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Respawn Accidentally Reveals Next Apex Legends Character

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Respawn Entertainment accidentally revealed the newest Legend for Apex Legends this past weekend, giving players a glimpse at upcoming DLC. An intro video revealed the character will release on August 9, 2022, alongside the Apex Legends: Hunted update.

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    When logging into Apex Legends this past week, players noticed that Respawn had accidentally uploaded the new “Stories from the Outlands” trailer. An introductory video for the new character Vantage, this clearly wasn’t meant to be seen so early. There are no reports of players being able to successfully view the video, but a short description clued people into what is coming next for the venerable battle royale title.

    The image read, “There’s a new installment of Stories from the Outlands! Watch Survive and meet the new Legend joining the Games in Apex Legends: Hunted, coming August 9.” Players also noted that this character will be a “winged companion” and will utilize ranged weaponry for their skills. The image didn’t reveal the physical appearance of Vantage, but the cat is definitely out of the bag.

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    In response to this early leak, Respawn has announced the official unveiling of Vantage will take place tomorrow, July 25, 2022. The teaser used in an official Tweet shows off bats and a rougher-looking Legend than usual. Maybe Vantage has something in common with Batman or maybe they can possibly fly. At any rate, it seems someone checked a box they weren’t supposed to too early. Considering the popularity of Apex Legends, it’s not like an early tease will hurt the game in the long run.