The side quest involving Hyetta in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring: Hyetta Side Quest Guide

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One of the many NPCs you will meet in Elden Ring is Hyetta. This woman is blind, yet this disability doesn’t stop her from seeking a guiding light. Here’s everything you need to know about Hyetta’s questline.

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    Elden Ring: Hyetta Side Quest Guide

    Before you get started with Hyetta’s side quest, it should be noted that Hyetta will not appear in the game until after you’ve completed Irina’s side quest, so be sure to do that first.

    Hyetta’s side quest mainly involves you tracking her down and obtaining three items of Shabriri Grapes and a singular Fingerprint Grape. Thankfully, most of the Shabriri Grapes are located within close proximity of where you can find Hyetta. That said, though, let’s first talk about where you can find the 3 Shabriri Grapes in Elden Ring, as well as the location of the Fingerprint Grape.

    Shabriri Grapes Locations

    • Stormveil Castle
    The location of a Shabriri Grape in Stormveil Castle.

    This Shabriri Grape is located in Stormveil Castle in the room you can access beyond Godrick’s arena after defeating him. Alternatively, you can also access this room from the back by going around the castle and going in it from the Lake-Facing Cliffs Site of Grace instead.

    • Revenger’s Shack
    The location of a Shabriri Grape in Revenger's Shack.

    One is dropped by Edgar the Revenger who’ll spawn at Revenger’s Shack in western Liurnia.

    • Purified Ruins
    The location of a Shabriri Grape in Purified Ruins.

    One is located in the underground section of the Purified Ruins. Once you arrive at the place marked on the map above, the path to the underground is blocked by wooden planks. Destroy the obstructions and you’ll find the Shabriri Grapes inside.

    Fingerprint Grape Location

    There’s only one Fingerprint Grape in Elden Ring and it is dropped by Festering Fingerprint Vyke. This enemy will invade you once you arrive at the Church of Inhibition. Refer to the image below for its exact location.

    The location of a Fingerprint Grape in Church of Inhibition.

    To get to the Church of Inhibition, travel down from the Grand Lift of Dectus Site of Grace. When you reach the madness-inflicting tower before the Frenzied-Flame Village, be sure to climb it and eliminate the enemies that are causing the madness infliction to make getting to the Church of Inhibition moving forward easier.

    Hyetta’s Locations in Elden Ring

    Now that you have everything you need to move Hyetta’s questline further, the only thing to do now is to find her and interact with her at every location she spawns at.

    Hyetta moves around in Liurnia except for her final location, asking for a Shabriri Grape on the first three encounters and a Fingerprint Grape on the fourth one. You’ll need to find her in the correct order to further her questline. You’ll also need to exhaust her dialogue at every location to make this work. That said, here are the locations Hyetta spawns in Elden Ring.

    • Location #1
    Hyetta's location near the Lake-Facing Cliffs in Elden Ring.

    Hyetta’s first location is near the Lake-Facing Cliffs Site of Grace.

    • Location #2
    Hyetta's second location in Elden Ring.

    Hyetta will then move to the smaller set of ruins west of the Purified Ruins.

    • Location #3
    Hyetta's third location in Elden Ring.

    Hyetta’s third location is to the north of the Gate Town Bridge Site of Grace. During your encounter here, she’ll ask what the true nature of the Shabriri Grapes is. Distraught with the knowledge, she’ll end up vomiting after your conversation here.

    After that happens, reload the area by fast-traveling to the nearby Site of Grace and interact with her once more.

    • Location #4
    Hyetta's fourth location in Elden Ring.

    She can then be found at Bellum Church. It is during this encounter she’ll ask for a Fingerprint Grape instead of a Shabriri Grape.

    • Final Location
    Hyetta receiving the Frenzied Flame from the Tarnished.

    Hyetta’s final location is at the Frenzied Flame Proscription. This underground area is reached by hitting the altar behind Mohg, the Omen after he is defeated. You can find this boss at the very bottom of the Subterranean Shunning-Grounds level in Leyndell.

    Once the boss is defeated, you’ll need to access a hidden area, you’ll need to platform your way to the very bottom of the chasm beyond Mohg’s boss room. Carefully use the wooden beams and the protruding blocks to make your way down.

    Once you reach the bottom, the floor will collapse and it will send you to an even lower level. You’ll find Hyetta here once more. She’ll then tell you about the Three Fingers and the Flame of Chaos. If you decide to be their lord, she’ll act as your new Maiden.

    The End of Hyetta’s Questline

    Do note that if you follow along with the Three Fingers, you’ll be locked from the other endings of the game, unless you acquire Miquella’s Needle, which you can acquire in a separate location later on in the game. It will also lead Melina to leave your company, making Hyetta take her place as your new Maiden.