Left image is the player running in Liurnia, the center image is the player running in Caelid, and the right image is the player running through the Mountaintops of the Giants.

Elden Ring: How to Sprint

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Key Takeaway

On PlayStation consoles, hold down the Circle button to sprint. On Xbox consoles, hold down the B button to sprint. And, on PC, hold down the Space Bar to sprint.

Walking in Elden Ring is pretty slow. Furthermore, you can’t ride Torrent in some locations. If you want to get around faster while on foot, be sure to try sprinting. This will consume stamina while in combat, but otherwise won’t.

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    How to Sprint on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5

    A player running through Liurnia of the Lakes while text tells them to hold down the circle button.

    If you’re playing Elden Ring on either a PS4 or PS5, you’ll need to hold down the Circle button to sprint.

    Tapping the Circle button without pressing a direction on the left control stick will cause you to backstep. Furthermore, tapping the Circle button while pressing the left control stick in any direction will cause you to dodge roll in whatever direction you are pressing.

    How to Sprint on Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X

    Similar to how you can sprint on PlayStation consoles, you’ll need to hold down the B button to sprint on Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X.

    Also like on PlayStation consoles, you can backstep by tapping B without a directional input and dodge roll by tapping B while giving a directional input.

    How to Sprint on PC

    A player running through Caelid while text tells them to hold down the Space Bar.

    The default key for sprinting on PC is the Space Bar. You can backstep and dodge roll with the Space Bar as well, though only by tapping without a directional input or tapping with a directional input respectively.

    Additionally, you can re-bind your keys in order to sprint, backstep, or dodge roll with a different key. Or, if you prefer to use a controller, you can re-bind your buttons for the same reason.

    Other Things Worth Knowing About Sprinting

    Cropped image of an Elden Ring loading screen showing a tall and slow armored enemy from behind.

    The same button/key was also used for sprinting in the Dark Souls games. However, unlike in Elden Ring, it was also needed to jump. Elden Ring has its own separate button/key for jumping, but this was not the case in the Dark Souls games.

    To jump in these earlier titles, you would need to click the left control stick while sprinting if playing on a console. For PC players, you would have needed to tap the Space Bar after initiating sprinting by holding down the same key.

    Sprinting to Perform Running Attacks

    In Elden Ring, you can perform a running attack if you initiate a normal or strong attack while sprinting. This is a great move to use when approaching your target, as the start-up delay is less than when performing non-running attacks.

    The only other type of move that does this is the rolling attacks, which you can perform while tapping an attack input while coming out of a dodge roll.

    Sprinting While in Combat

    While sprinting outside of combat will not consume stamina in Elden Ring, doing so while in combat will slowly drain your stamina bar. As such, if you’re locked in battle with a fast-moving foe, be sure to keep an eye on your stamina.

    You’ll put yourself at a great disadvantage if you run out of stamina in combat. You need stamina to both dodge and attack, so being low on this resource is always dangerous.