Grandia: Spirit Sanctuary

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Spirit Sanctuary
Save Points: Sanctuary (1)
Equipment: Force Knife, Spirit Shoes, Gauntlets of Light, Spirit Sword
Items: Revival Stone, All-Around Fruit, Fruit of Magic, Seed of Life, Fruit of Moves
Enemies: Critter, Guardian, Stingray
Bosses: Mage King, Wand (2)

Move north and use the Save Point, then go north to see a boss. You can’t reach him just yet, so head back and take the western path. Ride the platform up, but let it go back down. Head west and open the chest at the end of the path to find a Revival Stone. Go back and ride the platform up, and continue following the path as it keeps appearing. Eventually, you’ll reach a dead-end on a platform. It’ll activate more paths in other places, so turn around and take the new northern path at the pillar, and follow it to the excellent Force Knife.

Make your way back to the Save Point and head east, following the path to a platform that rises. Keep following the path until you land on another platform, which becomes a fork. Go east and south to find the best shoes in the game: the Spirit Shoes, then go back up to raise the platform. Head north, then make your way down the stairs to the next platform. Follow the next path as it goes south to drop off again, this time to a chest containing an All-Around Fruit inside. Yeah!

Move east to a platform with a DungeonScope Icon. Take the eastern red path around back to this platform, then take the eastern green path. Grab the Fruit of Magic along the way, then back to the platform once again. Take the northern blue path around to be back at the platform one last time, then take the eastern blue path and follow it for a WHILE, until you reach a dead-end.

That dead-end opened some more paths, so turn around and head west to another dead-end, which will open even more paths. Follow the new path south to a platform that will lower you to the one where the boss resides. Before facing him, take the western path to a dead-end, which will open another path. Keep going north to the last chest. It contains a pair of Gauntlets of Light. Make your way back to the boss’s platform. Grab the Seed of Life on his left side, and the Fruit of Moves on his right. When you’re ready, take on the boss himself.

Boss; Mage King (with Wand (2))

EXP: 3405
Gold: 9600

He’s just like the Lord’s Ghost from the Castle of Dreams. Thankfully, he’s MUCH easier. All you have to do is use Heaven&Earth Cut twice and Neo Demon Ball once to get rid of him. He’ll probably have time for one attack, but that’ll be it, and it won’t be enough to kill you.

Easy battle.

Head north to the Room of Truth. From here on, the Chosen One must go alone. Walk up the path, pressing X as you go, to have Justin tell the Spirits why he’s here, what he wants, and what he plans to do. Once you reach the top, the Spirits will endow you with the new Spirit Stone, the true Spirit Sword.

J Base

J Base
Save Points: J Base Hangar

You’ll automatically land at J Base after those events. Watch the movie of Gaia evolving into his final stage, then head north into the Hangar and save your game. When you’re ready, head to the north end of the hangar to reach the Icarian City.