A child Sim doing homework in The Sims 4.

The Sims 4: How to Do Homework

Homework needn't become a chore, as long as you can help your Sims stay on top of it efficiently.

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Key Takeaway

You’ll need to check your child and teen Sims’ inventory every afternoon when they finish school. Ensure they complete their homework tasks before their classes the next morning to help them achieve their academic potential.

Homework is an integral part of a young person’s education. In The Sims 4, things are no different. If you have Sims of a child, teen, or even university age, they’ll have daily homework to complete. You’ll want to ensure their academic success by helping them with it.

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    Why You Should Do Your Homework

    You might think that homework in The Sims 4 is an area of gameplay that you could easily overlook. Doing so wouldn’t be a wise move though. Although it seems like a tedious regular requirement to help keep your young Sims on track, homework has some long-term payoffs. Once you get into the habit of doing it, you’ll be able to breeze through your Sims’ homework much more efficiently.

    As with real life, putting the effort into your Sims’ homework will help them attain better results at school. The better grades they receive as a result of their homework, the better they’ll perform academically overall. This will lead to more varied options when it comes to their adult career paths. Additionally, they can earn better wages as adults thanks to the improved job opportunities available to them.

    A child doing their homework in The Sims 4.

    Homework will differ depending on the life stage your Sims are currently in. Children, teens, and in some cases, young adults will all have homework to complete on school days. However, it’s important to note that this only applies to young adult Sims (and beyond) if you’ve got the Discover University expansion for The Sims 4. If you’re just playing the base game, homework will only be a requirement for your child and teen Sims.

    How to Do Homework for Child Sims

    As soon as your toddler transforms into a child, they’ll begin going to school. Each day, they’ll come home from school with homework, and it’s down to you to ensure it’s completed. To do this, follow the steps below.

    • Send your child to school each morning
    • When they get home, check their inventory
    • Find the yellow/orange-colored book labeled Grade School Homework
    • Click on the homework book and select the Do Homework option
    • Your child Sim will find somewhere to sit and begin working on their homework
    A child Sim's inventory showing their homework book in The Sims 4.

    To boost the speed at which your child Sim completes their extracurricular work, you can assign an adult Sim to help them. Simply send a nearby adult over to the child and select Help With Homework from the options.

    Once your child Sim is attaining a grade B or higher in school, they’ll have an additional homework option available. Once they’ve completed their main homework task, you can click on their homework book again. Select Do Extra Credit to help boost their performance at school the next day even further.

    However, if your child falls behind with their academic progress and is attaining a grade of D or below, they’ll have a different option available. After completing their main homework, your struggling Sim students will be able to select Do Make Up Work from the homework book when clicked on again. Doing this should help get them back on track with their academic progress.

    How to Do Homework for Teen Sims

    Teen Sims will also have homework to do each night. However, you’ll want to ensure they’re in a good mood before they start doing it. The process will be a lot smoother if their needs are met. To do your teenage Sims’ homework effectively, follow these steps.

    • Send your teen Sim to school each morning
    • When they get home, check their inventory
    • Find the blue book labeled Homework
    • Click on the homework book and select the Do Homework option
    • Your teen Sim will find somewhere to sit and begin working on their homework
    A teenage Sim's inventory screen showing their homework book in The Sims 4.

    As with your child Sims, adults can assist teen Sims with their homework tasks. Select a nearby adult Sim and send them across to your teenager. From here, select Help With Homework from the options. This should speed the process up considerably.

    The Do Extra Credit option will also be available to teen sims once they’re achieving a grade of B and above in school. Likewise, if their grades fall to a D or below, Do Make Up Work will also become available.

    How to Do Homework for Young Adult Sims (Discover University)

    If you have the Discover University expansion, your young adult Sims will be given homework to do ahead of each of their classes. The process is fairly similar to that of child and teen Sims’, except your young adult Sim may have multiple homework tasks. This will depend on how many classes they’re taking. Follow the steps below to complete their homework.

    • Send your young adult Sim to their University classes each morning
    • Check their inventory when they get home
    • Find their Homework book – there may be more than one of these
    • Click on the homework books and select the Do Homework option
    • Your young adult Sim will find somewhere to sit and begin working on their homework

    You may need to repeat this process multiple times, as your young adult Sim will have considerably more homework than a child or teen Sim. If you don’t quite keep on top of it, your Sims’ university performance may be affected, but it’s not the end of the world. Young adult Sims can also do extra study hours or improve their term papers by editing them.

    To boost the speed at which your young adult Sims complete their homework, try and increase their skills in Research and Debate. Additionally, having the Study Spot lot trait added to your Sims’ lot allows homework to be completed 50% faster.

    Homework Tips

    Homework will take longer for your younger Sims to complete if they’re in a bad mood. Try and ensure all their needs are met before attempting to make them work on it.

    Make sure your young Sims have their homework completed each evening before school the next day. This will boost their performance in school and reflect positively on their grades.

    A Sim ordering a replacement teen homework book in The Sims 4.

    If your child or teen Sim somehow loses their homework book, or you can’t find it in their inventory, don’t worry. You can buy another one for §1 from any bookcase. You can also use another Sim’s homework book, as homework books aren’t actually Sim-specific. Similarly, with university-age Sims, you can replace a lost homework book from any bookcase or a university kiosk.

    Take some time to raise your child Sims’ skills to at least level three. The four skill areas for children are Creativity, Mental, Motor, and Social. Doing this will unlock the Breeze Through Homework option, speeding up the process of homework greatly. Bumping up those four skills to level seven will have an even greater impact. Doing this will unlock the Dominate Homework option, which will enable them to fly through their work really quickly. These speed hacks won’t work on teen Sims though, unfortunately.

    Homework will normally take your Sims around an hour of their time to complete, so be sure to plan ahead and don’t leave it too late to get them started on it.

    If you don’t get around to completing your Sims’ homework, you won’t ruin their lives. However, if you want to optimize their educational performance, it’s a good idea to get into a routine of doing it.