The cooking screen in Disney Dreamlight Valley showing a character about to make Potato Leek Soup from a recipe

Disney Dreamlight Valley: Complete Recipes Guide

Become a kitchen maestro by working with all of the ingredients Disney Dreamlight Valley has to offer.

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Key Takeaway

There are a number of ways to learn all of Disney Dreamlight Valley’s recipes. Experiment with ingredients and build relationships with characters to master your cookbook quickly.

Knowing how to get and cook with recipes in Disney Dreamlight Valley will help you enjoy a more satisfying game experience. Improving your culinary skills will also boost your game progress, so it’s worth spending time in the kitchen.

Table Of Contents

    Using Recipes in Disney Dreamlight Valley

    Cooking is an essential and magical part of life in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Knowing how to put together a variety of delicious meals can enhance your friendships with many of the game’s characters. In fact, it’s often key to building those friendships and completing character-based quests. It’s also an important way to help you manage your in-game energy and earn yourself some valuable Star Coins.

    One of the quickest ways to speed up your culinary expertise is by using recipes. You’ll be shown how recipes work fairly early on during your adventures in Disney Dreamlight Valley. However, while you’ll be given recipe pages for certain dishes as part of specific quests, you’ll need to seek out most others on your own.

    How to Get Recipes

    There are a few different ways to get recipes in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Some can be found through exploration and foraging across the Valley’s biomes. You can sometimes find these pages by digging up glittering hot spots you’ll see on the ground.

    This isn’t a guaranteed method though, and finding recipes in this manner is fairly rare. It is possible though, so be sure to dig around when you see those sparkling dig spots.

    Another way to obtain recipes is through quests. These are given out by the various Disney characters you build friendships with. Many of these recipes will be linked to the characters’ particular personalities or cultural preferences.

    For example, befriending Elsa will allow you to learn how to cook Arendellian pickled herring. Additionally, leveling up your friendship with expert chef Remy will teach you how to create ratatouille.

    Most often though, you’ll get recipes through basic experimentation. Needless to say, with such a wide variety of crops and ingredients, there are many potential combinations to be made in the kitchen.

    For that reason, having a guide on how to create specific meals can be really useful. This will help you know exactly which ingredients to source for each dish, without wasting time or money trying to guess what you need.

    Experimenting With Ingredients

    As with real life, experimentation is how some of the greatest culinary creations are created in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Combining different ingredients together in a cooking pot is one of the main methods of getting new recipes in this game.

    Try and think about what combinations of ingredients may work well to create a new dish in reality. Putting these together on the stove in Disney Dreamlight Valley is one of the best ways to generate new recipes to add to your collection.

    Ingredients and Their Food Groups

    It’s important to know exactly which ingredients fit into each category in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Some of the in-game ingredients are classified a bit differently from how they might be in real life. This means they don’t always marry up with how they’re classified on the on-screen Collection page.

    The ingredients screen in Disney Dreamlight Valley's collection tab.

    For clarity, these categories are listed below. Some items, such as milk, eggs and peanuts, for example, are specialist ingredients available from Remy’s restaurant, and therefore aren’t included in the broader classification.

    • Fruit – apple, banana, cherry, coconut, gooseberry, lemon, raspberry
    • Fish – anglerfish, bass, bream, carp, catfish, cod, fugu, herring, kingfish, lancetfish, perch, pike, rainbow trout, salmon, sole, squid, swordfish, tilapia, tuna, walleye, white sturgeon
    • Seafood – crab, clam, lobster, shrimp, scallop, squid, oyster
    • Sweets – cocoa bean, sugarcane, vanilla
    • Any herb or spice – basil, oregano, ginger, garlic, mushroom
    • Grains – wheat, rice, soya, canola
    • Vegetables – asparagus, bell pepper, carrot, corn, cucumber, eggplant, leek, lettuce, okra, onion, potato, pumpkin, spinach, tomato, zucchini

    How to Cook With Recipes

    Cooking with recipes in Disney Dreamlight Valley is a quicker way to whip up those tasty treats. When at a cooking stove, you’ll see an interface that allows you to select a particular recipe. This will only show a list of recipes you’ve already learned, so you won’t be able to use this screen to discover something new.

