Animal Crossing New Horizons: How to Get Clay

Clay in the character's inventory.

There are many items in Animal Crossing: New Horizons that require Clay to craft. You’ll need to know how to get Clay if you want all the items that you’ll need to complete your island.

Table Of Contents

    What Clay is Used For

    Clay is a crafting material that can be used to make numerous objects. The following is a full list of every item you can craft that requires Clay to make:

    • Bridge Construction Kit
    • Brick Fence
    • Zen Fence
    • Potted Ivy
    • Spooky Arch
    • Spooky Garland
    • Unglazed Dish Set
    • Turkey Day Garden Stand
    • Turkey Day Hearth
    • Turkey Day Decorations
    • Turkey Day Casserole
    • Turkey Day Table Setting
    • Spooky Table Setting
    • Silo
    • Plain Sink
    • Tree’s Bounty Big Tree
    • Cherry-Blossom Bonsai
    • Pot
    • Palm-Tree Lamp
    • Iron Wall Rack
    • Big Festive Tree
    • Shell Bed
    • Tree’s Bounty Lamp
    • Spooky Standing Lamp
    • Pine Bonsai Tree
    • Aroma Pot
    • Cherry-Blossom Branches
    • Stonework Kitchen
    • Modeling Clay
    • Shell Lamp
    • Hearth
    • Brick Oven
    • Iron Wall Lamp
    • Hyacinth Lamp
    • Tabletop Festive Tree
    • Bamboo-Shoot Lamp
    • Cherry Lamp
    • Shell Table
    • Raccoon Figurine
    • Brick Well
    • Wave Breaker
    • Water Pump
    • Bamboo Candleholder
    • Mush Lamp
    • Classic Pitcher
    • Jingle Wall
    • Rustic-Stone Wall
    • Jungle Flooring
    • Glowing-Moss Cave Wall
    • Tall Simple Island Counter
    • Partition Wall
    • Low Simple Island Counter
    • Low Brick Island Counter
    • Tall Brick Island Counter
    • Ocarina
    • Brick Pillar
    • Simple Pillar

    How to Get Clay

    Character hitting rocks with shovel to get Clay.

    Clay is very simple to obtain. There are six rocks scattered across your island somewhere. Aside from the one filled with Bells, the five other rocks will drop Iron, Clay, or Stone. Note that every once in a great while, rocks will also drop Gold Nuggets. To get these resources from your rocks, simply hit the rocks with an axe or a shovel.

    You’ll want to keep hitting the rock as many times as you can in a row to get all the resources. Note that if you consume fruit before using an axe or shovel on a rock, you will break it, and it will respawn in another location the next day.