To the Sea of Eden option quests section of Chrono Cross.

Chrono Cross: To the Sea of Eden – Optional Quests

Time to get some Techs and Recruits!

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Before getting the Relics, we have a ton of stuff to do. First, go to Viper Manor here in another world. Bring Zoah and Norris with you.

Since you have boats in both worlds now, you can do the Level 7 Summon quest now, if you couldn’t before.
For those of you in New Game+, you can obtain Ending #9 by defeating the final boss now. You can do this up until you go to Chronopolis, OR until you get the Mastermune.

Viper Manor (Another)

Viper Manor (Another)
Our Party: Lynx (Black), Norris (Yellow), Zoah (Yellow)
Records/Fate: Barn with the dragons, Dragoons’ rest area B1, 3rd floor outside of Riddel’s bedroom, Outside of the Prison cells
Techs: Toss & Spike (Level 7 Tech for Zoah), Top Shot (Level 7 Tech for Norris)

Go through the front gate, and then enter the manor. If you chose Karsh earlier, go to Zoah’s room. He’ll open the chest that contains his level 7 skill, Toss & Spike, then go west, past the main hall, and then into the last door. Talk to Norris in here, and he’ll give Norris his level 7 skill, Top Shot, then he says that they are withdrawing from the manor, and he will leave.

Norris's Level 7 Tech in Chrono Cross.

Go back to the main room, and go into the giant doors to the north, and then go to the next area. In here, go to the unblocked door on the right. Go across the bridge and into the next room. Move the four pillars into the four spots on the floor, and a chest will pop out of the floor. If you read the thing on the wall, it says ‘Respect my behind’, so open the chest from behind, otherwise it’s a trap. There’s a letter in here from Solt and Peppor, telling Karsh to meet them at the Isle of the Damned. We’ll get to that in a while.

That’s all for Viper Manor, so let’s go to the Hydra Marshes next.

Hydra Marshes (Another)

Hydra Marshes (Another)
Our Party: Lynx (Black), Karsh (Green), Fargo (Blue)
Records/Fate: 3rd screen to the left from the entrance, Screen before where you found the Life Sparkle
Techs: Hydra Shadow (Level 5 Tech for Steena)
Equipment: Pendragon Sigil B
Key Items: Ancient Fruit
Enemies: Potpourri (Green), Wraith (Black), Tzetze Fly (Black), Centaurpede (Yell0w), Snob Goblin (Green), Snib Goblin (Green), De-Hydrate (Black)

Go north and then west to this area. Follow the path to the next area where you’ll see a Snib and Snob Goblin attacking a Beeba. Take them out, and when you do, the Beeba will give you an Ancient Fruit.

Ancient Fruit in Hydra Marshes.

If you ever run out, ask him and he’ll give you some more. Follow the path to where you got the Safety Gear from the adventurers. There is now a hole here. Jump down in here.

There’s no Pentapus, but you’ll see the spirit of a Dwarf who summons the spirit of a Hydra.

Easy. Just attack and use white elements. For a very quick battle, just cast HolyLight to instantly kill him.

After the battle, you’ll wonder if you did the right thing. You’ll then receive the Hydra Shadow level 5 tech for Steena, who’ll join your party later. Go southeast to find a Pendragon Sigil B, then leave the Hydra Marshes.

Now go to Marbule with Starky and Sprigg in your party.

Marbule (Another)

Marbule (Another)
Our Party: Lynx (Black), Starky (White), Sprigg (Green)
Window Frames: Valencian Cloth

Note that the blue guy isn’t standing there with malice anymore. Talk to him, and since you’re an all demi-human party, he’ll give you the Valencian Cloth window frame!

Valencian Cloth window frame in Chrono Cross.

That’s it for now, unless you want to buy some elements. Leave here, and go to Guldove.

Guldove (Another)

Guldove (Another)
Our Party: Lynx (Black), Karsh (Green), Fargo (Blue)
Records/Fate: Dragon Shrine
Key Items: Sapphire Brooch, Dragon Emblem
Enemies: Orlha (Blue)

You’ll see some Porre Soldiers attacking a girl named Orlha. She thinks that you’re with them, and she’ll attack you.

She’s not that hard, but she can damage you over time. You can steal some Kung-fu Shoes with Fargo. Just attack, and after time, she’ll go down.

After the soldier leaves, you’ll be at Doc’s place. Orlha will believe that you are Serge, but just to be sure, she’ll give you a Sapphire Brooch.

Sapphire Brooch item in Chrono Cross.

