Grandia: Tower of Temptation

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Tower of Temptation
Save Points: Temptation Twr
Stashing Places: Temptation Twr (Top Floor)
Items: Deep Blue Potion, Orb of Silence, Seed of Moves, Cone of Light, Resurrect Potion, Golden Potion, Fruit of Defense, Revival Stone, Revival Stone
Equipment: Mystic Mask, Staff of Life, Earthen Ax, Hurricane Belt, Moonlight Shield, Demonslayer Boomer, Spirit Staff, Glass Slippers, Ruination Knife, Sonic Belt, Fairy Tiara, Ring of Rage, Ethereal Miracle, Astral Miracle, Holy Crown, Hertz Spike
Gold: 750G, 250G, 250G, 750G, 250G, 250G, 250G, 750G, 250G, 250G, 250G, 250G, 750G, 250G, 750G, 250G, 250G, 250G, 250G, 250G, 750G, 250G, 250G, 250G
Enemies: Dragon Knight, Jackal, Brain Bat, Layelah, Toad Demon, Ghost, Gaia Brain, Satan, Naga Queen
Optional Bosses: Gargoyle, Slug Fish, Lure (2), Leviathan, Left Tentacle (2), Right Tentacle (2)
Preparation & Arrival!

I recommend having everyone’s weapons at least at level 40, because it’s not that hard to get them that high, if you’re not already there, and everyone’s magic should be at least 30. Justin is really easy to level up, if you haven’t noticed. All of his Moves and Magic are *MAXed. For leveling up, the best place so far in the game is the Luzet Mountains.

For leveling up Justin and Liete’s Wind and Water, cast Freeze! on large groups of King Horns. For everyone’s Earth, just keep casting Diggin’ for a long period. For Justin and Feena’s Water, keep casting Alheal (Alhealer for Liete). For Feena and Rapp’s Wind, gather the party together and keep casting Runner. For Feena and Rapp’s Fire, use Fire Whip and Fireball on groups of enemies, and for Justin’s Weapon, Fire, and Earth, use Dragon Cut on groups of enemies. Everything else, you should just use normally to level up.

You’ll also want to have your best equipment on in here, and you should grab the Holy Mace that I told you to keep from the Dom Ruins for Justin, along with stuff you’ll need, such as your good potions. You’ll get plenty more before the final boss, so don’t feel bad about using up your best ones. Back to the Holy Mace; how much attack your weapons have won’t mean a thing when you’re up against the Ghosts here; this is the only weapon that will do considerable damage unless your attack is 999.

For other equipment, I recommend taking the Holy Sword Lorenzo for both Justin and Rapp (Zil Padon), since they will lower the defense of the enemy as you attack them. I tried using the Sudden Death weapons like the Bone Splitter Ax and Shadow Sword, but they hardly ever worked, and you just lost attack, so stick with Lorenzo. I took the Binding Whip so Feena could stun the enemies when she attacks them. To make Liete a little more useful, you may consider putting the Lightning Sword in her inventory so she could use that in battle, though it’s still not as powerful as we’d like. For accessories, I’m gonna put a Satisfaction Gem on Justin, the Soul of Asura on Feena, and a Chain of Gems for Liete and Rapp. Everything else was just the best equipment I had at the time, but I did make sure that all four have one Revival Stone in their inventory, as well as healing items. Just be careful to not have to use the Revival Stones before the bosses.

If you were following the Walkthrough, you should’ve already grabbed the Zero Weapons from the Tower of Temptation, but if you haven’t yet, LEAVE THEM THERE. We’ll need the room for the better items. You’ll need 21 spaces in your inventory (16 for treasures found, +5 that the bosses leave), plus the normal enemies leave some items (most of them just Seeds you can use immediately), so make the room. You’ll reach the Stashing Place before you collect all the best goodies in the end, though.

