The player riding by the Tree Sentinel as they rear back on their giant horse.

Elden Ring: How to Beat the Tree Sentinel

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Early in your adventures in Elden Ring, you’ll come across a huge optional boss clad in golden armor. The Tree Sentinel rides an equally massive steed, and both will try to crush you. You’ll need to outmaneuver them for victory.

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    The Tree Sentinel’s Attacks

    This powerful boss is equipped with a halberd in their right hand and a greatshield in their left. In addition to the attacks of the Sentinel themselves, their steed can also tackle and stomp you. You’ll need to learn how to avoid each of these moves if you want to beat the Tree Sentinel. The best way to avoid this boss’ attacks is to ride Torrent throughout the fight. You’re much more nimble than your adversary, so you should use that to your advantage. Hit and run tactics are a great way to land attacks with low risk.

    Jump Attack Combo

    If you’re out of melee range, the Tree Sentinel may try to stomp on you after a great leap. This stomp will be accompanied by a slash from their halberd. They’ll follow up this jump attack with a thrust attack and then a downward cleave.

    The Tree Sentinel trying to stomp on the player before attacking twice with their halberd.

    The initial leap will do a fair bit of damage, however, after the boss lands, they will target the same spot for their next 2 attacks if you are close by. If you dodge the initial leap, you can land a hit or 2 on the boss. Even if you do take some damage, you may be able to strike the Tree Sentinel as you gallop away. If you are too far out of melee range after the initial leap, the boss won’t bother doing the 2 follow-up attacks.

    Stomp Attack

    If you’re in front of the boss, they will sometimes urge their steed to rear up before performing a stomp attack. This move has a small area of effect that can slightly damage you if you’re too close. Although this attack is relatively easy to see coming, the real danger comes after it. After the stomp, there is almost no delay before the next attack if you are within melee range.

    The Tree Sentinel's huge horse stomping in front of themselves with their front legs.

    You can stay somewhat in front of the Tree Sentinel to potentially bait this attack. However, if you plan to attack the boss while they do their stomp attack, make sure to assault them from behind.

    Downward Slash

    If you are near the boss’ front right side (their halberd side), they may do a small leap and slash downward in an arc. You’ll want to be away from where the giant horse lands as well as away from the boss’ huge halberd.

    The Tree Sentinel doing a small jump and a big slash attack.

    There aren’t usually any windows for an attack before or after this downward slash. However, try to dodge towards the boss’ back and get into a better position.

    Charging Slash

    This attack happens when you are far in front of the boss. After rearing up briefly, the Tree Sentinel will charge swiftly while aiming an upward slash at you. If this strike hits you, you could be sent flying. It also does a lot of damage.

    The Tree Sentinel charging at the player and trying to slash them with their halberd.

    This is one of those times when it’s better to dodge towards the boss. Since the Tree Sentinel is moving forward during their charging slash, dodging towards their current position will take you out of their attack range. If you are too far away to dodge towards the boss safely, you will instead have about 2-3 seconds to dodge the halberd strike in any other direction.

    Upward Slash

    If you’re close to the boss’ halberd side, there’s always a chance they’ll do an upward slash in your direction. This is one of the Tree Sentinel’s most common attacks, so getting used to dodging this one will be particularly important. This upward slash is very similar to the one the Tree Sentinel does during their charging slash attack.

    The Tree Sentinel doing an upward slash with their halberd while not charging.

    You’re actually safe from damage if you’re directly in front of the steed’s face during an upward slash. As such, this can be a great position to land a low-risk strike against the boss.

    Ground Stab

    If you are in front of the boss, they may try to stab you with their halberd after rearing up on their steed. This attack can initially look like a stomp attack, however, it’s the rider that strikes instead of the steed. There is a small area of effect around where the Tree Sentinel strikes the ground, so keep your distance.

    The Tree Sentinel stabbing the ground in front of them with their halberd.

    Stay away from the front of the boss—same as you would for avoiding a stomp attack. There is a slight delay after the boss stabs the ground. They pull out their weapon from the soil and will then perform their next attack. This is a good window for positioning, or even for an attack if you’re near the Tree Sentinel’s back.

    Steed Tackle

    If you are on either the halberd side or the greatshield side, or even in front of the boss, the Tree Sentinel’s steed may give you a shove. This tackle doesn’t do much damage, however, it can stun you long enough for the boss to hit you with something else.

    The Tree Sentinel's steed doing a short shoulder shove.

    This attack is a deterrent from repeatedly attacking the boss from the same place. It is quick and hard to see coming, so the best way to avoid it is to stay on the move.

    Downward Cleave

    If you are towards the front of the boss, they will sometimes try to get their steed to stomp you while also trying to hit you with a downward cleave from their halberd.

    The Tree Sentinel's steed stomping while the rider cleaves downward with their halberd.

    You’ll want to stay away from the front of the Tree Sentinel during this attack. However, after this move, the boss will need about 2 seconds to recover. As such, this is a great window to counterattack.

    Greatshield Slam

    If you are towards the boss’ greatshield side, they may try to pulverize you with this attack. After leaping high into the air, the Tree Sentinel will land and slam their greatshield into the ground with a lot of force. This attack has a notable area of effect that can hit you even if you dodge where the greatshield impacts.

    The boss jumping high into the air before slamming the ground with their greatshield.

    When you see the boss leap into the air, get away from their position as fast as possible. You’ll only have about 1 second to get out of the way after the giant horse’s feet leave the ground. However, after this mighty strike, the boss will need about 2-3 seconds to recover. You can even see their steed shaking off the effects of the impact after the greatshield slam. This is another good window to land some strikes of your own—but don’t get greedy.

