Memory Stone in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring: All Memory Stone Locations

Collect Memory Stones to become the ultimate Spellcaster.

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A Memory Stone is a must-have item for spellcaster builds in Elden Ring. It increases your Memory Slots, which allows you to equip and cast more spells. Find out where to get more Memory Stones in the Lands Between.

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    What Is a Memory Stone?

    Tanished Memorizing a Spell.

    A Memory Stone is an essential Key Item for Caster builds, because it unlocks more Memory Slots. Every Sorcery or Incantation Spell requires a Memory Slot for you to equip and cast it. Once you get a Memory Stone, it automatically adds one Memory Slot to your Equipment.

    Maximum Memory Slots

    Memory Stone and Moon of Nokstella.

    You will automatically begin the game with two Memory Slots. There are then eight Memory Stones to find in Elden Ring, allowing for up to 10 Memory Slots. However, you can achieve a maximum of 12 Memory Slots if you take advantage of the Moon of Nokstella Talisman.

    All Memory Stones in Elden Ring

    Memory Stone in Elden Ring.

    The following are where to find the eight Memory Stones and how to get them:

    LocationHow to get the Memory Stone
    Oridys's Rise (East of Weeping Peninsula)You're required to "Seek three wise beasts," or simply, find the three turtles to break the seal.

    ‣ First Turtle: In the pathway in front of the Imp Puzzle Statue.
    ‣ Second Turtle: Hiding among the bushes behind the Imp Puzzle Statue.
    ‣ Third Turtle: In the middle of the pond, hit the splashes.

    Reach the top floor of the Oridys's Rise to get the Memory Stone.
    Twin Maiden Husks (Roundtable Hold)To get invited to the Roundtable Hold, you will need to rest at any site of grace outside Limgrave and Weeping Peninsula. Here's the quickest and safest way to do it:

    Go to the Tower of Return, southeast of the Isolated Merchant's Shack in the Weeping Peninsula. Go to the rooftop of the tower, and open the transporter-trap chest. You'll get teleported to the Divine Bridge of Leyndell, Royal Capital. Rest at the site of grace.

    Fast travel to any site of grace in Limgrave to get invited by Melina.

    From the Table of Grace, go to end of the west hallway. You can buy one Memory Stone from the Twin Maiden Husks for 3,000 Runes.
    Testu's Rise (Central North of Liurnia of the Lakes)Similar to the Oridys's Rise Puzzle, you're required to find three turtles to break the seal.

    ‣ First Turtle: Near the cliff at the left side of the Imp Puzzle Statue.
    ‣ Second Turtle: At the bottom near an Erdtree Leaf. Face the Imp Puzzle Statue, and go right. Jump behind the giant rock slopes, and look below the cliff.
    ‣ Third Turtle: It's climbing on a tree near an Erdtree Leaf, behind the rise. Use a ranged weapon to hit it.

    Climb the ladder. Go all the way to the top floor to get one Memory Stone from the chest.
    Raya Lucaria Academy (Liurnia of the Lakes)You need to defeat Red Wolf of Radagon in the Debate Parlor to get one Memory Stone.
    Converted Tower (Southwest of Liurnia of the Lakes)You're required to do the do the Erudition Gesture in front of the Statue to unlock the ladder.

    To get the Erudition Gesture, you must give Thops, located in the Church of Irith, a spare Academy Glintstone Key. You can find this within the Raya Lucaria Academy.

    When the ladder is unlocked, make your way to the top floor of the Converted Tower to get one Memory Stone from the chest.
    Seluvis's Rise (Three Sisters, Liurnia of the Lakes)To gain entry into the Three Sisters subregion, you need to defeat Royal Knight Loretta at the Royal Moongazing Grounds of the Caria Manor.

    Go to Seluvis's Rise, climb the ladder and seek the chest at the top floor to get one Memory Stone.
    Lenne's Rise (East Dragonbarrow, Caelid)Unfortunately, there's no breaking the seal of Lenne's Rise. The Imp Puzzle Statue has been ruined. But what you can do is to summon Torrent and use the Spirit Spring.

    Make sure to land at the squarish rooftop of the rise. Get off Torrent, then jump down to the balcony.

    Make your way to the top floor to get one Memory Stone from the chest.
    Hermit Village (Mt. Gelmir)The Hermit Village is located southwest of Mt. Gelmir. Start from the Seethewater River, making a counterclockwise trip on the map. Here are locations along the way:

    1. Seethewater River
    2. Seethewater Terminus
    3. Fort Laiedd
    4. Magma Wyrm
    5. Graveyard
    6. Craftsman's Shack
    7. Hermit Village

    Defeat Demi-Human Queen Maggie to get one Memory Stone. Beware of the Glintstone Sorcerers protecting her.