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Triangle Strategy: How to Defeat Avlora

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The fight against Avlora and her army is one of the more difficult maps in Triangle Strategy. Check out some suggestions and tips for how to take down Aesfrost’s strongest warrior.

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    Who Is Avlora?

    Avlora is one of the most powerful warriors in all of Norzelia with a specialty in swords and fire magic. She is employed in the Aesfrost army, working for the Grand Duchy. When we first see her participate in the tournament in Glenbrook, she is clearly already one of the best warriors, though it’s revealed she only demonstrated a fraction of her power. Eventually, Avlora takes down Maxwell Trier, Glenbrook’s own strongest warrior.

    When Do You Face Avlora?

    Avlora's stats

    As in real life, choosing the moral route comes with a cost—even in Triangle Strategy. If you choose to defend Roland, no matter the cost, you will have the Aesfrosti army marching right up to your doorstep in Chapter Seven. This army is led by none other than Avlora herself, making this battle one of the more difficult ones of the game.

    How to Defeat Avlora

    The deal is that you need to defend Roland by wiping out the enemy army coming to claim him. Unfortunately, the enemies’ numbers far exceed your own, so you’re forced to rely on burning down your own town to take out some of the opposing forces. While the number of enemies can be intimidating, Avlora herself poses a huge issue with her high stats.

    There are a couple of ways you can go about defeating Avlora but note that if you use the hawk statues to burn down enemies, you will not be able to achieve the True Ending.

    Burn Her Down

    Outline of which houses will burn with statue usage

    The first most obvious way to defeat Avlora is by luring her into the range of one of the fire traps. While this will bar you from the game’s True Ending, it is the easiest way to defeat her and progress. This will take some trial and error to get her into the right position, but once she is burned, her army will retreat.

    Utilize the High Ground

    Regardless of which route you decide to take, you will want to utilize the high ground as much as possible. Hughette, especially, is invaluable on this map, as she can easily fly onto any rooftop and launch arrows onto enemies below.

    You can also build ladders in the encampment by speaking with Jens if he’s been recruited by this point. Considering the enemy army is so much larger than yours, retreating up to a safe place to do damage will help you greatly.

    Having mages that can damage multiple enemies at one time from above will also be key in not only wiping out soldiers, but damaging Avlora before she can reach you.

    Rely on Traps

    Jens and Rudolph both can set traps, which can be useful for knocking down some of Avlora’s high HP. Set traps on the staircases where she is most likely to walk. By the time she can start hitting your army, her HP should be at a much more comfortable place for you to deal with from the traps, arrows, and magic that you barrage her with along her way up to you.