Grandia: Rainbow Mountain

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Rainbow Mountain
Save Points: Rainbow Mt Peak
Items: Fruit of Life, Seed of Defense, Seed of Life, Bond of Trust, Fruit of Defense, Seed of Defense
Equipment: Phantom Silk
Gold: 290G, 290G, 870G, 290G, 290G, 290G, 290G, 290G, 870G, 290G
Enemies: Crimsona, Gill Newt, Thud Bird
This is the last area that Guido will be in your party, so feel free to boost his levels for his eventual hand-medowns to Rapp and/or Justin.

Make your way east and cross the rope to find 290G. Grab it, then move north and cross the northwestern rope to find a Fruit of Life all by itself. Head back across the rope and take the southwestern rope across, then go down the one to the south from there. Cross the next rope to the south and east, then pick up the 290G to the east. Head south and cross the next rope that heads northwest to find a chest containing a Seed of Defense, then go back and take the next rope that goes west to land. Take the southeastern one from there to higher land, then use the rope right beside you that goes west to take you to a very well-balanced 870G at the end of the rope.

Head back across and use the rope that is several steps to the north of you that goes northwest. Pick up the 290G here by the DungeonScope Icon, then take the next northeastern rope to a higher area where you’ll find a Seed of Life nearby. (Don’t use the rope nearby to the southeast. It will break!) Head north-northwest and down the rope here to find a chest that has a Phantom Silk inside. Climb back up, then head east to the Peak.

Head south and east to find another 290G, then go back and use the Save Point. Head northwest for a while, then climb the rope and head northeast. Follow that ledge as it goes southeast to 290G, then continue further south to find 290G by the ledge there. Head northeast and you’ll come to a log bridge. Cross it, then head southeast and up the rope to find another 290G. Go back down and make your way northwest now. When you are under the waterfall, keep pushing the CROSS button while you walk, because there’s 870G hiding under it in the middle near the river.

Keep heading north-northwest to 290G near the DungeonScope Icon. Head north and down the rope to find a chest with a Bond of Trust inside, then head back up and go south-southeast to another rope. Climb it and make your way east, then northeast to a dead-end with a Fruit of Defense. Follow along the lake to the southwest to another rope. Cross it, then continue southeast to find another Seed of Defense. Head all the way east and northeast, following the path to a rope going down.

Climb down the rope, then approach the Rainbow Spring for a scene where you will FINALLY arrive at Alent!