Getting a message saying that the player received the extra monster Guilmon.

Digimon Survive: How to Get Guilmon

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Key Takeaway

You can only gain access to Guilmon if you buy Digimon Survive prior to August 29, 2022. This is guaranteed to unlock Guilmon for all digital copies of the game. To unlock this feature on physical copies of the game, you’ll need to check your receipt for a redeemable code.

Pre-order and early-purchase bonuses have become a common tactic to entice players into buying games around their release dates. If you buy Digimon Survive soon, you can get Guilmon as an early-purchase bonus. But, you’ll have to unlock them in-game.

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    How to Gain Access to Guilmon (Digital and Physical Copies)

    A series of phone screens making up a menu. The bonus message to get Guilmon is in the top-right of the screen.

    If you plan on getting a digital copy of Digimon Survive, all you need to do is purchase the game before August 29, 2022. When you do, you’ll get a message about Guilmon being accessible shortly after booting up the game on your console. From there, you just need to go to the right part of the menu.

    However, if you plan on getting a physical copy of Digimon Survive, you’ll need to do another step. Most retailers will print your receipt with a redeemable code on it. You’ll need to head into your console’s online store to redeem the code on your receipt. After that, when you start the game, you’ll get a message that Guilmon is accessible.

    How to Get Guilmon In-Game

    The player getting Guilmon in the menu.

    After you’ve gained access to this Digimon, it’s time to unlock it through the game’s menu. Open the menu and then take a look in the bottom-right corner. There will be a “receive bonus” prompt next to a designated button. For example, on the Nintendo Switch, this designated button is the X button.

    When you activate the prompt to receive your bonus, you’ll get a pop-up message saying that you’ve received Guilmon as an extra monster. Following this, you can use it on your team like any other monster you’ve recruited.

    Is This Launch Bonus Worth It?

    You won’t be lacking in recruitable Digimon, however, Guilmon can be pretty helpful. It’s a Virus attribute monster with access to fire attacks. The majority of partner Digimon you’re given will have either Vaccine or Data as their attributes, making Guilmon useful for rounding out your team.

    Besides that, Guilmon possessing fire attacks means that it will fill a similar niche as Agumon. Although, that’s where the similarities end. Since you can evolve Guilmon into exclusive Digimon that you otherwise cannot get, it’s worth having this red dinosaur-like monster for completionism—if nothing else.