She wants you to give that back to her when you’re Serge again, and she’ll join you when that happens. Leave here, and go into the bar. Talk to Orlha again to learn more about her sister and the Sapphire Brooch.

You can buy some elements if you want, then head west to the Dragon Shrine. Show the Tear of Hate to Direa and she’ll give you the Dragon Emblem.

Dragon Emblem Key Item in Chrono Cross.

This will help you get help from the shaman in the Home World. Leave here.

Now, let’s go to the Isle of the Damned. You have to bring Karsh with you.

Isle of the Damned (Another)

Isle of the Damned (Another)
Our Party: Lynx (Black), Karsh (Green), Fargo (Blue)
Elements: Revenge
Techs: Axiomatic (Level 7 Tech for Karsh)
Equipment: Memento Pendant
Key Items: Memento Pendant
Enemies: Airframe (Black), WillO’Wisp (Red), Solt (Yellow), Peppor (Yell0w)

Make your way to the next screen. Go north and then go south through the skeleton. Go up to the mirror and use the Garai Keepsake. In this area, follow the path, then go southeast, past the entrance to the next area, and go down the ladder. Go in the hole to find a Revenge, then go back and go to the next area.

You’ll see Solt and Peppor here. After a long series of events, you’ll have to fight them, once again.

Karsh is really effective here since his innate is green. First off, you might want to cast a yellow trap element, such as Earthquake or Thunda Storm, because later in the battle, Peppor will use it and it will hurt. First, get rid of Solt. When Peppor starts to weaken, he’ll cast one of those elements and you’ll take it. If the battle goes on for too long, they can do some major damage, and they can cast Earthquake and ThundaStorm many times in a row. Make sure to steal the Forget-Me-Not Pot with Fargo off of Peppor before the battle ends. If you don’t, run away and try again.

After the battle, Karsh will receive his level 7 tech Axiomatic, and you’ll also receive the Memento Pendant from them.

Memento Pendant Key Item in Chrono Cross.

Leave the Isle of the Damned. That’s all we need to do now for Another World. Go to Opassa Beach and switch to the Home World.

Take Orcha and Starky with you, and go to Arni Village.

Arni Village (Home)

Arni Village (Home)
Our Party: Lynx (Black), Orcha (Red), Stark (White)
Techs: Dinner Guest (Level 7 Tech for Orcha)
Equipment: Plasma Pistol

Go into the restaurant and enter the kitchen on the right side. Have Orcha talk to his brother and they will try out a new recipe. Orcha will receive his level 7 tech Dinner Guest.

Dinner Guest Level 7 Tech in Chrono Cross.

After that, go outside and go to where the giant sawfish is with Starky. He will notice a glowing object inside of the sawfish, and ask the fisherman if he can have what’s his. The fisherman lets him, and Starky flies up and grabs his Plasma Pistol. That’s it, so leave Arni.

Put Funguy in your party and go to Shadow Forest.

Shadow Forest (Home)

Shadow Forest (Home)
Our Party: Lynx (Black), Karsh (Green), Funguy (Yellow)
Techs: Myconoids (Level 7 Tech for Funguy)

Make your way to the waterfall where you got Funguy. Here, examine the mushroom to the north and Funguy will see that the little mushrooms are his children! You’ll receive his level 7 tech Myconoids.

Level 7 Tech Myconoids in Chrono Cross.

Leave the forest. Now let’s go to Viper Manor.

Viper Manor (Home)

Viper Manor (Home)
Our Party: Lynx (Black), Karsh (Green), Fargo (Blue)
Elements: Revive
Equipment: Mythril Vest, Carapace Dress

Head into the main area in front of the manor. Go directly northeast and you should see a guy up on the rocks up here. Climb up here, and go into the sinkhole he mentions. After you land, go to the right and into the water and you’ll be swept away.

After you land again, go east and up two sets of stairs, then go down the ones to the south. Go east and then north all the way and up the little stairs and knock off the barrel. Go all the way south, then west, follow the path here to the end, and to another barrel. Knock it off, then go across the newly formed bridge to the south, and go west and up the stairs. Tighten the valve here, and go back down the stairs.

Go back to where you started in this area, and go north and follow the waterway around and west to a ladder going up. Go up. Go into the prison area, and use the Prison Key on the doors here. The second cell contains a Mythril Vest, while the other three contain a ladder heading down, so go down one of them.

Go down the next ladder here, then go west, and then north up the ladder. Tighten it, then go south and east through the new tunnel way, then south up the stairs, and then east and north to reach a Carapace Dress. Go south and then west, and follow the path around and down into the water. Go south and down the little fall, then go west to the next area.

