Grandia: Lyonlot / Field Base

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Lyonlot / Field Base
Save Points: Field Base (1)
Stashing Places: Field Base (1)
Items: Seed of Life, Seed of Running, Seed of Magic
Gold: 250G, 250G, 250G, 250G, 250G, 250G

A soldier will come in and give CORPORAL Feena her orders. Justin wonders what’s going on, and why they made Feena a Corporal, so it’s time to see Mullen again.

Head out to the Control Room, then go up the ramp to the southwest and follow the compass to the Upper Bridge. When you talk to Mullen, you’ll find out that everyone is headed to the Luzet Mountain camp, where they’ll get ready to use the Steam Cannon, along with Leen and Feena’s powers to destroy the Spirit Stones with Gaia.

After you get off the Lyonlot, you’ll learn that you have to meet up with Feena in her Officer’s Tent, then meet with Leen at the TACOM Center. Grab the 250G to the southwest, then go east to find another 250G to the north, another 250G to the southeast, and then all the way east to find a Seed of Life. Head back west, then south to the Field Base.

Head south along the western wall and you’ll come to a tent. You can’t go in this one, but directly southwest is a Save Point, Stashing Place, and the PX Tent, where you can buy some decent stuff inside. Beside that tent to the north is Feena’s Officer’s Tent, so talk to her inside to have her come with you, and check out the myna bird here if you want. Go to the next tent to the north to find the TACOM Center, with Leen inside. Leen will have the soldiers there leave, then she’ll try to convince Feena to help out with the operation. Justin doesn’t want to help Mullen because he doesn’t care about saving the town of Zil Padon. She’ll keep defending Mullen, but Justin doesn’t care about him. So now, we head off to save Zil Padon.

Go back outside, and look behind the TACOM Center tent to find 250G, then head east from the TACOM Center to find a chest with a Seed of Running. Head all the way south from it to find 250G, then go directly west to a wall and look for a chest to your south. It has a Seed of Magic in it. Head north to the Save Point, then go east along the faint path in the road to find one last 250G. Head back to the Save Point and head west to leave. Go to Zil Padon.