    The recipes panel in Disney Dreamlight Valley that can be selected when at a cooking stove

    Bring up the recipe interface when at the stove by selecting the Recipes panel from the top left-hand side of the screen. You’ll be able to use this to select a known recipe and autofill the ingredients for it if you have them in your inventory or storage. Select Start Cooking to create the dish and it will be added to your inventory on completion.

    Star Ratings

    The star rating attached to dishes actually corresponds to the type and number of ingredients each recipe requires. For example, a four-star recipe will need four particular ingredients and a five-star recipe will need five. Most recipes will require specific ingredients, but some will take any ingredient from a certain category.

    You’ll find that some recipes are less particular about what kind of fruit, vegetable, or fish is needed, as long as any item from that category is included in your cooking.

    This doesn’t mean that you can throw any five ingredients into the pot and create a five-star meal though. The rating relates to the five specific ingredients required to make that particular dish, so remember to bear that in mind.

    Complete Disney Dreamlight Valley Recipes Guide

    Below you’ll find a complete list of all currently available recipes in Disney Dreamlight Valley. They’re categorized by their star rating and meal type, with the most nutritious and financially valuable five-star dishes listed first.

    You’ll also find each meal’s ingredients, energy rewards, and sale prices detailed here too. This should help you to learn their recipes more easily if you’re currently experimenting in the kitchen, or trying to work out what that missing ingredient might be!

    Five-Star Recipes

    These dishes are the most nutritionally beneficial and will reward players with large amounts of energy. They’re also some of the most valuable, meaning that players can sell them at Goofy’s stall in exchange for a decent amount of Star Coins.

    A character cooking a 5-star meal in Disney Dreamlight Valley

    These recipes will take some time and experimentation to discover. Additionally, some of their component ingredients will need to be bought in Remy’s restaurant, as well as sourced around the Valley.


    RecipeIngredientsEnergySell Price
    Arendellian Pickled Herringherring, onion, lemon, garlic, any herb or spice2102556
    Large Seafood Platterany seafood x 4, lemon1810340
    Potato Leek Soupleek, potato, milk, onion, garlic1984 1400


    RecipeIngredientsEnergySell Price
    Bouillabaisse any seafood x2, shrimp, tomato, any vegetable2132684
    Fish Creole any fish, any vegetable, garlic, rice, tomato 840293
    Greek Pizza
    any herb or spice, wheat, cheese, tomato, onion 1152630
    Gumbo okra, shrimp, chili pepper, tomato, onion 22261000
    Lancetfish Paellalancetfish, shrimp, any seafood, tomato, rice45501700
    Lobster Roll lobster, wheat, lemon, butter, garlic 49281900
    Mediterranean Salad cucumber, tomato, onion, lettuce, any herb or spice976605
    Mushu's Congeerice, egg, ginger, garlic, mushroom 1658
    Ranch Salad lettuce, bell pepper, corn, tomato, onion 714396
    Ratatouille tomato, eggplant, zucchini, onion, any herb or spice 1572914
    Teryaki Salmon
    salmon, soya, rice, ginger, sugarcane 1726637
    Tuna Burgertuna, wheat, lemon, onion, any vegetable1922491
    Vegetarian Pizzaany vegetable x2, tomato, cheese, wheat754350


    RecipeIngredientsEnergySell Price
    Aurora's Cake raspberry, wheat, sugarcane, egg, milk 2030786
    Banana Split slush ice, banana, milk, sugarcane, any sweets 2074714
    Birthday Cake cocoa bean, wheat, sugarcane, egg, butter 2310749
    Gingerbread Houseginger, egg, wheat, vanilla, sugarcane1460641
    Pastry Cream and Fruits any fruit x3, milk, sugarcane 2332497
    Wedding Cakebutter, sugarcane, vanilla, egg, wheat 1680785

    Four-Star Recipes

    These recipes will definitely replenish a solid amount of player energy when cooked and eaten.

