Creating a puddle by casting Scorch

Triangle Strategy: All Terrain Effects Explained

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Terrain effects can make or break a battle in Triangle Strategy. You’ll need to understand these effects and be prepared to use them to your advantage if you want to succeed.

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    What Are Terrain Effects?

    Terrain effects are effects that linger on tiles on a given map. Types of terrain effects include ablaze tiles, frozen tiles, and puddles. The effects of each vary, though all three can cause negative effects on units positioned over these tiles.

    All Terrain Effects

    You’ll need to get familiar with each terrain effect so that you can not only avoid them in battle but use them to your advantage against the enemy.

    Ablaze Tiles

    You’ll need to think about where you’re casting your fire spells and look out for any tiles that can be set ablaze. If a tile can be set ablaze, a fire icon will appear over the top of it. You can use this to your advantage, but keep in mind that the enemy can as well, so you’ll want to be conscious of the positioning of your units.

    Ablaze tiles will deal damage to any unit that passes through it or ends their turn on it. Most ablaze tiles can be extinguished with an ice spell, though this will turn the tiles into puddles instead.

    Frozen Tiles

    Tiles frozen during battle

    Like with tiles that can potentially be set ablaze, tiles that can be frozen will be marked with an ice icon over the top. You can freeze tiles with ice magic, though be sure you aren’t freezing tiles that will end up affecting your own units. Frozen tiles cause a movement and accuracy debuff to any units who pass over or ends their turn on them.

    The movement debuff will trigger simply by passing over a frozen tile, but the accuracy debuff will only trigger if you’ve landed on one. The movement cost to pass a frozen tile is 1.2, and the accuracy debuff on a frozen tile is -10%. Like ablaze tiles, frozen tiles can be turned to puddles with the use of a fire spell.


    Puddles are seemingly the least annoying terrain effect to deal with, but note that they aren’t totally safe either. They are a conduit for lightning magic, meaning that everyone within the range of a puddle will take damage with a singular lightning spell. Puddles can be evaporated with fire magic or frozen with ice magic.