You could cut it down to 20 spaces if you visit the Stashing Place before grabbing the Sonic Belt near the end. You can also figure in the fact that you’ll probably use a few recovery items or something like that to where you’ll be able to cut it down to 17 or something because you’ll have used them before you got the items, or even lower than that. Just take a look at the item list below and see if there is anything there you really don’t care for. Just don’t take anything extremely valuable with you so you don’t have to discard it.

To get to the tower, enter the Savanna Wilderness right after exiting the Luzet Mountains. Head directly west, past where the Gondola landed, until you hit a wall. Follow this wall south and up the ramp, then follow it to the other side. Once you’re on the ground, follow the wall beside the ramp east, and keep following that wall until you find the hole leading to the Teleportation Room. (Go southwest until you stop, then go northwest to the other side). Inside, you can buy some of those excellent accessories I told you about before. Check them out.

When you’re ready, step onto the Magic Circle and press the CROSS button to be sent off to the Tower of Temptation!

Well, here we are: back at the Tower of Temptation. Go ahead and use the Save Point, because it’s the only one in this entire place, like the Soldier’s Graveyard.

Head west from the Save Point, going past the steps to your south, and you should find 750G beside the second pillar. Keep heading west and southwest, making your way around the tower. After the second set of steps you pass, look for a Deep Blue Potion to your northeast in a corner. Keep heading southeast and around the tower, and after the third set of steps, look for 250G to your north beside a pillar. Keep going northeast and around until you’re at the fourth set of steps; go up and through the blue door.

Head west until you reach a fork, then go south. You should see a pink cross here; examine it to make it disappear. If you go back to the fork and head west, then south, you’ll see that the pink cross went into this rock; this allows the door that leads to the second floor elsewhere to unlock. Head back north and east, and out the blue door, then make your way north and west back to the Save Point.

Head west and go up the first set of stairs you see, then enter the red door. Once inside, head south to a fork, then south some more to 250G. Go back to the fork and head east; you should see a yellow door on the northern wall. Examine it to open it, then go in and collect the 750G. Head back west and north to the door and go back outside, then make your way west to the next set of stairs, where you can go in the blue-green door.

Head east to a fork. You can tell that the wall at the fork is darker than the rest, so examine it to knock it down. Grab the 250G in the room, then go back to the fork and head north. There should be two more spots in the wall to the east that you can knock down; the first one you come across just has some Dragon Knights in it, while the second one has a chest containing a Mystic Mask.

Go back to the fork and head south. The first wall to the east that you can knock down has a large blue stone with some ancient writing on it (you can’t examine it), and the second room has an Orb of Silence in it. That’s all for the first floor, so head back north and west to go outside, then head south and around to the next set of steps, where you can enter the grey door. Head a few steps north and examine the door. If you put the pink cross in the stone like I said before, the door will disassemble and lower, so you can go through.

Head up the stairs to the second floor, then go south and through another grey door to make your way out to Rampart 2. Make your way east and up to the third floor. Go to the fork ahead, and take the southern path to an elevator (we’ll worry about the western elevator later). Take it down to the second floor, then follow the path down here to a small room with 250G by the western wall.

Keep following the northern path to another elevator that will take you up to the third floor. Once there, keep following the path to another fork. Grab the 250G to the west, then head east and down the elevator here. Pick up the 750G in this small room, then head back up and to the fork. Go south and take that elevator down, then get off the elevator and follow the path to another elevator taking you back up to the third floor.

Follow the path some more and you’ll be at another fork. Grab the 250G to the east and south, then go back to the fork and head west and down the elevator here. Follow the path and you should come across another 250G off to the north. Continue east and head up the next elevator. Up here, follow the path to a dead-end with the lovely Staff of Life.

Now, make your way back to the fork by going back down an elevator, then following the path back to the ‘up’ elevator, then head south and down this elevator. Follow this path to the next elevator, and up you go. Go east to a fork, then go south and west to another elevator down to the second floor. Get off that one and up the next one. Go east, then north to find a chest with the best ax in the game: Earthen Ax.