    A 4-star fruitcake dish in Disney Dreamlight Valley

    They’ll earn a respectable amount of Star Coins at Goofy’s stall, too.


    RecipeIngredientsEnergySell Price
    Creamy Soupany herb or spice, milk, potato, any vegetable 1138579
    Gazpachocucumber, tomato, onion, any herb or spice821556
    Pickled Herringherring, lemon, onion, any herb or spice1742 431
    Pumpkin Souppumpkin, ginger, milk, any vegetable14311500
    Soufflecheese, egg, milk, butter 23861230


    RecipeIngredientsEnergySell Price
    Basil Omelet
    basil, egg, cheese, milk 2035982
    Chowder any seafood, any vegetable, milk, potato1186613
    Creamy Garlic Scallopsscallops, lemon, butter, garlic1844499
    Fish 'n' Chips wheat, canola, potato, any fish697 392
    Fish Pastaany fish, garlic, wheat, milk 1282475
    Fish Tacos
    any fish, corn, chili pepper, cheese 1171448
    Maguro Sushi
    tuna, rice, seaweed, ginger 1206 413
    Margherita Pizza
    any herb or spice, tomato, cheese, wheat828343
    Mushroom Pizza
    mushroom, wheat, tomato, cheese 837351
    Pan-Fried Angler Fish
    potato, anglerfish, tomato, zucchini 41942550
    Poached Basil-Butter Sturgeon white sturgeon, basil, lemon butter 4961 2246
    Sole Meuiniere sole, wheat, butter, lemon 2337637
    Tasty Salad lettuce, cucumber, any vegetable, any herb or spice 678311
    Tekka Maki tuna, soya, seaweed, rice 984366
    Vegetarian Taco
    any vegetable, corn, chili pepper, cheese943435
    Veggie Casserole any vegetable x2, cheese, any herb or spice867355
    Veggie Skewers
    mushroom, zucchini, onion, bell pepper 767427
    Walleye en Papillotewalleye, basil, oregano, any vegetable37071741


    RecipeIngredientsEnergySell Price
    Banana Ice Cream
    slush ice, banana, milk, sugarcane 1884641
    Beignetscanola, wheat, egg, sugarcane912524
    Carrot Cakecarrot, wheat, egg, sugarcane 908427
    Cheesecakecheese, wheat, sugarcane, any fruit 1161332
    Chocolate Chip Cookiescocoa bean, wheat, sugarcane, butter1569373
    Chocolate Ice Creamcocoa bean, sugarcane, milk, slush ice 2074665
    Chocolate Wafflescocoa bean, wheat, egg, milk2223735
    Coconut Cakecoconut, wheat, egg, sugarcane1750424
    Coconut Ice Cream slush ice, milk, sugarcane, coconut2169 661
    Crepewheat, egg, milk, vanilla1624768
    Fruitcake wheat, any fruit x3 151196
    Jam Waffles any fruit, wheat, egg, milk 1843 709
    Meringue Pielemon, butter, wheat, egg2014667
    Mint Chocolatemint, sugarcane, butter, cocoa bean 1827490
    Peanut Butter Wafflespeanut, wheat, egg, milk1938978
    Red Fruit Sorbetslush ice, raspberry, gooseberry, sugarcane2179 359
    Tropical Popslush ice, any fruit, sugarcane, coconut 1989 347
    Vanilla Ice Cream slush ice, milk, sugarcane, vanilla 1475688
    Waffles wheat, milk, egg, sugarcane1455 706
    Wonderland Cookies butter, sugarcane, vanilla, wheat 970 406
    Yule Logwheat, cocoa bean, vanilla, cherry 2147213

    Three-Star Recipes

    Nutritionally average but still fairly lucrative, most three-star recipes are quick and easy to create.

    A 3-star Maki dish in Disney Dreamlight Valley

    These recipes also require fewer ingredients than the somewhat more rewarding four and five-star dishes. However, there’s still a variety of recipes to learn at the lower ends of the cooking skill.


