Cate Belasco

Cate Belasco finished her Journalism studies in 2019, and immediately started her writing career. She used to write relationship, tourism, and self-help articles for several websites. In 2021, she started exploring Soulsborne games, which are different from the ones she's used to (Dota 2, PUBG Mobile, and Interactive Fiction). Being a part of the Bloodborne community, she spent hours upon hours helping other hunters. It sparked her interest in writing game guides. She started writing high-quality game guides and listicles for Game Rant soon after.

Her favorite childhood game is Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town. Growing up in a strict household, she could only explore browser and mobile games. In 2015, she found access to gaming cafés and started playing Dota 2. It's only in 2021 that she's able to explore more games on PC and PlayStation. She loves Bloodborne, Plague Tale: Innocence, and Doki Doki Literature Club.

In her free time, she loves to read books on Politics, History and Psychology.

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