Farming Runes in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring: Complete Guide to Farming Runes

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There are a handful of areas in Elden Ring that are great for farming runes. Three of them, however, are very noteworthy. If you require more runes than you already have now, these are the places you should turn to.

The three notable rune farming spots in Elden Ring are accessible early in the game and will net you massive amounts of runes. Two of them are in Caelid and the last is in Mohgwyn Castle.

Although these places are considered high-level areas, you actually have the opportunity to access them already in your first few hours.

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    Greyoll’s Dragonbarrow Rune Farming Spot

    Location of Fort Faroth marked on the map in Elden Ring.

    Caelid is the massive area east of Limgrave. While you can travel to the area marked on the map above by horse, you can also teleport to the Bestial Sanctum by killing a Tibia Mariner and talking to D.

    You can find a Tibia Mariner in the Summonwater Village in northern Limgrave. You can also find D west of that village, or in the Roundtable Hold later in the game.

    D will then tell you of a location that hides a teleporter to the Bestial Sanctum. Once you find your way to this place, you can then ride to the Fort Faroth Site of Grace.

    To the northwest of the Site of Grace, there is a dragon by the name of Greyoll. Greyoll is an Elder Dragon that simply lays on the ground no matter how many times you hit him. Once killed, this dragon will drop a whopping 50,000 runes.

    The Tarnished standing before the Elder Dragon Greyoll.

    To kill the dragon faster, equip a weapon that’s capable of blood loss. Weapons such as the Reduvia, Flail, and the Morning Star are among the weapons you can acquire early that can inflict blood loss.

    Unfortunately, the dragon doesn’t respawn, making this a one-time acquisition. If you take advantage of this early in the game, however, 50,000 runes is already an enormous amount.

    Lenne’s Rise Rune Farming Spot

    The location of Lenne's Rise in Elden Ring marked on the map.

    Lenne’s Rise is located northeast of Fort Faroth. Use the image above for its exact location. Rest at the Site of Grace here before you begin.

    For this farming spot, you actually won’t need to fight any enemy. From the Site of Grace, summon Torrent, take the road, and ride down the slope. Just before you reach under the archway, a giant ball will get summoned behind you. Your goal is to lure the ball off the cliff to your right.

    You can do this by taking a hard right and dashing forward, past the ball’s position. This will cause the ball to roll towards the cliff but it will be unable to roll towards where you are. Instead, it will fall off the cliff.

    A massive rolling ball in Elden Ring.

    For this farm to work, the ball needs to be in your line of sight when it drops. So rotate your camera towards the ball as you dash towards its position to witness the ball dropping. This will net you 1,952 runes.

    After which, you can simply run back to the Site of Grace and redo the whole process. Do this as frequently as you want until you acquire your desired amount of runes.

    Mohgwyn Palace Rune Farming Spot

    The rune farming spot in Moghwyn Palace is undoubtedly the best in the game. What’s even more incredible about this is you can already access this area early in the game, as long as you’re able to play online.

    What you’ll simply need to do is to follow Varre’s questline.

    Although this farming spot is accessible early on, you’ll still need to do a little amount of work to get here. Don’t worry. Your efforts will be worth it.

    Varre is the NPC you meet next to The First Step Site of Grace in Limgrave. Later on, Varre will move to the Rose Church in Liurnia.

    You’ll need to have defeated Godrick the Grafted for this one to work. Once that requirement is met, head to Rose Church, which is located south of the Raya Lucaria Academy.

    Rose Church in Elden Ring.

    Speak to Varre here and tell him the Two Fingers “doesn’t seem right.” After this interaction, Varre will give you five Festering Bloody Fingers. This item allows you to invade other players online.

    What you’ll need to do next is to invade other players three times. Take note that you don’t actually need to win against the players you invade, you must simply invade three times for the questline to move forward.

    Once this is done, return to Varre and agree to be anointed. He’ll give you the Lord of Blood’s Favor, which you’ll then need to soak in the blood of a Finger Maiden. The easiest way to get one is to head to The Four Belfries in western Liurnia.

    The Four Belfries from Elden Ring seen from the map.

    Once here, head to the highest belfry to obtain the Imbued Sword Key. Then, head to the second-highest belfry, the one that’s situated to the east. This will transport you back to the Chapel of Anticipation.

    This area is where you began at the very start of the game. You can find a dead Finger Maiden inside the chapel you started at.

    The dead Finger Maiden in the Chapel of Anticipation.

    You can then return to Varre after this. As a reward, he’ll give you the Pureblood Knight’s Medal. This item will transport you to Mohgwyn Palace.

    Now that you’re finally here, head to the Palace Approach Ledge-Road Site of Grace. Its location is marked in the image below.

    The location of the farming spot in Mohgwyn Palace.

    You’ll find a bunch of Albinauric enemies here. This is where you’ll do your farming. Each Albinauric here drops about 2,000 runes per death. You should be able to receive about 20,000 runes, more or less, per run with this farming spot.

    If you want even more runes, look over to the cliff on your left and you’ll spot a giant bird in the distance. You can shoot this bird with an arrow and it will fall off a cliff in an effort to jump over to your location. Upon death, this bird will drop about 13,000 runes.

    Gaining More Runes

    To obtain more runes while farming for them, make sure to equip the Golden Scarab talisman. This will increase the number of runes you obtain from fallen enemies by 20%.

    You can receive this talisman by defeating the Cleanrot Knights in the Abandoned Cave.

    The location of the Abandoned Cave in Elden Ring.

    Other than that, you can also consume Gold-Pickled Fowl Foot to gain even more runes. Combined, your rune acquisition will increase by over 50%.