Head back to the last fork by going down an elevator, up one, then east and north back to it. Head east now, and follow the path to another elevator going down. Follow the path some more, and you’ll come to a dead-end with a Hurricane Belt. Now it’s time to head back to the elevator I told you we’d come back to. Here we go… it’s gonna be even more repetitive.

Follow the path back to the elevator and go up. Go east and follow the path to the fork where you’ll continue west to another elevator going down. Go west and north and follow the path to the ‘up’ elevator. Go north and north at the fork to get to the ‘down’ elevator. Go east and follow the path to the ‘up’ elevator. Go north and north at the fork to the ‘down’ elevator. Go north and east and follow the path to the ‘up’ elevator. Head north, west, and north to the fork we want to be at. NOW, take the western elevator down.

Head north and follow the path until you reach another ‘up’ elevator, then examine the door on this floor and it will disassemble and lower like the other one. Head north and go out to Rampart 1; out here, just follow the path until you reach the door to the fourth floor.

Ignore the statue for now and head east. Follow the path to a dead-end as the path behind you blocks itself off. Lower the lever, then go north and follow the path to another lever on the western wall. Lower this one, as well as the next one on the western wall, then continue south back into the hallway where you first were.

Head west to a part of the path that is still blocked off, and examine both doors on either side of the hall to lower them. Grab the 250G to the north, but when you do, the wall blocks you off. Examine the eastern wall and follow this path to a fork; head south to get back to the hallway. Go west to the blocked path and head south now.

Here, examine the stone head twice to lower a wall to the south; go through it to find a Seed of Moves. Examine the eastern wall to get back to the statue. Examine it until it’s facing the eastern wall to lower it too. Head east and lower that lever to get rid of that block in the hallway, then go back west and north to the hallway.

Head west to the dead-end, then examine the two doors to the north and south to open them. Go through the northern door and lower the lever here, then turn around and head south through the other door. Follow the path to the statue in the center of the room; approach the eastern side of the room where it will spin to open up the eastern wall. Follow the path there to end up at a dead-end with 250G, and a button on the ground. Press it, then head north, then west and north back to the hallway.

Go west back to the room with the first statue. Approach its northern side for it to turn and throw its sword at that wall to lower it. Make your way north, then east to a wall; examine the northern wall to make it fall, then make your way around and follow the path to the area that has 750G in the middle. Head north from it to be teleported back down to the first floor.

Take this opportunity to head south, then east to get back outside of the tower, and then head north to the Save Point. Recover and save, because I’m sure you need to! After you’re done with that, head back to the blue door on the eastern side of the tower, and make your way back up to the fourth floor by going north at the fork and teleporting up. Go back south into the room, then head southwest and follow the path to an elevator that takes you to the seventh floor.

Head southwest and follow the path to a fork. To the northeast is a locked door, so you have no choice but to go southeast and examine the wall here to open it. Continue southeast to a room with some new enemies (Layelahs), which were like the Pink Mages in the Castle of Dreams, and they use pretty powerful magic, so watch out for them. Now would be the time to equip that Holy Mace, since it also works well against these guys, even though normal weapons do a good enough amount of damage to them.

Anyway, step on the blue button in this room, then head back to the fork and go northeast, since the blue door is now open. Head down the stairs in this room to the sixth floor, where you’ll find more new enemies (Toad Demons), which aren’t too hard. Anyway, at the fork, head west and down those stairs to the fifth floor. Beside the stairs is an object; examine it to rotate the room ahead of you, then go back up the stairs.

Back at the fork, head south, but watch out for the hole in the ground. Follow the path to some stairs and 250G, then go down the stairs. Check the southwest wall to open it, where you can find 750G. Go back and follow the northeastern path for a while, and try to avoid the Ghosts if at all possible, because you’ll have a rough time trying to defeat them with your weapons. I hope you have Justin equipped with the Holy Mace I told you to grab, right?

Getting back on track now, you should end up at another set of stairs, but before going up them, examine the object beside the stairs TWICE to make the room before you spin around some more, THEN go up the stairs. Head east and north to what seems to be a dead-end with a hole; check the northeastern wall to open it up for a Moonlight Shield, then fall down the hole.

