Jiosin Shrine Shape Rotation trials in Tears of the Kingdom.

Complete Jiosin Shrine Guide – Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Complete the "Shape Rotation" trials.

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The Jiosin Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom presents the Shape Rotation trials. These puzzles put your wit to the test as you manipulate items with your Ultrahand ability. Here’s how to complete the Jiosin Shrine.

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    Jiosin Shrine Location

    Jiosin Shrine location in Tears of the Kingdom.

    The Jiosin Shrine is located directly south of Lookout Landing. You can get there relatively easily, and if you have the Paraglider, you can glide all the way to the Shrine from the Skyview Tower.

    Jiosin Shrine Puzzle #1

    Jiosin Shrine Puzzle 1 solution.

    The Jiosin Shrine has you rotate items, fit them through openings in walls, and place the appropriately to access the next section of the shrine.

    For the first puzzle, you’ll need to fit a large, weirdly-shaped concrete slab through the X-shaped hole and place it over the gap to create a platform to the next area.

    Use Ultrahand and rotate the item until you can make it through.

    Jiosin Shrine Treasure Puzzle

    Jiosin Shrine treasure Puzzle solution.

    In the next area, head to the right and you’ll see a room with two stone blocks fused together. Fit them through the square shapes in the wall and exit the room.

    Before you fit them through the next wall, place the at the far end of the room to where you can climb up onto the platform above. A treasure chest containing a Hasty Elixir awaits you.

    Jiosin Shrine Puzzle #2

    Jiosin Shrine Puzzle 2 solution.

    Jump down and use Ultrahand to grab the stone block and fit it through the wall to the left. Enter the room and place the blocks again to where you can climb to the platform above.

    Once you’ve made it to the top, enter the next room to get the Light of Blessing.