Grandia: J Base / Underground Railway Ruins

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J Base / Underground Railway Ruins
Save Points: J Base Hanger, Railway Rns (1), Railway Rns (3)
Stashing Places: Railway Rns (3)
Items: Fruit of Agility, Seed of Running, Deep Blue Potion
Equipment: Pope’s Hat
Gold: 310G, 310G, 310G, 310G, 310G, 310G, 930G, 310G, 310G, 310G, 310G
Enemies: Stuttle, Hyena Man, Scarab (2)
Bosses: Baal (2), Gaia Tentacle

Liete says that Gaia is here, but the Garlyle Forces have constructed this base on top of an Angelounian ruin. Head north and enter the Hangar, and inside, you’ll hear the soldiers stating that they’ve taken many places here, just not the command center, meaning that Mullen is leading a mutiny against Baal, and it seems to be succeeding. Feel free to talk to anyone around here. They won’t attack you.

Head down the stairs and use the Save Point, then go back up the stairs and go east to the Officer’s Quarters. Follow the path until you can enter the Command Center to the west, then go west and north and enter the TACOM Center.

Talk to the dying soldier in here, and he’ll tell you to help the Colonel, and to use the corner statue to open the secret passageway. So check out the statue in the upper part of the room, then go through the door that opens. Follow the path and you’ll find Leen with Mullen. He demands to know why he gave Baal the Spirit Stone, which will lead to the destruction of the world. Then he tells him to stop Baal, and to stop Gaia.

Go down the hole, then go south a little, then east along the rubble to the north to find 310G. Go south, then follow the rubble west and grab another 310G. Go west and on the other side of the train to find a Save Point. Use it, then go through the train, then east and northeast to another 310G. Head south for a bit, and you should find another 310G. Head southeast and south to get to the second area. Go south for a little bit, and you should come across another 310G. Grab it, then go back to the first area.

Head back to the train, use the Save Point if you want, then go in through the next hole to the south from the eastern side of the train. After you get out again on the western side, head north and open the chest to find a Fruit of Agility. Go south until you reach the end of the train, then look for 310G just to the east- southeast of it. Move south to the second area of the Railway Ruins.

Head east from where you are, then look for 930G to the north. Go south along the western wall, and when you come across another train, climb up the rubble-stairs and drop in. Follow the path until you can exit the train to the east, where you’ll find 310G. Go back in and exit to the west to find a Pope’s Hat in the chest here. Go back in the train and continue south until you finally exit to the west. Go all the way south to find 310G, then go directly east from it to find a Seed of Running. Go back west a little, then south to the third area of the ruins. Go south and grab the 310G, then go back and up the stairs to your east. Head south some more, but before going up the steps here, go west to the wall, then north to one last 310G.

Head back to the stairs and go south, then up another set to find a Deep Blue Potion in a chest, a Save Point, and a Stashing Place. Use them, then head south into Gaia’s Ovarian Chamber. The party will run forward and try to stop Baal from reviving Gaia. Baal claims that they can’t stop them, since their roots are spreading within the earth. Liete says that Baal and Gaia have become one. Baal’s unlimited greed is the true cause of Gaia’s revival.

Baal will draw his sword, expose his Gaia self, and engage you in battle.

Boss: Baal (2) (with Gaia Tentacle)

EXP: 11600
Gold: 10000

As always, use your best attacks: Heaven&Earth Cut, End of the World, Neo Demon Ball, and Liete’s magic. Even if he gets a chance to attack, he won’t hit hard.

His normal attack can confuse characters, and his Gaia attacks can hurt either one or a range of your party, but not bad enough, so just try not to let him attack. His Gaia Fang WILL hurt Feena, just because she has lower defenses than the rest of the party. Hopefully he won’t be too much of a problem for you.

Afterward, Baal will completely become one with Gaia, and by doing that, Gaia will become reborn. Leen will come in and protect the party from Gaia with her powers, then you’ll see the movie of Gaia releasing and spreading.

After that, you’ll be on board the Lyonlot.