Triangle Strategy: All Status Effects and Ailments Explained

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Triangle Strategy includes a whole host of positive and negative status effects. You’ll want to get familiar with all of them, as status effects can drastically impact the results of a battle.

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    What Are Status Effects?

    Beneficial status effects are generally temporary, supportive effects that can be placed on your units during battle to give you an upper hand. These are usually done though support magic or support items. You can get support items with these effects through completing battles and purchasing items from your encampment.

    Status ailments, on the other hand, are conditions that enemies can inflict on you while in battle. These status ailments will be denoted with an icon and a turn counter once they are inflicted.

    Depending on the ailment, it could last for one or several turns if you do not have the proper items to heal it. Status ailments will be automatically cured when a battle ends if they hadn’t been cured already.

    All Status Ailments

    Hughette's blinding arrow attack
    Status AilmentEffect
    BlindSuffer reduced accuracy
    FuryAutomatically target the caster of Fury
    ImmobileCan’t move
    Instant DeathKilled instantly
    ParalyzeCan’t act
    PoisonTake damage each turn
    SilenceCan’t use abilities
    SleepCan’t act and will suffer critical damage when hit next
    StopCan’t act
    TemptLured to opponent’s position

    All Beneficial Status Changes

    Status ChangeEffect
    AbsorptionAbsorb enemy HP when damaging them
    Act AgainAct twice in one turn
    Auto-ReviveAutomatically revive upon death
    Delayed DamageEnemy takes damage after a certain number of turns pass
    Extended RangeGain increased attack range
    Fire CounterRetaliate with a physical attack that deals fire damage
    Ice CounterRetaliate with a physical attack that deals ice damage
    Guaranteed CriticalNext attack is guaranteed to deal critical damage
    InvincibleDon’t take damage from any type of attack
    Protective AuraNearby friendly units take reduced damage
    RegenHeal HP each turn
    Take CoverBecome invisible to enemies (deactivates when attacking an enemy, moving behind them, stepping on traps, or suffering damage)