Triangle Strategy: How to Upgrade Character Stats and Weapons

Serenoa and Frederica

A big part of Triangle Strategy is strengthening your characters as the story progresses. You’ll need to know how to upgrade your character stats and weapons to be prepared for more challenging maps.

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    When You Can Upgrade Character Stats and Weapons

    During Chapter Two of Triangle Strategy, “To Arms, Brave Warriors,” you will unlock the Young Smithy NPC in your encampment. From this point on, you will be able to speak to the Young Smithy whenever you visit your encampment to start upgrading both your characters’ stats and weapons.

    How to Upgrade Character Stats and Weapons

    Serenoa's upgrade chart

    Go to your encampment and speak with the Young Smithy. This will open a menu that shows all the characters you currently have recruited, and what their weapon levels are between one and three stars.

    Click on any of the individual characters, and you will see more specifically all your choices and requirements needed to make upgrades in the form of a chart. If you have the required materials, simply click on which upgrade you want for any character, and you will boost their weapon power, weapon level, or character stat, depending on what you choose.

    How to Get Supplies for Upgrading

    You’ll see the specific requirements for each weapon or stat upgrade listed in the bottom right corner once you’ve highlighted an individual character. Usually, the requirements are some combination of material and coin.

    Most of the material you can get either from the merchant in the encampment, merchants in towns, or by collecting coin and materials through completing mental battles. However, there are some materials that won’t be available right away, and you’ll have to progress the story before gaining access to them.