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THQ Nordic Teases a New South Park Game

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During its publisher showcase yesterday, THQ Nordic teased that a new South Park game was in development. While there were no details on which platforms or genre it would be, the short trailer makes it clear this is South Park.

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    As noted above, THQ Nordic revealed to viewers of its publisher showcase yesterday that a new South Park game is in development. While there isn’t an official source for the teaser, many on YouTube and across social media archived the moment to watch. The brief tease didn’t reveal which developer would be working on the title, but it is clear that Ubisoft is no longer involved with the franchise.

    After having published both The Stick of Truth and The Fractured But Hole, the rights to the IP were picked up by THQ Nordic. Back in January of this year, a job listing revealed that developer Question Games would be tackling a project related to South Park. Made up of ex-AAA members from studios responsible for BioShock, Dishonored, and the previous two South Park games, it seems likely this is what THQ Nordic is now referring to.

    Goin on Down

    With the last two big South Park titles taking the form of RPGs, it would be a little odd for THQ Nordic to shift gears away from that style of gameplay. The Comedy Central series isn’t afraid of tinkering with different genres and has a colorful history of different games across different platforms. At one point in time, a GBC color with the brand was to be published and was hastily converted into a Mary Kate & Ashley platformer. Still, it wouldn’t be wise to expect another FPS title or a tower defense game since many consider to two RPGs as the pinnacle of South Park’s gaming legacy.