Grandia: Gaia

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Save Points: Gaia (1), Gaia (2), Gaia (4)
Stashing Places: Gaia Core
Gold: 909G, 330G, 990G, 330G, 330G, 330G, 330G, 330G, 990G
Items: Tear Jewel, Spirit Potion, Fruit of Power, Deep Blue Potion, Spirit Potion, Spirit Potion, Golden Potion, Crimson Potion, Golden Potion
Equipment: Whip of Light, Chain of Gems, Talisman, Discus, Spirit Armor, Spirit Charm, Robe of the Sun
Enemies: Gaia Man, Gaia Mold, Gaia Tree, Gaia Slug, Gaia Alien, Gaia Demon, Gaia Star, Gaia Cancer, Gaia Beetle, Gaia Knight, Gaia Devil, Gaia Zombie, Gaia Drago, Gaia Brain
Bosses: Gaia Trent, Flower (2), Arm (2), Gaia Armor, Baal (3), Left Tentacle (3), Right Tentacle (3), Gaia Cyst, Gaia Core, Mega Gaia, Mega Gaia, Gaia Tentacle(s), Evil Gaia

This is the final dungeon of the game. Use the Save Point in here, then head north and walk up to the pink cactus to make it pop up. Head east from it to some more of them, which turn into Gaia Men. Just to the east of them is a section of Gaia that resembles something like a large slug that spits out a few Gaia Slimes, so use that to your advantage if you want. Go south from the slug to find a Tear Jewel, then go north from it, northwest to a pillar that drops down, then west and southwest to find 990G in a corner.

Head through the northern hole now, and you’ll see four cubes of jelly with something in each one, along with four mini cacti to the north. To get the item out of the chest, step on the southern cactus first, followed by the western one, then the eastern one, and finally the northern one. (S,W,E,N.) The jelly will disappear, and you can grab the Whip of Light out of the chest.

To get the jewel out of the jelly, step on the northern cactus first, then the eastern one, then the western one, and finally the southern one. (E,N,S,W.) Grab the Chain of Gems, then make your way back to the Save Point. Head north and examine the block to lower it, and you’ll be at a fork. Go through the skinny western path to be absorbed into the jelly, which will move you to the center of the room. After you’re done with the enemies in here, grab the 330G out of the southwestern corner. Head back to the fork and go through the hole to the north and east. There’s a Talisman in the western corner here, so grab it, then head back through the hole and move west, and examine the block to lower it.

If you step in the nearby jelly, you’ll be swallowed up and attacked by Gaia Men, so don’t do it if you don’t want to. Examine another block to the northeast of the jelly to lower that one, then follow the northern path until you reach the first of a few bosses inside of Gaia.

Boss: Gaia Trent (with Flower (2) and Arm (2))

EXP: 5765
Gold: 14400

The GOOD music. Why didn’t they just use it for all of the bosses? Anyway, this guy is just like the Trent from the Virgin Forest. There’s not much else to do except what we always do. H&E Cut, Neo Demon Ball, End of the World, and very strong spells.

Can’t get much easier.

Now that he’s gone, head south. Grab the Spirit Potion to your west as you head south, then go up the rope to Gaia (2). Use the Save Point, then start making your way around the edge of the room, starting with the western wall. Follow along this wall back to the Save Point, without going into Gaia (3), and you should find a Fruit of Power, 990G, 330G, a Discus, a Deep Blue Potion, and another 330G. Follow the spinning arrow north to Gaia (3).

At the first fork you come to, head north-northwest and grab 330G, then go back and head east-northeast, following the path to another fork. Head south for another 330G, then move north to the next section. Follow the path as it turns northwest, and when you step on the platform, the room will rotate. Head southwest and follow the path to a fork. Head southeast and open the chest to find the Spirit Armor! Back at the fork, head back north to the last room, and follow the path to the platform again. After the room tilts again, leave the platform to the northwest, go north to the next section, then go back through and back onto the platform to spin it again. Now, head northeast, and after you make your way into the next section, follow the path to the Spirit Charm in a chest!

Go back and tilt the room again, then follow the path all the way north to Gaia (4).

Take a few steps forward to face the next boss.

Boss: Gaia Armor

EXP: 7000
Gold: 14920

This is the Massacre Machine, which has been mutated by Gaia. Just like the Massacre Machine, the Eye and the Armor share the same HP, so just use your best moves to cancel the attacks he’ll use. It may take a while since he has pretty high defenses.

Just chip away at him and he’ll break down eventually.

Grab the 330G from the northwestern corner, then use the Action Icon beside the glob to make the tentacles move, as well as open the eastern door, which you should go through. Follow the path until you can go through a door to the east, going through a red pipe. On the other side, head east to a fork. Head east through the orange pipe, and on the other side, go west through the yellow pipe. Now head south, following the path as it goes through the green pipe, and once you’re on the other side, head east until you reach a blue pipe heading north.

After going through the blue pipe, head west and all the way south, through the purple pipe. Once you end up in a room, examine the blue, the green, and the red tentacles (in any order), then grab the 990G and the Robe of the Sun. Head back through the purple pipe, then head east through the newly opened purple pipe. In this room, head east past the pipe to find a Spirit Potion, a Save Point, and a Stashing Place to your south.

If you’re ready, enter the purple pipe leading to Gaia (5). Examine the big black circle nearby a few times, and it’ll turn into a bubble and rise up. After that, Baal will also rise up, and fight you in his monstrous form.

Boss: Baal (3) (with Left Tentacle (3), Right Tentacle (3), and Gaia Cyst)

EXP: 6810
Gold: 0

Baal has many strong spells and attacks that he can use against your party.

Keep him busy with Heaven&Earth Cut, Neo Demon Ball, End of the World, and Liete’s strongest spells. After you run out of SP, use DragonZap, BA- BOOM!, Crackling, and all of the rest of your strongest attacks.

Keep everyone healed, use W-Break and Redshock, along with basic critical attacks to keep him from attacking too much.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to defeat him with a couple of H&E Cuts and Neo Demon Balls, but the world isn’t perfect, so it won’t always work out that way. Do your best to stay alive.

After the battle, the tiny Baal will float away, and you’ll be able to ride another black bubble up to Gaia Core. Walk across the bubbles, then grab the Spirit Potion, the Golden Potion, the Crimson Potion, and another Golden Potion around the circle where you are. Head west-northwest to a Stashing Place. Put any extra weapons or any other useless item that you can’t use in battle away into it. Stock up on any potions and such that you may have in your Stashing Place. Fill everyone’s inventory up to 12 with them, and make sure your entire party is at full health!

When you’re ready, head north for a scene, and the final boss of the game.

Final Boss: Gaia Core (with Mega Gaia x2 and Gaia Tentacle(s)) (1st Half); Evil Gaia (2nd Half)

There’s nothing I can say that will make you win, but this is my strategy. Use Heaven&Earth Cut and Neo Demon Ball as often as you can, having Feena and Liete using items on the other two to keep their SP up.

Sometimes, Gaia will summon some extra tentacles for you to tangle with. You should be able to handle them.

After you defeat the first part of Gaia, the second piece is really easy! Just use your best single moves and magic, and keep everyone healed.

You shouldn’t have any problem with him if you keep everyone’s HP, SP, and MP to the highest!

Congratulations! You have beaten Grandia! Enjoy the ending!!