Grandia: Icarian City

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Icarian City
Save Points: Icarian City (1), Icarian City (2), Icarian City (3), Icarian City (4)
Stashing Places: Icarian City (4)
Items: Golden Potion, Crimson Potion, Deep Blue Potion
Equipment: Magic Block Charm, Lion Boots, Spirit Helmet, Gauntlets of Light, Spirit Shield, Angel’s Robe
Gold: 320G, 320G, 320G, 320G, 320G, 320G, 320G, 320G, 960G, 320G, 320G, 320G, 320G, 320G
Enemies: Skeleton, Dragonoid, Coelacanth, Lilith
Bosses: Gaia Battler (4), Right Hand (4), Left Hand (4), Mullen

Follow the spiraling staircase to the third area, ignoring the door on the way down for now. In the third area, go in the door on the northern wall this time, and follow the path to a booby-trapped room. Grab the 320G on the left side of the chest, as well as the 320G on the right side, then open the chest to find some Lion Boots.

Head back to the spiraling staircase and head down to the fourth area. Head down and enter the door, then stand in the red crosshair on the ground and press X to enter the bubble. The colors will go red, yellow, red, yellow, red, yellow, then blue. It’s slightly difficult to pick which one you want, but since you have to go to the yellow and blue, it doesn’t matter. Taking the blue path will lead to the Spirit Helmet, and taking the yellow path with lead to another set of Gauntlets of Light.

Head back to the red side, then go back to the spiraling staircase. Make your way back up to the door we didn’t enter in the second area, then go in. Move north to a fork, then head east to a big room where parts of the floor shoot up to the ceiling. Grab the 320G in here, then go back a little and make your way north, east, and south around the outside of the area until you can go down the southern path to a fork. Keep going south until you reach a door, where you can find a lone chest in the room. Open it for a Golden Potion.

Back at the fork, head west and follow the path to reach a room. The floor will lower all over the place, sometimes at different heights. Walk on pretty much every single square in this room, and you’ll find a Spirit Shield when you come across it in the northeastern corner. You’ll also be able to exit the room to the west.

The next room is a fork. Head south to come to a door, which leads to a room with 320G. Head back to the last room/fork and go through the door to the west. Keep going, and you’ll be in another room. As big as this room is, there’s only one door, so head through the eastern door to find another 320G. Head north from the gold to go down the stairs into a new area. Examine the pedestal to lower the stairs some more, then go down them to the third area of the Icarian City.

Use the Save Point here, then open the chest to the south-southwest to find a Crimson Potion. Step on all four buttons to release all the monsters, which also opens the door to the west. Head west until you reach a fork, then move north to a room that quickly changes to…. a dark area with a pink tree? Okay… anyway, grab the Angel’s Robe out of the chest, then head south.

Go to the edge and examine the blue crystal to form a bridge, then move across it and through the eastern door. Grab the 960G out of the northwestern corner of the room, the 320G out of the northeastern corner, and another 320G out of the southeastern corner. Step on the symbol in the center of the room to open the northern door, then head through. You’ll come to a room with another 320G, so grab it, then head south. Examine the pillar here once again to lower the steps some, then head down to the fourth area of the Icarian City.

Immediately grab the 320G at this large fork, then head west to another red bubble. Examine the red crosshair, and try to enter the blue bubble first (same pattern: red, yellow, red, yellow, red, yellow, then blue). When you land, open the chest with the Evil Shuriken, which is the best shuriken in the game. Next, exit on the yellow side of the bubble, then head west and examine the crystal three times so the bridge is facing the cross on the southern wall.

Examine the wall to open the path.

Head south to enter a pod that transports you to a different area of the Icarian City (4). Grab the 320G beside the Save Point, then use it and the Stashing Place if you need to. When you’re ready, head through the northern door and grab the Deep Blue Potion, then fight the Gaia Battler here.

Gaia Battler (4) (with Right Hand (4) and Left Hand (4))

EXP: 6300
Gold: 12900

Same enemy, again, but just a stronger version, again. Same as last time. Use Heaven&Earth Cut, Neo Demon Ball, and Liete’s strongest spells like DragonZap. If necessary, have someone cast Alheal(er).

Easy, easy, easy, easy!

After the battle, go back to the Save Point and use it again, then come back to where you fought the Gaia Battler and continue north. Examine the crystal to switch the path, then head west and through the big door to get to the fifth area of the Icarian City.

Follow the path to find Feena and Mullen surrounded by Gaia Battlers, with Feena using her powers to protect them. Justin will run down and use his Dragon Cut to get rid of all of them, then Justin tells Feena that he finally figured out what Leen meant, and Feena will notice the power of the Spirit Sword. Mullen doesn’t believe that Justin should’ve been blessed since the Spirits wouldn’t forget humanity’s sins. He will then challenge Justin.


EXP: 5682
Gold: 0

Easiest boss fight in the game. Just use Heaven&Earth Cut or Thor Cut a couple of times and he’s done for. Use W-Break if he’s about ready to act.

Too easy.

Mullen finally accepts the fact that Justin was accepted by the Spirits. Everyone agrees to fight together to save this world, and to defeat Gaia. Feena will raise the elevator, and once you get outside, you’ll run into the three sergeants once again. You’ll also see all of your friends fighting along with the Forces to take on Gaia (go Gadwin!).

Mullen will focus on the outside, leaving our party to destroy the Spirit Stone inside. When you regain control, go right and up and enter Gaia.