The Gilmore Girls Challenge.

BitLife: How to Complete the Gilmore Girls Challenge

Experience first-hand what it's like to be a Gilmore Girl.

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Key Takeaway

To complete the Gilmore Girls Challenge, be a female with high a Smarts stat born in Hartford, United States, perform every activity with your mother, study journalism, and cheat with your ex and get pregnant.

The Gilmore Girls Challenge is marked as easy to do in BitLife. The challenge contains five main tasks for you to complete. However, some of them can be tricky to pull off. Here’s what you need to know.

Table Of Contents

    What Is the Gilmore Girls Challenge?

    The Gilmore Girls challenge is an easy BitLife challenge that requires you to complete these five main tasks:

    • Be born a female in Connecticut
    • Perform every activity with your mother
    • Study journalism
    • Cheat with an ex
    • Get pregnant by an ex

    Start a New Life

    Start a New Life as Gilmore Girl in Bitlife.

    Chances are, you may need to start a new life to finish the first task of the Gilmore Girls Challenge. Here’s how you can get started with it:

    • Select the menu button in the upper-left corner of the screen.
    • Change Gender to Female.
    • Set Country to the United States.
    • Set Place to Hartford.

    Perform Every Activity With Your Mother

    There are nine activities you can do with your mother. However, you’ll need to age up until the following nine options are all available in the relationship menu:

    ThreeConversationYou may end up in an argument with your mother sometimes.
    Spend TimeThe safest activity to gain more relationship points with your mother.
    SixAsk for Money→ Compliment her first before asking money, do it once per year.
    → You can use the money to buy your mother a Gift.
    → You can return it to her when you unlock the "Give Money" activity.
    ComplimentYour mother may not appreciate it all the time.
    GiftYou can start doing Freelance Gigs at 13, use the money to buy your mother a gift.
    InsultYou may lose some relationship points, but you can always gain it back by doing the other actvities.
    Movie TheaterYou can do it as soon as you've unlocked it.
    ThirteenGive Money→ You can return the money you've asked from her.
    → Do Freelance Gigs and give some money to your mother.
    When mother retiresDoctorTake your mother to the doctor once you get notified of her sickness.

    Study Journalism

    Reading a book and taking Journalism.

    You need a character with over 90% Smarts to get into Journalism. Here are some tips to consider:

    • Press “Study Harder” every year of your school life to increase Smarts and get a scholarship for University.
    • Finish reading a book every year to increase your Smarts.
    • Join the Yearbook Club, Chess Club, or Math Club as your extracurricular activity when you’re in middle school and high school if the clubs are available.
    • If Journalism isn’t included in the University courses, it may appear in the next year. Just keep pressing Age and rechecking the courses until you can get into Journalism.

    Cheat With an Ex and Get Pregnant

    To make this task possible, you need to get a boyfriend early on. Break up with him and then rebuild the relationship. Here’s how you can cheat with your ex and get pregnant:

    1. Befriend boys with a “straight” sexual orientation.
    2. Compliment them every year until your relationship bar is full.
    3. Ask them out to be your boyfriend.
    4. Break up with them.
    5. Text a compliment to your ex every year to increase the relationship bar again.
    6. Date someone else.
    7. Have a fling with your ex.
    8. Repeat #7 every year until you get pregnant.

    You can always retry with the same character until you complete the Gilmore Girls Challenge.