Grandia: Luzet Mountains

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Luzet Mountains
Save Points: West Luzet, East Luzet
Items: Seed of Running, Magic Lipstick, Seed of Running, Deep Blue Potion, Seed of Moves
Equipment: Soul of Asura
Gold: 300G, 300G, 300G, 900G, 900G, 300G, 900G, 300G
Enemies: King Horn, Sand Snake, Yeti
This is the best place so far to train your weapons and magic; if you’re weak, you won’t do much damage to the King Horns, and they will keep multiplying if their number is low. If you use just normal attacks the whole time with low-level weapons, you’ll soar into the twenties with Liete by the end of the battle. You should also let them multiply into 7 or more, then cast Freeze! continuously so they can’t move to attack you. Remember, moves like Fire Whip and Dragon Cut will give you huge results against these guys as well! There’s only one more enemy in the game that is better than these guys, and it’s their next palette swap.

To increase your Water (and Wind for two of them) quickly, get into a battle with 4 Yetis. Have Justin and Liete cast Freeze! repeatedly while Feena and Rapp cast Snooze. The enemies won’t be able to do anything, and you can spend a short amount of time to give all of your magic a quick boost.

After a short walk north, you’ll come to a Save Point. Save, then follow the path to a fork. Head northeast and east to 300G, but watch out for the ambushing monsters. Go back to the fork and head south to a door; open it, then continue south to a fork. Head east up the stairs to find a Seed of Running, then head back down and head south-southeast up some stairs. You’ll be at a four-way fork; to the south-southwest is a chest containing Magic Lipstick, so go grab that, then head north-northeast.

Follow the path up the stairs, then grab the 300G beside the dancing Yetis. Head down the stairs to the northwest and follow the twisting path to eventually come to a fork. Go down the stairs to the northeast to find another Seed of Running. Make your way south and southeast to come to some jumping Yetis and another 300G near them. Head west-southwest and you’ll come to yet another fork; grab the 900G to the south, then follow the rest of the path east-northeast to the East Luzet Mountains.

Use the Save Point if you wish, then take the northern path to find a Deep Blue Potion at the dead-end. Go back to the Save Point and head east, following the long path to a small fork where you can grab 900G tucked away to the southeast. To the southwest is a fork; go down the stairs to the west and grab 300G, then head northeast from there. In this tunnel, press X as you walk around, because there’s a Soul of Asura around here. It’s a cool accessory like the Chain of Gems and Satisfaction Gem combined! +1 combo and +1 critical attack!

After the Soul of Asura, keep pressing X, because there’s also 900G in here too, really close to the exit of this tunnel, but just out of view. On the other side, head south to a fork. Going southwest will just take you back to where you were, so head southeast, then northeast to a large fork. Head north along the side of the mountain, then go through the tunnel to the northeast as it turns southeast and drops you down. Grab the 300G where you fall out, then head south to a fork. Keep going south to another fork, where you can go southeast to find a Seed of Moves. That’s it for items, so go back to the last fork, then go north, then follow the arrow to the exit.

This is your last chance to take on the Castle of Dreams and the Soldier’s Graveyard if you haven’t done them yet, as you will no longer be able to access the Zil Desert after the next area.

You can still take on the Tower of Temptation, but we recommend waiting just a little longer and gaining some more experience before you do. You’ll need all the help you can get, as it’s much harder than the final dungeon and final boss.