Grandia: The Grandeur

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The Grandeur
Save Points: The Grandeur, Grandeur Engine, Grandeur Bow
Stashing Places: The Grandeur, Grandeur Bow
Items: Fruit of Moves
Equipment: Warrior’s Mail
Gold: 280G, 280G, 840G, 840G, 280G, 280G, 280G, 280G, 280G
Enemies: Combatant
Bosses: Saki (2), Mio (2), Nana (2), Baal

When you regain control, go in the nearby door to the Passageway. Use the Save Point and Stashing Place (store any extras and get out what you need). You should also have 3 Revival Stones now. Give the third one that you got in the Ruins to Guido, and all 3 should now be covered for the next boss battle. When you’re ready, run to the northeast past the door, then head northwest to find a Fruit of Moves. Return to the Save Point and go down the stairs, then follow the path to a fork. Move southwest and grab the 280G, then head back to the fork and make your way northwest.

Follow the path for a little while until you come to another fork. Head northeast for another 280G, then go southwest and examine the gate to raise it. Continue southwest to an open area with some soldiers. Pick up the 840G in the southern corner, then head down the stairs to the northwest. Go under the stairs you just came down and pick up the Warrior’s Mail out of the chest. (Not as good as the Aura Armor, but if you didn’t get enough for everyone, then there you go!)

Walk northwest a few steps, then head southwest along the southern wall to another 840G. Head northeast, northwest, then northeast some more, and you’ll eventually turn east and arrive at the Engine Room. Head east for a little while for a quick scene, then continue east to a Save Point. Use it, for we’re about to take on some ticked-off ladies in a 3 on 3 battle. When you’re ready, enter the Control Room. Pick up the 280G to your north, then head east and south to meet with Nana, Mio, and Saki here. You have to face all three at once!

Boss: Saki (2), Mio (2), and Nana (2)

EXP: 9600
Gold: 10320

Yikes, these gals are pretty well-balanced! If you see the Trinity Attack coming, CANCEL IT! Each lady can use this attack, and up to three times per round as long as all of them are alive, and it can deal major damage to a RANGE of your party members.

Guido can likely only take two of these before he’s dead, and Justin and Rapp aren’t too far behind if they’re hit with a third. Because of this devastating attack, you NEED to get rid of one of the three sergeants as quickly as possible, but you also need to keep the others’ IP gauge back far enough to kill one of them before they can use the Trinity Attack. Mio will be your main target: she has the least amount of HP, has attacks that can inflict both Sleep and Paralysis, and can use Alhealer+.

Avoid using moves and magic that have long casting times at the start. Justin should start out with Dragon Cut. It’ll do decent damage, as well as knock their IP back. Guido should use the Mogay Bomb as always (focused on Nana and Saki, mostly). It doesn’t do much damage, but the IP damage is always sweet. Rapp’s magic isn’t the greatest, so have him toss a Demon Ball Mio’s way for major damage (or Doppelganger, if you don’t have it yet). Nana and Saki will likely be close to acting by the time your party gets around to taking another turn, so use Midair Cut / Dethsword or Demon Ball / Mogay Bomb to attempt to cancel their moves.

Once you’re finally able to get Mio out of the way, you should be able to relax. From there, just work on taking out Nana. She can inflict both Move Block and Magic Block with Fiora and Shhh!, as well as cast Zap! on your group. Saki can boost attack with WOW!, as well as cast BOOM!. Her damage output is the lowest of the three, so she can easily wait until last to be taken out. Here are their plethora of moves.

  • Trinity Attack: Saki, Mio, & Nana – MAJOR damage dealt to a range of party members if all three sergeants are alive, and can happen THREE TIMES per turn if you’re extremely unlucky. Do your best to not let this happen!