Go north and then east back to that area, then follow the path to the other side of that wheel. Open the valve, then go back to the previous area. Go up the set of stairs across from the southern-east path, and follow it until you reach the very first area again. Go south into the water, and you’ll be back to where you were dropped off again. Go up the stairs twice, and then down these. Go east, and then take the path that leads out to Shadow Forest. Go through the tunnel, then go down the stairs and into the hole, to be back in the front yard of the manor.

Climb up the rocks one more time, and jump in the sinkhole again. This time, hold to the right when you go into the water, then go up the ladder here, and follow the path to a Revive! All of this for a Revive! Oh well, I guess, considering there are only a few of them in the game. Look at the paragraph above to leave here again, and when you get back in front of the manor, you can leave now.

Okay, now if you’re ready, let’s save Marbule! Stop at the S.S. Zelbess and make sure to bring Fargo along!

If you don’t want to fight the Black Dragon later, you can skip this section (though we don’t recommend it), and he will give you the Black Relic in his sleep. We strongly recommend doing this section and fighting the Black Dragon as well, especially if you don’t have a Black Plate yet (through New Game+/Continue+), and this is also the only way to get Fargo’s Level 7 Tech, Invincible.

S.S. Zelbess/Marbule (Home)

S.S. Zelbess/Marbule (Home)
Our Party: Lynx (Black), Karsh (Green), Fargo (Blue)
Records/Fate: Inn
Techs: Invincible (Level 7 Tech for Fargo)
Recruitable Characters: Miki (Red)
Enemies: Lagoonate (Blue), Mantarrey (Yell0w)

Go to Fargo’s cabin and talk to Fargo with Fargo, which will allow the events to save Marbule to begin! Enjoy the long show!

After the show portion of the concert finishes, Nikki will begin the Song of Marbule. You’ll be seen on the Zelbess, and then you’ll head over to your boat so you can go to Marbule. Fargo will say that he was to never use this attack again, but this time, he would make good use of it. Fargo will receive his level 7 tech, Invincible.

Level 7 Tech Invincible in Chrono Cross.

Board your boat, and then you’ll be at Marbule. There are seven Lagoonates in this main area, and there are two in the western north cavern. Once you beat them all, you’ll hear a dragon’s cry in the far-off distance…

It seems to have succeeded, so go back aboard the S.S. Zelbess. Go into the ship and stop at the restaurant (1st door on the way). Go in and talk to Miki, and since she’s on vacation, she’ll join your party!

Recruiting Miki in Chrono Cross.

Unless you want to play some more Compass Roulette, leave the Zelbess. It will be a little while before Marbule is repopulated, so let’s go to Guldove in the meantime.

Guldove (Home)

Guldove (Home)
Our Party: Lynx (Black), Karsh (Green), Fargo (Blue)
Records/Fate: Dragon Shrine

Go to the Dragon Shrine, and show the guy up front the Dragon Emblem. You’ll be let in. Go and talk to Steena, and she will tell you that you need to seek the power of the 6 Dragon Gods, and when you do, she’ll give you the Dragon Tear. Sounds like fun, but we have one more thing to do before we go to the Dragon Gods. Leave Guldove.

We are going to be facing a tough boss, so we need to make some preparations. You’ll be facing Dario, and Lynx and Riddel have to be in the party, and you can pick someone else, preferably someone else with a high magic stat, like Irenes or Starky, but if you’re me, you’ll want to steal something from him (Pendragon Sigil A), thus choosing Fargo. Anyway, make sure that Lynx, Riddel, and your third-party member have all @Denadorite equipment. Just play Compass Roulette at the Zelbess, and if you need money, fight some monsters, most likely the ones at Mt. Pyre and Fort Dragonia in the Home World. This is just to be better prepared just in case my strategy doesn’t work, even though it should. I suggest equipping items that boost your attack and magic attack. EQUIP ONLY RED ATTACK ELEMENTS. This is what happens when you cast magic against him.

If you cast a … element, then he’ll cast…

  • Black – RecoverAll (Heals himself for over 250 HP)
  • White – ConductaRod (A very strong black tech that will kill/nearly kill one party member.)
  • Red – Numble (Lowers EVD%)
  • Blue – Weaken (Lowers STR/ATK)
  • Yellow – BatEye (Lowers HIT%)
  • Green – LoRes (Lowers RES/DEF)

Numble will only lower your EVD%, but the way I see it, all of the other stats are important, and you’re going to get hit anyway. If you don’t have enough red elements to fill your grids, go ahead and use green elements because it doesn’t affect your attack any, but if you screw up, you’re gonna pay.

