Acquiring the Disengagement blueprint in Dead Cells.

Dead Cells: How to Get Disengagement

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Key Takeaway

You must first get the blueprint for the Disengagement mutation, which you can find in a secret area in the Prisoners’ Quarters. You can then give this to the Collector. Spend 200 runes here and you’ll unlock this mutation.

Disengagement is one of the many mutations you can acquire in Dead CellsIt’s also one of the many mutations you won’t be able to unlock without its blueprint. You’ll need to find that first to bring to the Collector.

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    Where to Find the Disengagement Mutation Blueprint

    You can find the blueprint for the Disengagement mutation in a secret area in the Prisoner’s Quarters.

    To reach the secret area, though, you’ll first need to defeat the Hand of the King for the first time. This means you’ll need to beat the game once before you can proceed to obtain the blueprint.

    Once that’s done, you then obtain the Homunculus Rune. This allows you to detach your head from your body and control it to reach previously inaccessible areas.

    With that, at the beginning of your run, stand to the right of the axe and press R3 or RS to control your head. Walk to the left and jump onto the ledges.

    Leaving the avatar's body in Dead Cells.

    Once you reach the top, jump to the opposite platform to land on a secret spot. From here, navigate to the blueprint, which you’ll already see from where you are.

    As soon as you reach it, press R3 or RS once more and the head will travel back to your body, along with your newly acquired blueprint.

    How to Unlock the Disengagement Mutation

    Give the blueprint to the Collector. You’ll need to exchange 200 cells to unlock the mutation.

    The Disengagement mutation as shown from the Collector's shop.

    Once that’s done, you can interact with Guillain to equip the Disengagement colorless mutation.

    This mutation will protect you with a forcefield once your HP falls under 15%. This forcefield will persist for 5 seconds. It has a 120-second cooldown.