  • Alhealer+: Heals all enemies for 200 HP.
  • Combo attack: Just a set of small sword stabs that deal minor damage.
  • Kill Stun Gun: Medium to major damage to one ally, with a chance of Paralysis.
  • Super Balloon: Can inflict Paralysis and Sleep to a range of allies.
  • Freeze: Reduces movement of all allies.
  • Cold: Reduces action of one ally.
  • Stram: Reduces attack of one ally.


  • Single attack: Just a small sword stab that deals minor damage.
  • Electric Yo-Yo: An attack on a fanned range of allies for minor damage.
  • Spinning Yo-Yo: An attack on a circular range of allies for minor damage.
  • Zap!: Medium to major Lightning damage to a range of allies.
  • Fiora: Move Block on one ally.
  • Shhh!: Magic Block on one ally.


  • Single attack: Just a small sword stab that deals minor damage.
  • Max Lariat: An attack on a single ally for minor damage.
  • Slapstick Home Run: An attack on a single ally that can knock them across the field and stun them for minor damage.
  • BOOM!: Medium Explosion damage to a range of allies.
  • WOW!: Boosts attack of one enemy.
  • Speedy: Boosts action of one enemy.

After the battle, pick up the 280G to the west and south of the computer, then grab the other 280G northeast of the computer. Head all the way east from the computer to find yet another 280G tucked away in the southeastern corner. Start moving back west, but turn north when you can. Pick up the last 280G in the northeastern corner. There’s nothing in Baal’s Quarters nearby, so head southwest of the door and up the ramp, then follow it to the Passageway. After walking forward a little bit, Rapp and Guido will temporarily leave your party again.

After regaining control, move forward some more to enter the Secret Passageway. Follow the path to the Bow, then check out the door to the west to get to the Command Center. Watch the scene in here, then go up the rope and back up the stairs. Follow the path to a Stashing Place and a Save Point. Use them, then enter the Secret Passageway. Follow the path and Justin will activate the escalator and climb up to the next area. Head south into the Escape Catapult, where you’ll now finally get a chance to take on General Baal.

Boss: Baal

EXP: 4500
Gold: 3000

Compared to the last boss fight, Baal is actually pretty easy. His HP is REALLY low for a boss, and his attacks only do minor damage. You’ll want to use Midair Cut the whole time (or possibly W-Break, if the timing is just right and you need an extra second to run to him before he’s ready to act.)

  • Single attack: A quick sword swipe on Justin for minor damage.
  • Fiora: Move Block on Justin.
  • Shhh!: Magic Block on Justin.
  • BOOM-POW!: Explosion attack on Justin for medium damage.
  • Howlnado: Wind attack on Justin for medium damage.
  • Zap!: Lightning attack on Justin for medium damage.
  • Healer: Baal will recover 200 HP.

And with Baal defeated, you get to watch a long series of events unfold. Wow…

You’ll eventually regain control on the Brinan Plateau. It’s time to make our way to Alent! First stop: Laine!

With these events wrapped up, Feena can now learn three new spells: Time Gate, Tree of Life, and End of the World.

Time Gate… If you want this spell, you really need dedication. It requires level 99 Wind and Water.

Laine Village

Before continuing events any further, take the time now to visit Cafu, Zil Padon, and Laine, and purchase anything your heart desires. This includes 2 sets of Aura Armor for Justin and Rapp, 3 Lafa Flower Shields for your entire party, Holy Sword Lorenzos for both Justin and Rapp, the Discus for Rapp, the Buster Ax for Justin, and the Lassic Hammer for Justin. (Rapp and Feena should already have the best Knives and Whip available from the side dungeons.)

Also, take the time to clear out all of your inventory and Stashing Place from all the junk you likely picked up during your Zil Ruins adventures.

Finally, the next dungeon will be Guido’s last one, so feel free to boost him.

When you’re ready, head south under the arch, then directly south to Milda’s House. Talk to Darlin for some dialogue, then leave and make your way to Dorlin’s House to the east. Talk to him to learn that we must visit the spring on Rainbow Mountain to continue, so let’s go!

After a quick scene, head a little west, then all the way south to enter Rainbow Mountain.