    RecipeIngredientsEnergySell Price
    Bell Pepper Puffsbell pepper, egg, cheese1272606
    Chili Pepper Puffschili pepper, egg, cheese 1382669
    Eggplant Puffseggplant, egg, cheese 1941991
    Grilled Veggie Platter any vegetable x3 21266
    Mochacoffee bean, milk, cocoa bean 2246425
    Onion Puffs onion, egg, cheese1392798
    Potato Puffs potato, egg, cheese1333736
    Pottagepotato, any vegetable, any herb or spice461215
    Pumpkin Puffspumpkin, egg, cheese14661489
    Zucchini Puffszucchini, egg, cheese 1216632


    RecipeIngredientsEnergySell Price
    Apple Cider Glazed Salmonapple, salmon, sugarcane1572271
    Carp Salad carp, lettuce, lemon2310617
    Cheesy Crispy Baked Codcod, wheat, cheese840303
    Fish Pie any fish, wheat, butter 867303
    Fish Risotto any fish, rice, butter939386
    Fish Salad
    any fish, lemon, lettuce114092
    Fish Soupany fish, any vegetable, milk995379
    Fish Steakany fish, tomato, basil537100
    Fugu Sushifugu, rice, seaweed33061485
    Hearty Saladany vegetable x 2, lettuce25855
    Kappa Makiseaweed, cucumber, rice462335
    Kronk's Spinach Puffsspinach, cheese, canola750461
    Lemon Garlic Swordfishswordfish, garlic, lemon37131110
    Makiany fish, seaweed, rice471148
    Omelet egg, cheese, milk1751882
    Pan-Seared Bass & Vegetables bass, any vegetable x242879
    Pan-Seared Tilapia & Vegetablestilapia, any vegetable x22228 884
    tomato, cheese, wheat607284
    Porridge with Fruits
    milk, wheat, any fruit1155353
    Sake Makirice, seaweed, salmon 1101323
    Seafood Pastaany seafood, wheat, milk921387
    Seafood Pieany seafood, wheat, butter813331
    Seafood Soupany seafood, any vegetable x2 347107
    Seared Rainbow Troutrainbow trout, tomato, onion889 338
    Simple Fried Perchperch, butter, wheat1317380
    Spaghetti Arrabbiata
    tomato, wheat, chili pepper373141
    Spicy Baked Breambream, chili pepper, butter2975767
    Steamed Fugufugu, ginger, garlic36681484
    Sweet & Sour Kingfish Steakkingfish, lemon, sugarcane2292702
    Vegetarian Stewpotato, carrot, onion617475
    Veggie Pastatomato, wheat, any vegetable17554
    Veggie Pieany vegetable, butter, wheat 651290


    RecipeIngredientsEnergySell Price
    Apple Pie apple, wheat, butter1137303
    Apple Sorbet slush ice, apple, sugarcane1077 271
    Banana Piebanana, wheat, butter 1227308
    Berry Saladraspberry, blueberry, gooseberry 2210139
    Biscuitswheat, sugarcane, butter679294
    Blueberry Pieblueberry, wheat, butter1227308
    Cherry Pie cherry, wheat, butter1497326
    Coconut Boba Teacoconut, milk, sugarcane1653406
    Gooseberry Boba Teagooseberry, milk, sugarcane 1833418
    Gray Stuffany dairy product, sugarcane, cocoa bean1046175
    Hot Cocoacocoa bean, sugarcane, milk 1563 401
    Ice Creamslush ice, milk, sugarcane 1158558
    Mint Boba Teamilk, sugarcane, mint1032460
    My Hero Cookiewheat, butter, any sweets840 532
    Pawpsicleslush ice, sugarcane, any fruit987265
    Raspberry Boba Tearaspberry, milk, sugarcane1203377
    Red Fruit Pieraspberry, wheat, butter1047297
    Root Beer ginger, sugarcane, vanilla960250
    Snow White's Gooseberry Piegooseberry, wheat, butter1677338
    Sour Snow Conesslush ice, lemon, sugarcane 1257 282

    Two-Star Recipes

    Two-star recipes are a step up from the basics and allow a wider range of recipes to be learned.

    A 2-star pasta dish in Disney Dreamlight Valley

    You can experiment with a number of two-ingredient combinations to learn some new two-star dishes relatively easily.


