Grandia: J Base / Field Base / Zil Padon

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J Base / Field Base / Zil Padon
Save Points: J Base Hangar, Guido’s House, Field Base (1)
Stashing Places: Guido’s House, Field Base (1)
Entering the J Base is the point of no return! Once you enter J Base, you trigger the events to go forward with the final dungeons of the game.

Head north into the Hangar and use the Save Point if you want, then go east of the entrance and go into the Officer’s Quarters. Head north, then go west through the big red doors to the Command Center. Once there, go west and south into the Stairway to the Control Room. Go up the stairs and in the Control Room. Mullen wonders why Justin and Feena are here, then you’ll see Leen on the screen. She’s in control of the entire base, and she tells everyone that depending on the Icarians’ powers will just repeat the mistakes of the past. The real power to save the world is Feena and Justin. She will buy them time, so that they can save the world.

She tells Justin that he’s the one who will find the way to save everyone. She also tells Colonel Mullen that she loves him more than anyone else in the world, and will then disconnect. When you regain control, head south back to the stairwell, and enter the door to the Steam Cannon Machine Room. Make your way down two sets of stairs, then up the first set you come to, and you should get to the Roof.

You’ll see a movie of Leen, using her powers to operate the Steam Cannon, as Gaia approaches. After the first shot, Gaia will attack the cannons, then Leen will sacrifice herself as she fires a second shot straight into the mouth of Gaia, stopping it for now…

Zil Padon

You’ll be at Zil Padon. Talk to Rapp and Liete, then Mullen will show up. He’ll go inside and talk to Feena, so follow him in there. Mullen thinks that this is the final chance to attack it, by going inside and destroying the Spirit Stone. Feena will probably die by doing this, even though Mullen won’t force her to do it. Justin tries to persuade him to take a new path, but Mullen won’t hear of any of it, because Justin doesn’t know what to do just yet.

After he leaves, Justin tells her that they HAVE to find the new path that Leen spoke of. Leave the tent, and Gina will come running up to you. She’ll tell you that Guido is back, and that he wants to see Justin. Go northeast and north to the Alqada section of town, then north, northwest, and southwest to the Mogay section and make your way to Guido’s House.

Justin asks Guido about what he should do. Guido says that he needs to ask for help from the most important person to him, which is Feena, of course. They must work together if they are to save the world. Now head back to the tent, only to find that Feena has left. Justin will find the Hero’s Armband that he gave to Feena in Dight. We’ve got to go the Field Base to find her!

Field Base

Head east past the tents, then head north to get to Field Base (2), where Feena will be boarding the Lyonlot. Justin says that he can do it, but Feena will tell him that it’s her turn to protect everyone, since Justin gave up the Spirit Stone to protect her. When Justin tries to go over to her, she knocks him away, saying she was born to do this.

Then, she’ll leave.

After the Lyonlot leaves, go back and talk to Rapp and Liete. Justin says that he can’t protect Feena, so he might as well not go. Rapp will yell at him, calling him a coward, and that he’s lost his respect for him, so he leaves. Liete says that her time spent with Justin was wasted, and she’ll leave, leaving Justin all alone…

Go back to Field Base (1), and it’ll start raining. The three Sergeants will come up and tell you that the army is disbanding, so they won’t see Justin again, and to leave so he won’t waste his life. Leave the Field Base and go to the Savanna Wilderness.

Savanna Wilderness

Justin will fall into the mud, pitying himself about how he wanted to be the greatest adventurer ever. The myna bird you talked to earlier will come up to you and repeat what you told him earlier. He feels useless since he can’t even protect the girl he loves. The Spirits will start to surround him, leading him to Zil Padon, so Justin will go see Guido in Zil Padon.

Zil Padon

Make your way to the Alqada section of town, and go to where the Inn used to be to find Guido. Justin’s surprised that Guido had been planning ahead all this time for something like this. Justin volunteers to help rebuild, but Guido won’t let him. He tells him that everyone has their own role, and you’ll see the Spirits surround Justin once again. Justin still doesn’t believe that he can do anything alone. Guido points out that he’s not alone…

Sue, along with everyone else: Gadwin, Rapp, Milda, Liete, will show up! They will all boost Justin’s spirits, letting him know that they’re behind him. They all believe he’s the one who will save Feena, and the world. Guido says that it’s Justin’s power that brought the world together. Justin finally realizes it, and he’ll have help from the Spirits to do it! They’ll form the Gate of the Spirits, which will let the Embodied One be born again. Meaning, they’ve deemed Justin fit to enter the Sanctuary to create a new world.

When you gain control, head into the Spirit Sanctuary!