Follower holding a Gift in Cult of the Lamb.

Cult of the Lamb: How to Give Gifts

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Key Takeaway

You can give Gifts by speaking to a Follower, selecting “Make Demands of Your Follower,” and then selecting “Bequeath a Gift onto a Follower.”

Giving Gifts in Cult of the Lamb is a great way to raise your Followers’ loyalty. Gifts can be collected while you’re out exploring the dungeons. You can give Gifts when you interact with your Followers back at your cult.

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    Why Give Gifts

    In Cult of the Lamb, your strength is largely determined by how devoted your Followers are. Thus, you’ll want to raise your Followers’ loyalty as much as possible. Every time one of your Followers gains a loyalty level, you receive a Commandment Stone Fragment. These can be used to declare new Doctrines for your cult. The Doctrines have various types of benefits, including better productivity, a rise in Faith, and much more.

    Where to Find Gifts

    Gifts can appear in different places during your runs through the dungeons in Cult of the Lamb. Sometimes, Gifts will be in Chests once you’ve completed a room. Additionally, you can find Gifts in boxes or barrels in certain Event rooms. Lastly, you can get Gifts as a reward for completing a run.

    Types of Gifts

    A Follower holding a Gift in Cult of the Lamb.

    There are Small Gifts, Big Gifts, and Necklaces that can be given as a gift in Cult of the Lamb. While Small Gifts and Big Gifts simply raise a Follower’s loyalty level, Necklaces can do this while also giving the Follower certain abilities after they put on the Necklace. Some of these abilities include higher productivity, the ability to skip sleeping, and more.

    Gift Sizes

    You’ll notice that some Gifts are labeled “Small Gift” while others are labeled “Big Gift.” The Gift sizes simply indicate how much the Follower’s loyalty bar will rise upon receiving it. So, Big Gifts will raise a Follower’s loyalty bar more than a Small Gift.

    How to Give Gifts to Your Followers

    Giving gifts to your Followers can be done when you’re back in your cult. Go up to the Follower you wish to give a Gift to and speak with them. On the first menu that opens, select “Make demands of your Follower.”

    Displaying the option to "make demands of your followers."

    Next, select “Bequeath a Gift onto a Follower.”

    Displaying the option to "bequeath a gift onto a Follower."

    Lastly, choose whichever Gift you want to give this Follower out of the options available.

    Showing examples of available gifts to give to a Follower.

    Once you’ve given the Gift, the loyalty bar will appear above the Follower’s head, and it will indicate how far their loyalty level has risen.