Grandia: Zil Padon (2)

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Zil Padon
Save Points: Guido’s House
Stashing Places: Guido’s House
Enemies: Gaia Horn
Bosses: Gaia Battler (3), Right Hand (3), Left Hand (3)

When you enter Zil Padon, Justin thinks that it’s too quiet. No one’s around, but when he decides to go find Guido, the ground starts to shake and you’ll see a movie of Gaia attacking Zil Padon. When you regain control, head northeast and save a woman who’s being attacked by some Gaia Horns.

The woman says that just about everyone escaped into the Mogay section, so let’s head over that way. Head north across the bridge, and Leen will approach you. Just when Feena thinks that Leen came to help them, Leen starts rambling off orders for Feena to return to J Base. During their argument, a little kid starts getting attacked by some more Gaia Horns, so head north and northwest to fight them. But after you beat them, the remnants of the monster you just beat turn into a Gaia Battler.

Before you have to fight it, Leen will come up and use her powers to eliminate it. After they start arguing again, one of Gaia’s tentacles will knock Leen out. They’ll take her to the Mogay section, and luckily a doctor is there, so he’ll look at her. Justin still wonders how they’re going to beat Gaia if it just respawns. Everyone starts to doubt that anyone will be able to beat Gaia, so Justin starts his always-positive pep talk, saying that they’ll protect Zil Padon. Gina comes in, so talk to her to find out that Guido left on business before the attack.

Feena wonders if she was born to fight, but she decides that, instead of fighting, she wants to protect everyone. Shortly after, lightning will strike and another Gaia Battler will show up. We’ve got to fight it this time, so head north and northeast to face it!

Boss: Gaia Battler (3) (with Right Hand (3) and Left Hand (3))

EXP: 6300
Gold: 12900

Same enemy, again, but just a stronger version, again.

Same as last time. Use Heaven&Earth Cut, End of the World/Fire Whip, Neo Demon Ball/Fireball/Sidethrow, and Liete’s strongest spells like DragonZap.

It’s still pretty easy.

After you defeat it, even more will start to respawn, so Feena will start to use her power, with she and Justin hoping as hard as they can to protect the people of Zil Padon. By doing this, they’ll completely halt the growth of Gaia in Zil Padon. After they wake up, Leen will apologize for trying to make them leave Zil Padon. Leen also decides that she now knows what she has to do, so she’ll head back to the Field Base alone.

Rapp says that the Mogay pitched a tent for them to rest in, and they have some items for sale, too.

  • Telescope
  • Freesia Flowers
  • Magic Lipstick
  • Black Nail Polish
  • Launch Fireworks
  • Thor’s Fury
  • BOOM! Scroll
  • Vacuum Scroll
  • Tremor Scroll
  • Gale Scroll

Before we go there to rest, check the ruined building to the east of you; there’s an accessory icon there! I recommend buying a couple of the Telescopes because they allow you to attack from anywhere on the field! They’re nice for the people who have low MOV stats, like Liete. After you’re done shopping, go behind that building and head southeast and south to get back to the Rafane section. Your tent is to the southwest beside the entrance of town. At the ‘Mogay Inn’, you’ll decide to rest.

Back at the Field Base, Mullen doesn’t understand why Leen came back alone. Leen tries to explain that the powers that Feena and Justin have are much greater than the powers of the Icarians. Mullen doesn’t care about that and wants her to get Feena by tomorrow morning. To him, his way is the only way to defeat Gaia, though he does want to save this sinful world.

After some more discussion back at the tent, Rapp comes in and tells them that the Forces are moving east. Feena thinks that Leen is going to do it alone, so we have to go to J Base to stop her. Leave the tent, and if you go behind it, you’ll find another tent, which is the Mogay Shop. The only thing worth getting in here, besides recovery items, is the Devil’s Robe; get one for Feena and Liete. When you’re done, leave Zil Padon.

Start preparing for the Tower of Temptation, if you plan on tackling it. Your last chance to do so is after clearing the Luzet Mountains.