    Heavy Greatshield Slam

    During the latter part of the fight, the Tree Sentinel may try to crush you with another kind of shield slam, though one with a way bigger wind-up. This attack can absolutely demolish you if it hits. Thankfully, you have a few seconds of warning. The boss’ steed will rear up while the Tree Sentinel holds their greatshield above their head. After about 3 seconds, the boss will bring down their shield for the delayed yet powerful attack.

    The boss slamming the ground with their greatshield after a huge wind-up.

    Use the ample wind-up time to get behind the boss. This attack will track you if you are in front or to the sides of the boss, so getting behind them is the only safe place. Furthermore, since it takes the boss a few seconds to recover, you can land some easy hits.

    Shield Bash

    Another attack that the Tree Sentinel may use if you are on their greatshield side is a shield bash. The boss will raise their round shield above their head before bringing it down in your general direction.

    The Tree Sentinel trying to bash the player with their greatshield.

    The range of this attack isn’t very large, however, it does a ton of damage. If this move hits you while you’re on your feet, you’ll likely get knocked down. To dodge this move, get away from the boss’ greatshield side—either go towards their front, back, or away from the boss entirely.

    Sweeping Attack

    If you are near the Tree Sentinel’s halberd or greatshield side, they can launch a wide-sweeping strike in your direction. This move can be hard to see coming despite the wind-up behind it.

    The boss trying to hit the player with a sweeping attack from their halberd.

    Due to the angle that you’re looking at the boss, this attack may be difficult to see coming. Dodge towards the boss’ front to avoid taking damage. After this move, the boss will need a couple of seconds to lift their massive halberd. Use this time to attack or position yourself.

    How to Hurt the Tree Sentinel

    Firstly, spellcasters will have a hard time taking down this boss until later in the game. The Tree Sentinel can reflect spells back at the players who cast them. If you’re relying on spells exclusively for damage, you’re going to need a lot of FP. As such, make sure to allocate your Flasks to have more Cerulean Flasks when you’re at a Site of Grace.

    Tree Sentinel Weaknesses

    However, if you intend to use a melee or ranged weapon, there are plenty of windows for you to attack this boss if you’re riding Torrent. Your spectral steed is immensely helpful in this fight, so make sure to stay atop them as much as possible. The key to beating the Tree Sentinel as easily as possible is to outmaneuver them with Torrent’s speed and agility.

    The Tree Sentinel seems to be weak to piercing damage. As such, bows and spears can be effective against this boss. If you prefer hammers, the Pickaxe is a great melee choice for this fight.

    Attack the Boss From Behind

    Attacking the boss from behind.

    The boss is not very dangerous if you are behind them, though, the Tree Sentinel will be constantly repositioning themselves. As such, you’ll also need to stay on the move to target their weak point—in addition to dodging the boss’ attacks. Make small circles and loop around back to the boss’ rear to line up an attack whenever you can.

    How to Stagger the Tree Sentinel

    Keep chipping away at the armored foe until they drop below 50% HP. At this point, the boss will get staggered and will be vulnerable for a few seconds. This is your chance to lay into them with many attacks!

    The player staggering the boss and then attacking them repeatedly.

    If you have a suitable weapon, you should be able to take a big chunk out of the Tree Sentinel’s HP bar after staggering them. Just don’t get cocky, as the boss can still deliver plenty of powerful attacks.

    Rewards for Beating the Tree Sentinel

    The Tree Sentinel dying and giving the player 3200 runes as well as a golden halberd.
    • 3200 Runes
    • A Golden Halberd
    • The satisfaction of slaying a mighty foe

    About the Golden Halberd

    Player holding the golden halberd while riding Torrent.

    The Golden Halberd is a halberd type weapon that deals standard and pierce damage. It has a beautiful design and decent reach. Furthermore, the size of the Golden Halberd’s head is larger in proportion to the shaft than many other polearms you’ll find in the game. Although, it is also quite heavy for the same reason and weighs 13.5 units. While the Golden Halberd is wielded with both hands, it will perform vertical strikes for both the light and heavy attacks. Keep in mind that to use the skill of this weapon, you’ll need to two-hand it.

    Item Description

    Weighty halberd forged of gold. Wielded by the Order of Tree Sentinels, heavily equipped knights. Deals holy damage. A masterfully crafted weapon that lives up to its heft, but it is difficult for one of mere human strength to wield.

    Skill: Golden Vow

    The version of Golden Vow on the Golden Halberd will cost 40 FP to use. When used, it will increase your attack and defense for a short duration. Additionally, the effects of Golden Vow will also be applied to allies who are nearby when you use it. In this manner, Golden Vow is reminiscent of a miracle from the Dark Souls games known as Sacred Oath.

    The Golden Halberd’s Stat Requirements

    • Strength – 30
    • Dexterity – 14
    • Faith – 12
    • Intelligence – 0
    • Arcane – 0

    The Golden Halberd’s Base Attack Power

    • Physical – 134
    • Holy – 87
    • Magic – 0
    • Fire – 0
    • Lightning – 0
    • Critical – 100

    The Golden Halberd’s Base Attribute Scaling

    • Strength – D
    • Faith – D
    • Dexterity – E
    • Intelligence – No scaling
    • Arcane – No scaling

    The Golden Halberd’s Guard Damage Negation

    • Physical – 58
    • Holy – 56
    • Magic – 41
    • Fire – 41
    • Lightning – 41
    • Guard Boost – 43