The player examining the whitish-blue barrier blocking the way into Testu's Rise.

Elden Ring: How to Get Into the Tower on Sorcerer’s Isle

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On Sorcerer’s Isle, you’ll find Testu’s Rise, which will initially be locked by magic. In a puzzle that feels more like something from an Elder Scrolls game than Elden Ring, you’ll have to hunt down some spirit creatures.

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    The Location of Sorcerer’s Isle

    Cursor hovering over the Sorcerer's Island Site of Grace on the map. The island is in the north of Liurnia's huge lake.

    Sorcerer’s Isle is located in the northern part of Liurnia’s huge lake. It’s the largest island that’s north of the Raya Lucaria magical academy. You’ll find Testu’s Rise at the center of the island. Near the stairs leading to Testu’s Rise’s entrance will be a small statue with a book on it. Reading the book will give you a little hint: “Seek three wise beasts.” This hint actually means that you need to hunt down three glowing blue tortoises.

    The 1st Spirit Creature Location (04:00)

    The player finding a translucent blue tortoise on the south shore of Sorcerer's Island.

    On the south side of the island, there will be some cliffs surrounding a patch of grass, shrubs, and small trees. Here, you’ll find the first spirit creature, which is a semi-transparent tortoise. Hit it with your weapon to take it out and then begin searching for the other two spirit creatures.

    Thankfully, all of these small blue beasts are on Sorcerer’s Isle, so you won’t have to look far. It’s recommended that you ride Torrent for most of your searching, as it makes things go much quicker.

    The 2nd Spirit Creature Location (05:10)

    The player finding a translucent blue tortoise on a northeastern cliff of Sorcerer's Island.

    You’ll find the next glowing blue tortoise on a cliff that’s on the northwest corner of Sorcerer’s Isle. This one is in the open, so it should be easy to spot as you’re riding around the island. This puzzle is one of the occasions where the messages left by other players on the ground can be pretty helpful.

    Keep your eyes peeled for them, as some give decent hints to spirit creature locations. While you’re at it, feel free to leave one yourself to help out future Elden Ring players.

    The 3rd Spirit Creature Location (08:00)

    The player looking up and finding a glowing blue tortoise hanging onto the trunk of a tree.

    You’ll find the last spirit creature high up on the trunk of a tree that is slightly southeast of Testu’s Rise. The translucent tortoise will be on the southeast side of the tree. As such, it will be easier to spot it if you are traveling northward or westward.

    Unlike the other two spirit creatures, you’ll need to use some sort of ranged attack to hit this one. Whether you use a spell, projectile, or skill is up to you. After you take out all three spirit creatures, you’ll get a message at the bottom of your screen that will read “The seal on the rise opened”.

    What’s Inside Testu’s Rise

    Player looting a Memory Stone from a chest.

    After the barrier blocking your way into Testu’s Rise disappears, you’ll be able to ascend the tower. You’ll find a chest at the very top that contains a Memory Stone. If you plan to cast a lot of spells in Elden Ring, this is a great bit of loot.

    Every Memory Stone you collect is a key item that lets you equip one more spell while resting at a Site of Grace. Furthermore, since key items weigh nothing and work passively, you’ll be able to enjoy this upgrade right away with no repercussions. This is a bit different than in some previous FromSoftware action RPGs where you needed to spend some sort of resource to get more spell slots.