All five Legendary Jokers on Balatro's main menu screen.

Balatro—Tips for Unlocking the Legendary Jokers

Behold the best Jokers in Balatro!

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Key Takeaway

The Legendary Jokers in Balatro can only be found by using The Soul Spectral Card.

Here are some items that help you get The Soul:

  • The Omen Globe Voucher
  • The Sixth Sense Joker
  • The Séance Joker
  • The Ethereal Tag

The Legendary Jokers are the hardest cards to get in Balatro. Each is exceptionally powerful, so you’ll definitely want them on your side as you climb through the increasingly difficult Antes. Legendary Jokers can only be obtained through a single method: using The Soul Spectral Card.

Table Of Contents

    What Are the Legendary Jokers in Balatro?

    All five Legendary Jokers in Balatro.

    There are five Legendary Jokers in Balatro. Each has a radically different—yet powerful—effect.

    • Canio (white background): Gain x1 Mult when a face card is destroyed
    • Triboulet (blue background): Played Kings and Queens each give x2 Mult when scored
    • Yorrick (yellow background): Gives x5 Mult, but only after 23 discards have been used this run
    • Chicot (red background): Disables the effects of every Boss Blind you encounter in Balatro
    • Perkeo (green background): Every time you leave the shop, this Joker creates a Negative edition copy of one random consumable you own

    How to Find the Legendary Jokers in Balatro

    Legendary Jokers in Balatro can only be found by using The Soul Spectral Card. When used, The Soul Spectral Card creates a random Legendary Joker. While straightforward to use, finding The Soul can take some time, as it’s pretty rare.

    The Soul Spectral Card from Balatro, which creates one random Legendary Joker upon use.

    How to Find The Soul Spectral Card

    Since The Souls is one of the rarest among all the Spectral Cards in Balatro, you’ll need to use some tricks to consistently find it. Thankfully, there are quite a few items that can help you in this pursuit.

    The Omen Globe Upgraded Voucher

    The Omen Globe Upgraded Voucher from Balatro, which sometimes causes Spectral Cards to appear in Arcana Booster Packs.

    The Omen Globe Upgraded Voucher spawns Spectral Cards in Arcana Booster Packs. As such, you’ll have a chance to find The Soul in Arcana Booster Packs as well as in Spectral Booster Packs.

    However, Omen Globe—like all Upgraded Vouchers in Balatro—needs to be unlocked before you can acquire it in a run. Furthermore, even after unlocking it, you need to have its Basic Voucher variant (Crystal Ball) in your possession before Omen Globe will appear in the shop. This process is made easier by starting a run with the Magic Deck, as you begin with Crystal Ball.

    The unlocking criterion for Omen Globe is thankfully easy to fulfill, as you only need to use 25 Tarot Cards across all runs. This can be done naturally as you play the game—just keep buying and using Tarot Cards!

    After meeting the above-mentioned requirements, you can also use the Voucher Tag to increase the odds of encountering Omen Globe in the shop.

    The Sixth Sense Joker

    The Sixth Sense Joker in Balatro, which gives you a Spectral Card when you play and destroy a 6.

    If you have the Rare Joker Sixth Sense, you can play a single 6 as your first hand in a round to destroy it. Whenever you do so, you’ll get a Spectral Card. Since there are 18 Spectral Cards in Balatro, your odds of getting The Soul by using Sixth Sense’s effects are just over 5.5%.

    For a better chance of finding Sixth Sense, pick up the Rare Tag if you see it, as it guarantees that a Rare Joker will spawn in the next shop you visit.

    Amongst the various Vouchers in Balatro, there are also a few that help you find Rare Jokers:

    • Overstock (spawns one additional single-card item in the shop)
    • Overstock Plus (spawns one additional single-card item in the shop and stacks with Overstock)
    • Reroll Surplus (makes rerolls in the shop cost $2 less)
    • Reroll Glut (Reroll Glut makes rerolls in the shop cost $2 less and stacks with Reroll Surplus)

    In addition, the Judgement Tarot Card and the Wraith Spectral Card can help you find the Sixth Sense Joker as well. Judgement creates a random Joker when used and Wraith creates a random Rare Joker but sets your money to $0.

    The Séance Joker

    The Sixth Sense Joker in Balatro, which gives you a Spectral Card when you play a Straight Flush.

    Another Rare Joker that can help you find The Soul Spectral Card is Séance. If you have this Joker, whenever you play a Straight Flush, you’ll get a random Spectral Card. As with Sixth Sense, the chances of Séance creating The Soul is 5.5%.

    Since Séance is also a Rare Joker, you can use the same tips for finding it as we outlined above for Sixth Sense.

    To line up a Straight Flush more easily, add cards of one specific suit to your Deck. Alternatively, converting cards into that suit works as well.

    The Ethereal Tag

    The Ethereal Tag in Balatro, which gives the player a free Spectral Booster Pack.

    Since you’re hunting down Spectral Booster Packs wherever you can, grabbing the Ethereal Tag when possible is a great move. When picked up, the Ethereal Tag gives you a free Spectral Booster Pack. In each such pack, there are two Spectral Cards, meaning you have a slightly over 11% chance to get The Soul from using the Ethereal Tag.

    Furthermore, if you have the Omen Globe Voucher, you can potentially find The Soul in a Mega Arcana Pack granted by the Charm Tag. If Omen Globe is in your possession, the odds of finding The Soul are actually better here. Combined, there are 40 Tarot and Spectral Cards in Balatro—but you are shown five cards in a Mega Arcana Booster Pack. This results in a one in eight chance (12.5%) to stumble across The Soul.

    You’ll need to unlock all five Legendary Jokers in Balatro to achieve 100% completion of your Collection. With enough time and effort, it’s definitely possible—especially if you follow our guide! While you’re unlocking Collection items, consider tracking down the secret Planet Cards in Balatro as well.

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