Laguna and Kiros catch up in Raine's Pub in Winhill.

Final Fantasy VIII: Winhill

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Items: None
GFs: None
Draw Points: Curaga, Dispel, Drain
Enemies: Caterchipillar, Bite Bug
Bosses: None

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    The Abandoned House

    You’ll begin Disc 2 controlling Laguna. He wakes up in a room that clearly once belonged to a child. A little girl runs through the door into the room to tell Laguna he’s got a visitor.

    Laguna wakes up in a tiny room in Winhill that once belonged to the orphaned Ellone.

    If you have Move-Find equipped, you’ll see a hidden draw point in the room in front of the small wardrobe, it contains Curaga. If you don’t have it equipped or haven’t learned it, you can still interact with the invisible draw point by clicking around in the area.

    Head downstairs and talk with Ellone again, then follow her outside and clear the way for her to run next door to the pub.

    Laguna is greeted by his old friend and fellow Galbadian Soldier, Kiros.

    Kiros will be there, so take this chance to catch up with him about Ward and Julia before you get on with your job of protecting the town…even though it’s packed full of Galbadian Soldiers.

    The Monster Hunter of Winhill

    The monsters in town are only low-level Bite Bugs and Caterchipillars. With Kiros and Laguna on patrol, battles are fairly quick. If you’ve learned Enc-Half or Enc-None with Diablos, or you’d rather flee from these enemies, there’s no demerit for not fighting them.

    Draw Point locations in Winhill.

    There is a Dispel draw point at the bottom of the stone dock stairs on the lower right side of the screen. Left from the stairs you’ll find a bridge that leads to a road. Proceed down the road to find a Drain draw point behind a yellow construction barricade (you can just walk around it) by the Flower Shop.

    You can choose to take the right-side path behind the Drain draw point or continue down the main road past the Chocobo Crossing. Both paths will lead you along your patrol into the rest of town, but you won’t be able to take the right side path on the way back, though there’s not much to see there.

    There’s similarly not much to see in town, although there is an easter egg in the large building on the left near the end of the road; the Flower Hotel & Restaurant features a map of our world on the wall near the stairs on the first floor.

    Laguna and Kiros complete their patrol.

    Continue all the way south to the Item Shop to complete your patrol. Laguna has his own wallet separate from Squall’s, so even though the shop owner hates him, make sure to grab a few things, after all, Laguna is paying. Phoenix Downs are always a safe purchase, and if Siren has learned L-Mag Ref, you can buy Tents to refine into Curagas.

    The protagonists returning to Raine's Pub after patrolling the town.

    On the way back up to the pub, attempting to take the back road path that leads back to the path behind the Drain draw point will make Laguna a bit confused, and he won’t let you return back that way. Take the main road to the Central Square and back to the pub. Sneak upstairs to eavesdrop on some girl talk between Ellone and Raine.

    After reporting to the Commander and Asst. Commander, (you’ll need to walk around the couch as Ellone is blocking the way through the sitting area) Raine will thank you no matter how many enemies you defeat. She will recommend you head back to Ellone’s abandoned house you’ve been squatting in to take a nap before lunch.

    It is recommended that you save at the Save Point by the bed before lying down, as the next section is not a revisitable area of the game. When you interact with the bed, the dream will come to an end.