has not been officially revealed, someone managed to leak concept art from Capcom’s servers the night of the game’s official announcement.

    Since fans already technically know who is going to be in the launch version of the game, many are hoping to catch an early glimpse of the series stalwart Ken or newcomer Kimberly. With roughly a year to go before the game is released, fans will have plenty of time to comb over trailers and learn what makes their favorite characters click.

    Update: During the Top 8, Street Fighter 6’s next two characters were revealed as Kimberly and Juri. Capcom shared a video across social media and YouTube showing them in action.