    RecipeIngredientsEnergySell Price
    French Fries potato, canola342304
    Green Saladlettuce, any vegetable19630
    Lattecoffee bean, milk1358345
    Marinated Herringherring, onion723305
    Oyster Platter oyster, lemon1155367
    Roasted Asparagusasparagus, canola221313
    Sauteed Mushrooms mushroom, butter712286
    Seafood Platterany seafood x2458116
    Vegetable Soup any vegetable x2
    152 40


    RecipeIngredientsEnergySell Price
    Baked Carp carp, butter1894767
    Crispy Baked Cod cod, wheat 33747
    Fish Sandwichesany fish, wheat33734
    Grilled Fish Entreeany fish, any vegetable35652
    Pastawheat, tomato11730
    Peanut Butter Sandwich peanut, wheat592262
    Porridgemilk, wheat668301
    Sake Sushisalmon, rice1000274
    Savory Fish any fish, lemon98574
    Scrambled Eggegg, cheese1070520
    Seafood Saladany seafood, lettuce 34968
    Smoked Peanuts and Anglerfishanglerfish, peanut39602210
    Sushiany fish, rice405111
    Tamagoyakiegg, sugarcane689310
    Tasty Veggiesany vegetable, any herb or spice27152


    RecipeIngredientsEnergySell Price
    Boba Teamilk, sugarcane714323
    Caramel Applesapple, sugarcane 63856
    Fruit Sorbet slush ice, any fruit 857222
    Lemon Sorbet slush ice, lemon 1112237
    Minnie's Gingerbread Cookiesginger, wheat 379132
    Mint Candy mint, sugarcane 391128
    Mint Sorbetslush ice, mint 695299
    Sweet Slushslush ice, any sweets 510219

    One-Star Recipes

    These are the simplest dishes to make and require only one ingredient. As such, they’re amongst the least rewarding in terms of energy and vary in their sale prices.

    A 1-star okra soup dish in Disney Dreamlight Valley

    However, they’re very simple to begin learning to cook with when you’re first starting out in the game.


    RecipeIngredientsEnergySell Price
    Cheese Platter
    Coffeecoffee bean73043
    Crudites zucchini, bell pepper, cucumber or carrot14152
    Grilled Vegetablescorn, eggplant or seaweed9819
    Hard-Boiled Eggsegg 578 264
    Okra Soupokra99136
    Seafood Appetizerany seafood24254
    Tomato Souptomato


    RecipeIngredientsEnergySell Price
    Grilled Fishany fish29030
    Hors d'Oeuvresany herb or spice21030
    Leek Soupleek414370


    RecipeIngredientsEnergySell Price
    Candyany sweets26672
    Fruit Saladany fruit45025
    Plain Snow Conesslush ice410180
    Shakebutter or milk144130

    Tips for Getting and Cooking With Recipes

    Although you can learn recipes through experimentation, a number of specific characters will introduce certain dishes to you. Remy is one of the first to do so and will teach you a number of recipes in his kitchen realm.

    One of the good things about this is that you can use the ingredients here for free. While you can’t take these ingredients out of the kitchen realm, it’s a rapid way to unlock a number of recipes, including Bell Pepper Puffs, Pizza Margherita and Banana Pie, to name a few.

    Characters that will specifically introduce recipes as part of their friendship questlines are listed below. If you want to pick up some new recipes, make it a priority to build your relationships with them.

    • Remy
    • Maui
    • Moana
    • Mother Gothel
    • Ursula
    • Elsa
    • Stitch

    Another thing to remember is that you don’t need to be carrying ingredients in your inventory to use them when cooking. As long as you have crops and ingredients in your storage, you’ll be able to use them at a cooking stove. Cultivate stacks of crops, fish and special ingredients and store them in chests instead of carrying them around in your main inventory.

    The meals screen in Disney Dreamlight Valley's collection tab

    If you’re unsure which recipes you’ve got left to learn, you can always have a look at the Meals section of the game’s Collection page. This will show you which dishes you’ve unlocked, and which ones you still need to discover.