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Triangle Strategy: How to Earn and Use Kudos

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Kudos are points you can earn in Triangle Strategy to obtain various rewards. You’ll need to know how to earn and use Kudos to boost the effectiveness of your army.

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    What Are Kudos and What Are They Used For?

    Kudos are essentially points or currency that you can earn in Triangle Strategy. These Kudos are separate from your typical experience points or currency, and you can earn them during battle by performing specific strategic actions. Once you’ve earned enough Kudos, you can trade them for specific rewards in the encampment.

    How to Earn Kudos

    There are numerous ways you can earn Kudos in battle:

    • Perform a follow-up strike (attack the front of an enemy with one of your units while another of your units is behind that enemy or vise-versa)
    • Attack an enemy from outside the enemy’s attack range
    • Attack an enemy while you have the higher ground (height advantage)
    • Exploit an enemy weakness (“weak!” will appear over the head of an enemy when you are able to exploit their weakness with an attack)
    • Attack an enemy from behind

    How to Use Kudos

    Kudos tradepost at the Sundry Shop

    When you’ve earned enough Kudos, you can speak with Eagle-Eyed Elder, an old man residing in your encampment after you’ve progressed past the beginning of the game. Speaking with him will open the Sundry Shop, which is where you can exchange your Kudos. There are different types of rewards you can get from this exchange.

    Exchange Kudos for Information

    You may or may not have run into this problem depending on choices you’ve made, but sometimes dialogue options are locked in Triangle Strategy. This is particularly harmful when your group is voting on an important action to take, and you’re unable to convince them to vote the way you want.

    To avoid this, you’ll want to talk to all the people in any area that you’re free to explore. Additionally, you can exchange Kudos for books and scrolls that contain additional information that may unlock more dialogue choices, though some are just interesting bits of lore.

    Exchange Kudos for Quietuses

    Quietuses are basically items that can be used only once per battle, though they usually have a strong, aiding effect. Some examples of Quietuses include guaranteed critical hits, getting to choose an ally to move next turn, and the recovery of HP and status ailments. You will also have to ability to exchange Kudos for Quietus Point+, which increases the number of your Quietus Point slots by one.

    Exchange Kudos for Medals and Class Promotion

    Like in most tactical RPGs, you can upgrade your characters to advanced classes in Triangle Strategy. You need more than Kudos for this, as your characters must reach the appropriate levels for their designated advanced class. You can see the level requirements by opening “Promote Class” in the Sundry Shop. Eventually, you will be able to trade Kudos for the appropriate medals that are needed to promote your units to their advanced classes.