An Ultimate Enlightenment Slab next to text saying that the player has obtained one.

Digimon Survive: How to Farm Ultimate Enlightenment Slabs

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Key Takeaway

The best free monster to farm for Ultimate Enlightenment Slabs is MarineAngemon. You can begin to encounter this mega-level monster in the Free Battles of Part 11.

Attaining the final form of your ultimate-level Digimon is the best way to let your partners reach their fullest potential. At mega-level, your monsters will be much more powerful. To make them ascend, you’ll need Ultimate Enlightenment Slabs.

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    The Best Way to Farm Ultimate Enlightenment Slabs

    A small pink angel Digimon that can give the player Ultimate Enlightenment Slabs.

    While Part 11 is pretty late in a Digimon Survive playthrough, this is when mega-level Digimon start appearing in Free Battles. The best target to farm for slabs is MarineAngemon, as it always appears in pairs. This means there’s a potential to get two Ultimate Enlightenment Slabs in a battle with this small pink monster.

    It is worth mentioning that you can also get slabs from WarGreymon and GranKuwagamon in Free Battles during Part 11. However, those monsters only appear as individuals among some ultimate-level Digimon, which means only one chance to get a slab per battle.

    How to Farm MarineAngemon

    MarineAngemon does not always show up in Free Battles during Part 11. As such, you’ll sometimes need to reset the battle spawns of Free Battles to find them. To do so, simply defeat the enemies that are currently there or start the battle and then give up. Keep doing this until a MarineAngemon appears in the enemy preview of a Free Battle.

    While it’s possible to get slabs as drops from Digimon you defeat in battle, the odds aren’t guaranteed. Instead, you should speak to MarineAngemon and ask them for items. This is guaranteed to give you slabs if you successfully talk to the free monster.

    If you begin a battle with a pair of MarineAngemon and you mess up the dialogue, you can retry the battle. Doing so will bring you back to the start of the fight with the same enemies in the same positions; there’s no risk of losing your chance to get slabs.

    Tips for Talking With MarineAngemon

    This Digimon species is quite cute and friendly in appearance. This hints at what kinds of responses you should use when talking with MarineAngemon. Here are some of the things they will say to you and some of the better replies:

    • “What do you think is the most important thing for building trust?”

    At this question, you should answer “Trusting your partner.” That will cause the success bar to increase by two points.

    • “What kind of human are you?”

    While not the best response, you can say “My own kind of human.” This will make the success bar increase by one point.

    • “Is there something you’d like to say to me? Go on, don’t be shy.”

    Here, you should reply with “You’re super cool!” That will cause the success bar to increase by two points.

    • “It’s better to take some sort of action than just sit idly by and worry.”

    When you see this statement, you can respond with “Clean your own messes.” Although not the best answer, this will cause the success bar to increase by one point.