Art from the Demonic Tutor MTG card showing a demon and the Planeswalker Liliana Vess reading a book.

Demonic Tutor in Magic: The Gathering

“Is the knowledge really forbidden because it is dangerous to you? Or perhaps because it is dangerous to those who seek to control you?”

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Key Takeaway

In Magic: The Gathering, Demonic Tutor is a Sorcery spell with the following effect:

“Search your library for a card, put that card into your hand, then shuffle.”

There are 25 versions of this card, many of which share the same card art. They all vary in price a lot with the most expensive reaching around $4,000 (USD).

Have trouble drawing that one special card you need in Magic: The Gathering games? Then consider inserting the devious Demonic Tutor into your MTG deck. This simple Sorcery is perfect for finding exactly what you need when you need it—and only for two mana!

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    What Is Demonic Tutor in MTG?

    A black Sorcery card that lets players search their library for one card.

    Demon Tutor is a Sorcery spell that has a mana value of one black and one of any color. It’s effect is short and sweet—yet seriously powerful:

    Search your library for a card, put that card into your hand, then shuffle.

    Pulling one card may not seem that useful on paper. However, there are no restrictions on which card you can grab from your library.

    Keep in mind that although you pick a card from your library and put it in your hand, Demonic Tutor’s effect does not count as a card draw. As such, it won’t trigger effects that activate when you draw a card.

    Another important note is that you do not need to show your opponent the card you pick with Demonic Tutor’s effect. The text reads “…put a card into your hand,” not “reveal a card.” The only time you must show your opponent a card is when the word “reveal” is used. However, if you want to flex on your adversary by showing them what you pulled from your library, nothing stops you from doing so.

    All Art Versions of Demonic Tutor

    This sinister sensei has had many different versions over the years. Demonic Tutor was originally a card from the Alpha set of MTG, making it one of the oldest cards in the game. As such, let’s start there and work our way through the variations of Demonic Tutor.

    Alpha Set (and Other Editions With the Same Art)

    A black MTG card showing a demon holding a black book.

    The Alpha set Demonic Tutor features artwork showing the eponymous demon. You know, the tutoring one. As they’re casually strolling by an erupting volcano, you can see them sporting a sweet shoulder guard and carrying a black book with red text on the back. At least, we think it’s the back—but that could very well be the front of the book if it’s written from right to left.

    Unlike many other MTG cards, this Alpha version of Demonic Tutor has a spelling error for the illustrator’s name. On the card, “Douglas Schuler” is credited although the artist’s last name is spelled “Shuler.” Don’t worry, Doug, we got you!

    As for cost, a near-mint or mint copy of Demonic Tutor from the Alpha set will usually have a price of around $3,000 (USD). With that said, many other versions of Demonic Tutor use this same art. While those look similar, they are not as valuable due to not being from the Alpha set.

    The prices listed are averages of those available when writing this article. MTG card prices regularly fluctuate, so take our stats with a grain of salt.
    • Beta set price: around $800 for near-mint
    • Unlimited set price: about $85 for near-mint
    • Collector’s Edition price: close to $150 for near-mint
    • International Collectors’ Edition price: approximately $100 for near-mint
    • Revised price: close to $35 for near-mint
    • Foreign Black Bordered price: around $40 for near-mint
    • Summer Magic price: about $4,000 for near-mint
    • Master Edition IV price: approximately $5 for near-mint
    • 30th Anniversary Edition #101 price: about $175 for near-mint
    • 30th Anniversary Edition #398 price: around $1,500 for near-mint

    Judge Gift Cards 2008 (and Other Editions With the Same Art)

    The Judge Gift Card 2008 version of the Demonic Tutor MTG card. The art shows a demon holding a book near a human with white hair and glowing eyes.

    In this variant, we can see the beginning of a dark trend in the art. Instead of a demon wandering around, they’ve found a human who they can…instruct. In this scene, the tutor has recently opened their book and is about to teach the nearby human about infernal topics.

    The Judge Gift Card 2008 (also known as Judge Rewards Promo) version of Demonic Tutor often has a near-mint price of $200 (USD). In addition to this version, another set (Magic Online Promo) uses the same art. The Magic Online Promo price for Demonic Tutor at near-mint is about $4.

    Duel Decks: Divine vs. Demonic (and Other Editions With the Same Art)

    A version of the Demonic Tutor card with art depicting a demon carving symbols into the flesh of the Planeswalker Liliana Vess.

