Three young men and a young woman stand among rubble in front of a ruined wall. The young woman is slumped over, with a text box that reads "A direct... hit?"

Trabia Garden

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Trabia Garden
Items: Weapons Monthly August
GFs: None
Draw Points: Thundaga, Zombie, Aura
Enemies: None
Bosses: None
Cards: Selphie Card

Table Of Contents

    A Direct…Hit?

    Selphie will come to the bridge and request that your next stop be Trabia Garden. Steer the Garden Northeast from Balamb Island and find a beach to gain access to the snowy lands of Trabia. If you haven’t done any Sidequests yet, it is advised to visit Shumi Village to begin the quest there as well as adjust the Triple Triad rules in your favor before continuing. Consider visiting the nearby Chocobo Forests while you’re in the area.

    The player looks at the location of Trabia Garden on the World Map.

    When you’re ready to continue the story, walk up to the wreckage of the Garden. Once you enter from the World Map, Selphie will show up to survey the damage. She’ll scramble up the wall to get inside in a typical Selphie move. Follow her up the green net to access Trabia Garden, or what’s left of it anyway.

    The player climbs a wall to enter the ruins of the school.

    Selphie will run ahead of you, and the rest of the characters who are not in your party will follow you over the wall. After a brief conversation with them about how much this must be affecting Selphie, follow her north into the rubble of the Garden.

    Amid the Destruction

    To the left of Selphie and her friend in the striped shirt, you’ll find a Thundaga Draw Point. Speak with Selphie and her friend. If you don’t play along, Selphie’s friend will accuse Squall of hiding his feelings for her. If you do play along, Selphie will be a little shocked by Squall’s kind words. After the conversation, she’ll tell you to meet her at the basketball court, giving you a chance to look around a little.

    By a crumbling fountain with a gargoyle in the center, the player speaks with a survivor of the missile attack.

    At the closest point to the camera on this screen, you can just spot the edge of what looks like an issue of Timber Maniacs but is actually Weapons Monthly August. This issue has the item list for both Quistis and Zell’s Final Weapons. When you head to the next location, north past the fountain and statue into the ruined classroom, the blonde student has found a clue to the secret treasure of Trabia Garden. Too bad for her, you already snagged it.

    The player locates a hidden magazine in the rubble of a destroyed school courtyard.

    Selphie’s Past

    On the other side of the classroom is a large computer console. Interact with it, and, for a moment, a file on Selphie will pop up on-screen. After, she’ll rush in and turn it off. Most of the students in here are preoccupied with getting things up and running, so you can head to the Garage which has been made into a makeshift sleeping area.

    The player interacts with a large computer console in a destroyed classroom that displays student information.

    Two kids will run up to Selphie and speak with her about having lost a toy bear she gave them. After she comforts them, she’ll stop blocking your path and you’ll be free to head to the left towards the Quad and Cemetery. Before you do, if you speak with the student sleeping sitting up, he’ll give you a hint about another GF you can obtain through Sidequests: Tonberry King.

    Trabia has two hidden Move-Find Draw Points to discover. In the Cemetery, you can find a Zombie Draw Point—appropriate, but in poor taste.

    Among the wreckage of the missile attack, students have made a cemetery to bury their fallen peers.

    On the Garden Festival Stage, there is an Aura Draw Point near the Missile. Make sure you use the character with the highest Mag Stat to Draw as both of these Draw Points will never refill. Aura in particular can come in very handy against bosses and tough enemies by increasing the probability of Limit Breaks even at full health.


    When you enter the basketball court, everyone will be there except Selphie. Quistis, Zell, and Rinoa will all be deep in thought about the issues involving Edea and Ellone. Irvine, on the other hand, is focused on Selphie. Try to exit the area and a basketball will roll onto the court.

    The six party members stand in the crumbling remains of a basketball court.

    Selphie will arrive, and Irvine will drop some major revelations. He remembers almost all of the party from his childhood at an Orphanage.

    After the long conversation and rekindled memories, Squall will find himself walking through the Orphanage as a translucent, ghostly figure. Head through the wooden door and out into the backyard of the Orphanage. Speak with Squall’s younger self if you like, or proceed down the path to the left of the clotheslines, towards the lighthouse. Once there, speak with the party and discuss the possibilities of GFs and Memory Loss.

    The player walks through the main character's memory of a stone orphanage by a lighthouse as a translucent, ghostly version of himself.

    In addition to this bombshell, Irvine has one more secret to reveal. Sorceress Edea, the woman Irvine couldn’t shoot, is the same woman who raised them. After that revelation, the group decides to try and visit the Orphanage for clues. When the conversation is complete, you’ll be back at the basketball court. It’ll begin snowing, and the party will leave just Squall and Rinoa to talk. After speaking with her, return to the courtyard with the fountain and statue. The students along the way will have new dialogue, mostly about Selphie.

    Before you leave, as long as you’ve adjusted the Triple Triad rules in your favor, challenge Selphie’s friend to a game of cards. She, of course, has the Selphie card to obtain. Return to the Garden and get ready to set sail for Edea’s Orphanage.