You’ll land at a fork, so head west to find a chest containing the Demonslayer Boomer, then go back and head north up the stairs. Head southwest and follow the path back down to the fifth floor. Before going anywhere, examine the southwest wall to open it up, then grab the Cone of Light at the end. Head back to the stairs make your way east and follow the path, past the stairs, to a room with 250G by the northern wall.

Head back to the stairs, and examine the object beside the stairs to spin the room some more, then head northwest and follow the path to more stairs, where you’ll go back up to the sixth floor. Head north and grab the 250G near the hole, then head east to the stairs going up to the seventh floor.

Head west and step on the black button to open the door near the stairs, then head back east and go southwest to a fork. Continue southwest to another seemingly dead-end room, and examine the northwestern wall to open it. Go northwest some more, grab the 250G in here, then press the red button.

Go back southeast to the room you were just in and head west to a room with a purple button, so push it, then head back to the previous room and head south under the purple door to find some Gaia Brains hiding out (fight them, they give good EXP compared to everything else!), and follow the path to a fork. Head south and follow the path to a yellow button and 250G. Collect the money and press the button, then head back east, north, west, and north to the room beside the purple door.

Head back west through the red door to the purple button and continue south, and you should come to an octagonal room. Examine the eastern/northeastern wall to find the pretty good Spirit Staff in the back. Go back and go to the southeastern side of the octagon, and go in and press the green button.

Head back north and east to the purple and red door room, and head through the purple door. At the fork, head east under the green door, and follow the path to the stairs. If your party is becoming exhausted, or if you’re just tired, you can head back to that small elevator to take you to the fourth floor, then use the teleporter and so forth to get back to the Save Point; it’s up to you; just head northeast, northwest, and northeast some more. When you’re ready, go up the stairs to the eighth floor, then head up to the ninth floor.

Be wary of traveling these hallways, because there are floor traps everywhere, and you don’t want to get confused as many times as I did, mmmkay? Oh, and don’t mess with the northwestern hall until we’ve finished the rest, because if you fall through the hole there, there’s no turning back.

Rapp’s Demonslayer Boomer works well against the Satans here.

First, take the northeastern path and APPROACH the trap in the ground. Right after you set it off and it goes to set itself back up to look like the floor, SPRINT over it and follow the path to a dead-end with a Resurrect Potion. Head back to the hole, set it off, then run back over it. Next, go down the north hallway, and approach the hole, set it off, and follow the path to 250G at a dead-end. Head back to the trap, do your thing, then head back to the room.

Take the southern path, watch out for the hole, then cross it. At this turn, examine the western wall to open it up for 750G. Go back and continue east, following the path to 250G. Head back north and northwest to get back to the room, while looking out for another hole.

Go back to the northeastern hallway and fall down the hole. Head south, then west to a fork. Head west to find a Golden Potion, then go back to the fork and head northeast, and follow the LONG path to reach 250G.

Head back to the north/south fork where we landed, and head north. Follow the path for a while, and you’ll soon come to a dark spot on the floor. Don’t hop down the trap just yet; open the wall to the southeast of it to find some Glass Slippers. Go back to the trap door and head south. At the next fork, head west, and follow this LONG path to another 250G. Now, head back to the trap door and fall down this time. Head east under the green door, and head back up two sets of stairs to be back where we started.

Go to the southwestern hallway next, wait for the trap and cross it, then continue on. Before the next hole, look for a darker wall on the southwestern side; examine it to open it, then go in and open the chest to obtain my favorite weapon in the game: the Ruination Knife. Who cares about defense when you got +3 combo hits with this thing?!

Now, IF YOU’RE READY, to the northwest and northeast is the hole we want to fall down to continue on. For a fair warning, there are a few bosses up ahead, and if you’re not at 100%, I STRONGLY RECOMMEND heading back down to the seventh floor and taking the elevator down to the fourth, and heading back to the Save Point to save and recover, then make your way back up. When you’re ready, drop down that hole in the northwestern hallway.