Here are my suggestions for the upcoming boss battle. Keep a lot of HealAlls, RecoverAlls, and CurePluses allocated, from level 1 up. Make the first two levels full of healing elements, and then make the rest up of strong red elements. A MagmaBurst -3 is still stronger than a Fireball, so remember that. Healing elements are just in case you do get attacked. You may want to equip Revive elements, and maybe some Purify/Panacea elements.

This is, of course, considering that you have a bunch of these elements, or if not, a bunch of money to buy these elements. All of the previous stuff about recovery and protection isn’t necessary unless you are the paranoid type and don’t trust me. If not, suit yourself.

When you’re ready, save, then head to the Forbidden Island. It’s to the northeast of the main continent, the tiny island with puffs of smoke coming out of it.

Forbidden Island (Home)

Forbidden Island (Home)
Our Party: Lynx (Black), Riddel (White), Fargo (Blue)
Techs: Snake Fangs (Level 7 Tech for Riddel)
Equipment: Mastermune
Bosses: Dario (Black)

Go up here and into the house. Talk to the man in here, whom you should recognize as Dario. You’ll see a long series of events, including what actually happened to Dario. Afterward, you must face him.

Fighting Dario in Chrono Cross.

Boss: Dario

Spoils: 2500G, Dreamer’s Scarf

My strategy makes Dario simple! Just attack with 6 level 1 attacks, then use a red element. He will cast Numble. Keep doing this with all three of your characters and he won’t attack for the entire battle.

The most he will attack will be one at the beginning after one or two attacks. It’s okay, but if you screw up, his next attack is Dash & Gash, which does above 300 on the normal person and about 600 on Riddel.

If anyone dies, RUN AWAY, because the pattern will be screwed up and the stamina bars won’t fill up well enough. It’s guaranteed to work since we have done it numerous times and every time, it has worked!

If you bring Fargo, you can steal a Pendragon Sigil A from Dario but don’t expect him to be too much of a help on the magic part. One con about this strategy, it takes a very long time, and my fastest time through the battle was 10 minutes. It’s very easy, though, so that doesn’t matter if you have time on your hands.

Note: Here’s an alternate strategy by Matthew J from GameFAQs. You will have to wait until you beat the Black Dragon and/or until you get Serge’s body back.

I found an easy way to beat Dario if you don’t care about two of your characters. I beat Dario after I got Serge’s body back and it took me all of 5 minutes to do so. I equipped Serge with the Black Plate and just attacked until I had one stamina left and then used a white element against him. He counters with his Lighting Rod type attack and it heals me, plus it fatigues Dario. After your other two characters are dead because of attacks from Dario he will never have enough time to attack Serge due to fatigue. Hope this helps!

After the battle, the Masamune will lose its evil powers and turn the Sea Swallow into the Mastermune swallow! After some more events, you’ll wind up at Viper Manor, where Dario will give Riddel her level 7 tech Snake Fangs.

Level 7 Tech Snake Fangs in Chrono Cross.

You’ll be back on the World Map outside of Viper Manor. If you want, you can go back in and see the drastic changes that happened in ten seconds, but there’s nothing special here, though you can still go down the well.

Now that you have the Mastermune, battles will become easier. It has two fewer attack points than the Spectra Swallow, but it has more critical attack chances than the Spectra Swallow, so overall, the Mastermune has more damage, therefore, I think it’s the best weapon in the game.

If you plan on going through the game again with New Game+ or Continue+, I suggest keeping all of your @Denadorite equipment, even if you do make some @Rainbow equipment or get better weapons, because when you restart, you can’t forge them right off, and some of the weapons you have now won’t be available, but only if you acquire them through the storyline, such as the Mastermune and Einlanzer. You’d have to wait until after the Dead Sea in your next game to forge @Denadorite items again.
For those of you in New Game+, you can obtain Ending #10 by defeating the final boss now. You can do this up until you reach Chronopolis, and you MUST have defeated Dario and received the Mastermune.

Okay, that’s all to do for side quests, so let’s start gathering the Dragon Relics! We might as well start with what’s in this world, so go to Water Dragon Isle. For all of these Dragon battles, we recommend bringing Fargo along for stealing the ever-so-important colored Plates, and taking some Trap Elements of that color of Dragon just for protection purposes.

Surprise Attack!
To the Sea of Eden