    In one of the more brutal versions of Demonic Tutor, we can see everyone’s favorite hellbourne mentor carving otherworldly symbols into the flesh of the Planewalker Liliana Vess. Disturbing—to say the least.

    This Duel Decks: Divine vs. Demonic variant of Demonic Tutor in MTG mostly runs at a near-mint price of $30 (USD). Like with the Alpha set edition, a few other recurrences of this card share the same art.

    • Duel Decks: Anthology price: around $30 for near-mint
    • Vintage Masters price: about $4 for near-mint
    • The List Reprints price: close to $35 for near-mint

    Ultimate Masters (and Other Editions With the Same Art)

    A version of the Demonic Tutor MTG card that shows a demon talking to a pirate while the latter is rowing a small boat.

    Carrying over the same vibe as in the other versions of Demonic Tutor, the Ultimate Masters edition tells us a seafaring tale of demons and pirates collaborating. Clearly, there’s treasure involved, but, as the flavor text heavily implies, one should always beware of the gifts of supernatural predators.

    An Ultimate Masters copy of Demonic Tutor usually comes in at a price of $45 (USD) for near-mint foil and nonfoil cards. Besides Ultimate Masters, four other sets use the same card art.

    • Ultimate Masters: Box Toppers price: nearly $110 for near-mint
    • The List Reprints price: around $75 for near-mint
    • Commander Masters prices: close to $50 for nonfoil near-mint and $85 for foil near-mint
    • Commander Masters (Foil Etched) price: approximately $70 for near-mint

    Judge Gift Cards 2020

    An MTG card with a small child holding a creepy doll.

    Demons can be creepy but possessed dolls are way more unnerving. This version of Demonic Tutor captures your discomfort with art showing a child holding what’s undoubtedly a relic from the underworld. The flavor text really hammers in the implications the art sets up.

    This one is another of the Judge Gift Cards (Judge Rewards Promo) but from 2020. The price of this Demonic Tutor variant is about $170 (USD) at near-mint. Unlike the other card art versions, this one has none from other sets sharing its creepy illustration.

    Strixhaven: Mystical Archive

    A variant of the Demonic Tutor card with ornate impressionistic art.

    Arguably the most beautiful out of all of Demonic Tutor’s art variations, this one from Strixhaven: Mystical Archive is hard to stop admiring. The distinct linework, vibrant colors, and symbolism (both obvious and subtle) can easily keep your attention for a while.

    To buy this version of Demonic Tutor, you’ll need to pay close to the price of $60 (USD) for a near-mint nonfoil copy. There are foil and etched foil versions as well, which go for around $70 and $90 respectively. Besides this set, no others use the same card art.

    Strixhaven: Mystical Archive (Japanese)

    The Japanese version of Demonic Tutor showing an Oni standing impressively before a samurai.

    Strixhaven: Mystical Archive loves this card, so they reprinted Demonic Tutor in Japanese with special art! The vivid red, white, and black color scheme makes the visuals pop. If you’re wondering what the text says, it’s the same as the English version from Strixhaven: Mystical Archive. However, translations can make the text more comical, so we’ve converted it for you:

    [Card Name] Devil’s Teacher

    [Effect Text] Search your library for a card and put it into your hand. Then shuffle the library.

    [Flavor Text] “The devil likes those who believe that they are wise and cannot be deceived.” – Words engraved on the scroll case

    As for the price of the Japanese Demonic Tutor card in MTG, it’s usually $150 for a near-mint copy. There are also foil and foil-etched variations, which are often priced at $500 and $110 respectively at near-mint.

    Commander Masters #696

    We used this version of the Demonic Tutor card in our explanation of its effects (see top of article). However, below, we’ve included some memorabilia art to show off the horrific yet enticing artwork even better. Shoutout to the artist Donato Giancola for their amazing work!

    Memorabilia of the Demonic Tutor card art from Commander Masters with the serial number 696.

    With that said, the Commander Masters #696 version of Demonic Tutor is roughly $80 (USD) for a nonfoil near-mint copy. Furthermore, the foil version—at near-mint quality—is about $200.

    There you have it—every (current) version of Demonic Tutor and how much they each cost. While some can get pretty expensive, they can’t hold a candle to the prices of the rarest MTG cards from the Alpha and Beta set days. Comparatively, even those rare old cards are vastly outclassed when cross-examined with the purchase price of the serialized 1:1 The One Ring.