After you fall, head southwest and go up the stairs to the ninth floor. Head north and east and up the stairs to the tenth floor. Take a few steps east and the camera will rotate, meaning one thing: Boss #1.

Boss: Gargoyle

EXP: 6500
Gold: 0
Items: Spirit Potion, Magic Rod

Ah, the good boss music is back. Anyway, this boss is like the Ganymede back in the Dom Ruins, so fight it just the same. Remember, there are two boss battles left, with the third boss being killer, so conserve your SP and MP here for him.

Just use what magic and moves you need to survive this one, and keep everyone healed and you should be all right.

After the battle, open the door to the south, then head up the stairs to the eleventh floor. Go west, and guess who’s waiting? Boss #2.

Boss: Slug Fish (with Lure (2))

EXP: 8000
Gold: 0
Items: Golden Potion, Mysterious Veil

This boss is just like the Grinwhale and Lure from Pirate’s Island. Do the same thing as before. Focus your attacks on the Slug Fish and ignore the Lure. Just be sure to conserve SP and MP.

After the battle, open the door to the north, then head up the stairs to the 12th floor. Go east, and meet the king of the Tower of Temptation: Leviathan.

Boss: Leviathan (with Left Tentacle (2) and Right Tentacle (2))

EXP: 13500
Gold: 12900
Items: Man’s Headband

Back to the good boss music. Anyway, this guy’s no joke. He’s just like the Squid King from Disc 1, but he’s much, MUCH harder. Now’s the time to give him everything you got: Heaven&Earth Cut, Neo Demon Ball, Feena’s Zap! Whip or End of the World, and Liete’s strongest spells like DragonZap.

Try not to let him attack, because he will hurt you pretty bad. What makes it worse is that the body heals itself, so this could take a while. Do your best. There’s not much I can say that will make you win.

Now that we’re basically finished with the Tower of Temptation, let’s go collect our rewards. Open the door to the south, then follow the path to the Top Floor.

Outside, follow along the wall for a while until you reach a Sonic Belt. DON’T GRAB THIS IF YOU DON’T HAVE ROOM! You can come back in a second after you make room. Head back to the door, but go up the stairs this time. Once you’re up there, follow the yellow path and go up the stairs.

Before grabbing the treasures, make room by stuffing some of your current items in the Stashing Place, then collect the treasure so you don’t have to throw anything away. You’ll find the following in the chests:

Fairy Tiara, Fruit of Defense, Revival Stone, Ring of Rage, Ethereal Miracle, Astral Miracle, Revival Stone, Holy Crown, and finally, the best mace/hammer in the game: the Hertz Spike.

The three best items here are the Hertz Spike, the Astral Miracle, and the Ethereal Miracle. The Astral Miracle doubles all weapon exp. received, and the Ethereal Miracle doubles all magic exp. received. The Hertz Spike is the best mace, with +65 attack, along with Sudden Death. Sadly, it can only be used by Justin since it’s a hammer.

If you didn’t grab the Zero weapons the first time, make six spots worth of room in your inventory so you can grab them on the way out.

All right, now that this NIGHTMARE is over, let’s get out of here! Head down the stairs and go to the northern side of the purple platform to the Magic Circle. Climb up, go to the middle, and back to the Savannah we go!

Now if you need to, teleport back to the Tower of Temptation and grab the Zero weapons. When you return, you should notice that all the monsters are back, and you’ll have to do everything again if you happened to miss anything. You can still use the teleporter to the fourth floor and go to the seventh, but from there, you have to do all the puzzles again. You won’t have to fight the bosses again, luckily.

Back out in the Savannah, let’s make our way back out to the World Map. Make your way through the rocks, and when you get to the other side, follow along the northwestern wall, go under the bridge, then go up the ramp here and go to the other side. Head directly east and you’ll exit back out to the World Map.

Now, you should head back to Zil Padon and sell all the useless stuff you no longer need. Now, let’s finish up this story. It should be a breeze after the hell you just went through!