The Tarnished on Ordina, Liturgical Town.

Elden Ring: How to Complete the Ordina, Liturgical Town Puzzle

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Ordina, Liturgical Town in Elden Ring is a highly mysterious place. There’s a puzzle here you’ll need to complete, but accomplishing this task is easier said than done. If you succeed, you’ll gain access to a whole new level.

Ordina, Liturgical Town in the Consecrated Snowfields looks ordinary at first glance. Other than the spirits that are lurking about that will do you no harm, the town appears to be deserted. However, if you enter the evergoal at the back of the town, then the place’s true purpose reveals itself.

What you’ll need to do here is to light up four candles that are scattered on the ground and on the rooftops around the town. You can only do this while you’re in the evergoal version of the town. Here’s where the candles are situated.

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    First Candle

    The first candle is in the center of the town. This is where you should head first.

    The Tarnished on the path to the first candle.

    From your starting point, run to the passageway to your left. Then, head down the stairs to your right.  The candle you’ll need to light is in the structure to the left, underneath the kneeling statue.

    The Tarnished next to the first candle.

    Second Candle

    From the first candle, turn back and run north.

    The Tarnished on the path to the second candle.

    Keep running until you reach the end of the town. Behind the final building, there’s a ladder you can climb on.

    The Tarnished standing next to the ladder that leads to the second candle.

    There’s one more ladder you’ll need to climb at the top. Once you climb that ladder, you’ll be facing the second candle.

    Third Candle

    Go all the way back down to the ground. Return to the area where the first candle is. You’ll find a passageway to your right before the staircase.

    The Tarnished on the path to the third candle.

    Take this path and run until you reach the ladder at the very end. There’s another ladder you’ll need to climb at the top to reach the third candle.

    Fourth Candle

    For the final candle, take the ladder down and remain on the rooftops. Jump on the roof of the lower building to the east. If you look to the north, you should be able to spot the location of the fourth candle.

    The Tarnished on the path to the fourth candle.

    The only problem is, there are two archers here that will blast you with a barrage of arrows as soon as they spot you.

    You can either use the bay windows and the buildings themselves as cover, or you can equip a medium or heavy shield for this part. Keep heading north while avoiding the arrows.

    The ladder you’ll need to climb is beside the archer ahead of you. Dispose of the archer before you climb the ladder. She’ll continue to fire arrows at you as you climb if you don’t deal with her first.

    Other Tips for Ordina, Liturgical Town

    While this sounds simple on its own, you’ll also need to deal with invisible enemies on the ground. These irritating hostiles will attack you while remaining unseen. They even have a grab attack that deals a lot of damage.

    The invisible enemies won’t follow you on the rooftops, but you’ll be trading one problem for another. There are archers here that are capable of hitting you at point-blank range.

    The good thing is that if you die in the evergaol is you’ve already lit up a few candles, you won’t have to light them up again when you return. You can simply pick up from where you fell.

    Take note of the following tips so that you can solve the town’s puzzle with more ease.

    • Run when you’re on the ground – This is the most important thing you’ll need to keep in mind. When you’re on the ground as you run between the first three candles, run. You can solve the puzzle much faster if you just run past the invisible assassins instead of bothering to fight them.
    • Equp Sentry’s Torch – If you do want to fight them, or just want to see where they are so you can avoid them accordingly, equp the Sentry’s Torch. This torch allows you to see invisible enemies. You can purchase this from the Hermit Merchant north of Leyndell for 7,000 Runes.
    • There are four invisible assassins – There isn’t only one invisible assassin in this town, there are four. Keep this in mind if you want to go through the troubles of fighting them.
    • Keep your health bar full – The grab attack the assassins perform deals an insane amount of damage. It can even one-hit you, if your Vigor isn’t high enough.
    • Equip a shield – A medium or heavy shield is very useful for when you’re getting to the final candle. You can dodge their attacks, sure, but why take any chances?

    Once you’ve lit up all four candles, head to the tall staircase behind the town. You’ll find a teleporter at the top. This teleporter will send you to Miquella’s Haligtree.