Irina's side quest in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring: Irina Side Quest Guide

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Irina is one of the many NPCs you will meet in Elden Ring. Upon interacting with her, she’ll immediately give you a side quest to perform which involves infiltrating a fort. Here’s how you can complete that side quest.

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    Elden Ring: Irina Side Quest Guide

    You’ll first encounter Irina beyond the Bridge of Sacrifice in the Weeping Peninsula, located at the south of Limgrave. Her exact location is marked on the map below.

    Irina's location on the map.

    Irina is sitting on a rock just beside the road in this area. Go up to her and interact with her to begin her side quest.

    Irina sitting on a rock at the side of the road in Elden Ring.

    When spoken to, Irina will tell you that she’s escaped from Castle Morne and that her father remains there. She’ll then give you a letter which you can give to her father. And with that, make your way to Castle Morne.

    Castle Morne is located at the southernmost tip of the Weeping Peninsula. Take the road and travel south from where Irina is situated. You will encounter soldiers, dogs, demi-humans, and a giant along the way so be sure to watch out for them.

    Keep following the trodding along the road and you’ll eventually come across a Site of Grace to your left and a merchant just right beside it. Rest at the Site of Grace before moving on. It gets a little bit more challenging from here on.

    The Tarnished facing a Site of Grace beyond Irina's location.

    Entering Castle Morne

    To the south of the Site of Grace is a destroyed wall with a massive opening. Pass on through, but be careful. There is a giant archer here that will fire at you with giant arrows as you make your way to the castle. If it is nighttime in the game, there’s also a Night Cavalry here patrolling the roads. You can either fight the Night Cavalry or use the Site of Grace to set the time to morning to make the enemy disappear.

    Stick to the left side of the road when approaching the castle to avoid the giant’s arrows. There are also multiple collapsed structures you can use as cover along the road. When you get close enough to the giant, use the last structure as a cover and wait for it to fire its arrow. Once it fires, quickly sprint towards the castle or towards the giant if you wish to fight it.

    The Tarnished facing a bow-wielding giant in Elden Ring.

    After the giant is defeated or gotten past, the entrance of the castle is just right behind it. Enter the open gate and you’ll find a Site of Grace. Activate it and rest up if you need to. Beyond it is an elevator. That’s where you’ll need to go next.

    Finding Edgar, Irina’s Father

    Once you reach the top of the elevator, you’ll arrive at the castle grounds and you’ll be greeted by a horde of misbegotten enemies kneeling in front of a burning stake and a couple of zombie dogs.

    The Tarnished facing Castle Morne.

    Fight or sprint your way through this horde. Take the path behind the burning stake. Keep going forward and into the castle. You’ll find a flight of stairs at the end of this room. Take it to go down. From here, you’ll find another door that leads back outside.

    Go through it and you’ll see 2 misbegotten enemies, a soldier, and a ladder to their left. As soon as you reach their aggro range, the 2 misbegotten enemies will start fighting the soldier. This is the perfect opportunity to pick off what’s left of the enemies. It’s better you deal with them first before climbing up since they’ll just follow you if you leave them be.

    Once you reach the top of the ladder, you’ll find a group of misbegotten enemies and soldiers fighting one another. Just across you is a ladder you can take. Sprint past the enemies or join the fray, the decision rests on you, then take the ladder up. From here, keep walking until you spot a broken section of the wall to your left.

    The Tarnished facing a broken ledge in Castle Morne.

    Jump down and proceed. There are more misbegotten enemies here. Deal with them as you please. After crossing the walkway, you’ll find an opening with a ladder to your left underneath a hanging soldier. Take the ladder down and proceed onwards.

    You’ll need to deal with two more enemies here, but you’re getting close to Irina’s father. At the end of this path is a flight of stairs to the right. Go past it to arrive at the top of this rampart. Irina’s father will be there, sitting on a bench.

    The Tarnished talking to Edgar in Elden Ring.

    Talk to Irina’s father, Edgar, and give him his daughter’s letter. After which, he’ll tell you he can’t leave the castle yet until his duties are fulfilled. You must then help move that along to continue the questline.

    Completing Edgar’s Duty

    From Edgar’s location, make your way back down and onto the ladder that’s underneath the hanging soldier you took previously. Once up, head to left and you’ll find an opening where a wall should be to your right. Drop down to find a Site of Grace. Rest up before moving on.

    The Tarnished resting at the Behind the Castle Site of Grace.

    From here, start making your way down until you come across a destroyed ledge to your left. Head down from here and you’ll find a body with a Stonesword Key. Head down once more and continue to the right while dealing with the enemies along the way. Upon reaching the narrow walkway, you’ll find an area to the left that drops onto a roof of a gazebo.

    The Tarnished facing a gazebo roof in Castle Morne.

    Jump onto the roof and start making your way down by jumping onto the cliffs to the southeast of the gazebo. Keep going until you reach the top of a castle tower with a square opening on the ceiling. Peering down this opening, you’ll see wooden beams you can land on. Use these beams to descend until you reach the very bottom where you’ll find a group of rats and a misbegotten enemy.

    The Tarnished standing on a wooden beam with rats underneath him.

    Once dealt with, head outside and make a hard left to find a Site of Grace.

    From the site, proceed onwards by taking the wooden bridge. Be wary of the two misbegotten enemies here. To right is a ladder you can take to head down. Go all the way around the rampart and you’ll spot a fog wall. Once you cross beyond it, you’ll come across Leonine Misbegotten, this area’s main boss.

    Defeating Leonine Misbegotten

    The Tarnished fighting Leonine Misbegotten in Elden Ring.

    According to Leonine Misbegotten’s description, this enemy is aggressive and feral who sees nothing but rage, and that description is as apt as it can be. This boss moves insanely fast, he chains his combos frequently, and he can hit extremely hard.

    Be very mindful of his swipes and sword slashes and attack only once he finishes his attack chains. It’s more advisable to dodge towards his right or left instead of dodging away from him so you can land a hit whenever you can.

    Leonine Misbegotten’s attacks are fairly similar across the board and he employs nothing unique nor surprising, making the boss fighting relatively straightforward. He’s mainly a melee combatant but he can close the gap very fast if you stay too far away from him.

    Spirit Ashes can be summoned for this fight, like all boss encounters, so be sure to take advantage of that to make the encounter easier for you.

    As aggressive as the boss is, he’s nowhere near as difficult as some of the major bosses in the game, even compared to some of the minor ones. Be that as it may, you still shouldn’t let your guard down. After enough dodges and hits, you should be able to put this boss down.

    Defeating Leonine Misbegotten will reward you with 3,800 Runes and the Grafted Blade Greatsword.

    Returning to Edgar and Irina

    Acquiring the Grafted Blade Greatsword marks the completion of Edgar’s duty. After you defeat Leonine Misbegotten, make your way back to where Edgar is and interact with him. He’ll then thank you for retrieving the sword and he’ll tell you he’ll make his way to Irina now that he’s no longer bound to the castle.

    With that, make your way back to Irina. Upon reaching her previous location, you’ll find a grim scene of Edgar kneeling over the body of his daughter.

    The End of Irina’s Quest

    You went a great deal to complete Irina’s quest only for it to end in tragedy. If you’ve played a FromSoft game before, this isn’t new to you, but it remains tragic nonetheless.

    However, completing Irina’s quest kickstarts a whole new other quest involving another NPC named Hyetta, so everything you did isn’t exactly for nothing.